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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. Love and life were banned outright
    Through there I found my way
    Knowing not what came up next
    The forest light was dim
    Late September leaves hung on
    Like elders to their lives
    Turning lovely colours vital
    To their minds within
    Walking on without much choice
    I followed on this trail
    Hearing friendly voices
    Without faces in the air:

    “Please don’t worry quite so much,
    Your face is like a pond,
    Furrowed ripples wave your brow
    As stones land from beyond.”

    “Yes, my worries, but just my own,” I answered as I walked,
    “And who is this I’m hearing now?
    –These voices in the air
    Bodies nowhere in these trees
    Alone and yet I talk?”

    “Alone, alone,” the mocking birds
    Ignited to the air
    Mimicking incessantly
    In a way I thought unfair
    Then laughingly a single chime
    Emerged from all the rest
    A solo, if you will,
    From the woodland

    “Alone, alone, oh so alone,
    So long as you ignore
    The voices chirping in your head
    We are the leaves alight
    Marking all the trail for your passage in the dim
    Just like another person
    But one who lives within
    Helping you to get on through
    It seems without cognition
    Then looking back some day you say,
    ‘How ever did I know?’
    You knew because of strange and simple
    Human intuition.”

  2. “GOTCHA! CDC/FDA Proven to Have Known that Gene Jabs and Remdesivir Are Lethal” by Timothy Shea – September 26, 2021

    “Clay Clark’s Reawaken America Tour – Colorado Springs – Day 2”
    Thrivetime Show – September 25, 2021
    Attorney Thomas Renz @ 6:55:07

  3. From the pages of the Global madmen
    Agenda 21. Control Just so you understand what will come next

    The ground by sustainable development – control of private land. – move citizens into urban housing
    create vast wilderness areas – wildlife areas

    Air – carbon emissions – eliminate cars – create “walkable” cities

    Make policy decisions for the greater good over individuals

    Drastically reduce the use of power, water and anything else that creates carbon pollution

    Use bureaucracies to make sweeping decisions outside the democratic process

    Increase taxes, fees and regulations


    Sound familiar?
    Sea – environmental regulations – natural resources

  4. RollingStone – The NBA’s Anti-Vaxxers Are Trying to Push Around the League—And It’s Working

    Conspiracy theories in the locker room. Mask police in the arena. Superstars trying to avoid the shot. After bringing back the culture from Covid, basketball confronts its own civil war

    One by one, the basketball players — non-vaccinated star here, fully-inoculated veteran on mute down there, a full-on anti-vaxxer front-and-center — logged into the video conference. The annual summer meeting of the powerful NBA union had gone virtual again on August 7, and high on the agenda for the season ahead was a proposed mandate from the league office that 100 percent of players get vaccinated against Covid-19.

    One response echoed from squares across the screen, according to players and an executive on the call: “Non-starter. Non-starter.”

    The NBA had relied on science above all to lead the sports world through the Covid nightmare, from the league’s outbreak-driven shutdown to a pandemic-proof playoff bubble in Disney World to game after game with fans back in the stands. But after two plagued seasons of non-stop nasal swabbing, quarantining and distrust, unvaccinated players were pushing back. They made their case to the union summit: There should be testing this year, of course, just not during off-days. They’d mask up on the court and on the road, if they must. But no way would they agree to a mandatory jab. The vaccine deniers had set the agenda; the players agreed to take their demands for personal freedom to the NBA’s negotiating table.

    This month, league officials caught a break: Two of America’s most progressive cities, New York and San Francisco, would require pro athletes to show proof of one Covid-19 vaccination dose to play indoors, except with an approved medical or religious exemption. Which meant that one of the NBA’s biggest stars — one known for being receptive to conspiratorial beliefs — would be under heavy pressure to get a shot. And if Brooklyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving could be convinced to take the vaccine, then maybe, just maybe, the whole league could create a new kind of bubble together.

    When asked directly about Irving’s vaccination status — or his plans to change it — multiple people familiar with his thinking declined to answer directly. But one confidant and family member floated to Rolling Stone the idea of anti-vaxx players skipping home games to dodge the New York City ordinance… or at least threatening to protest them, until the NBA changes its ways.

    “There are so many other players outside of him who are opting out, I would like to think they would make a way,” says Kyrie’s aunt, Tyki Irving, who runs the seven-time All-Star’s family foundation and is one of the few people in his regular circle of advisors. “It could be like every third game. So it still gives you a full season of being interactive and being on the court, but with the limitations that they’re, of course, oppressing upon you. There can be some sort of formula where the NBA and the players can come to some sort of agreement.”

    A spokeswoman for Irving declined to respond to a list of questions regarding his vaccination and playing status, and Irving did not immediately respond to a message from Rolling Stone. But as teams return to pre-season training camps next week, fifty to sixty NBA players have yet to receive a single vaccine dose, league sources tell RS. Most are considered merely reluctant skeptics. Some of the holdouts, however, amount to their own shadow roster of anti-vaxxers mounting a behind-the-scenes resistance to Covid protocols — and the TRUTH.

    Irving, who serves as a vice president on the executive committee of the players’ union, recently started following and liking Instagram posts from a conspiracy theorist who claims that “secret societies” are implanting vaccines in a plot to connect Black people to a master computer for “a plan of Satan.” This Moderna microchip misinformation campaign has spread across multiple NBA locker rooms and group chats, according to several of the dozen-plus current players, Hall-of-Famers, league executives, arena workers and virologists interviewed for this story over the past week.

    The league’s virus-hunters denied a religious-exemption request from a vaccine-denying player in San Francisco this weekend, lighting a powder keg on a combustible mix of race, religion, class and clubbing in a time of Covid, aimed at some of the most influential role models in America. General managers remain confident they can get superstars vaxxed by opening night. And in a concession to the Delta variant, all courtside players and personnel will be required to wear masks on arena benches and around practice facilities for the foreseeable future, Rolling Stone can reveal. According to near-final medical guidance outlined to RS on Saturday, however, unvaccinated players have forced the league to cave on nearly every other demand.

    “The NBA should insist that all players and staff are vaccinated or remove them from the team,” NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar tells Rolling Stone. “There is no room for players who are willing to risk the health and lives of their teammates, the staff and the fans simply because they are unable to grasp the seriousness of the situation or do the necessary research. What I find especially disingenuous about the vaccine deniers is their arrogance at disbelieving immunology and other medical experts. Yet, if their child was sick or they themselves needed emergency medical treatment, how quickly would they do exactly what those same experts told them to do?”

    more :

  5. global news – Toronto Muslims caught with bomb-making manuals, al-Qaeda literature on phones, documents allege

    Six months after Kevin Omar Mohamed‘s prison sentence for terrorism came to an end, the RCMP’s Toronto O-INSET national security team decided to check up on him.

    What they found set off alarms.

    Not only was he violating his probation by using a smartphone, he’d downloaded al-Qaeda literature, manuals on bombs and poisons, and a tract justifying the killing of women and children, according to allegations filed in court.

    He was also seen meeting with Daniel Khoshnood, another former inmate who had a history of violence and whose phone contained more than 200 Taliban, ISIS and al-Qaeda videos, as well as bomb-making guides, according to the allegations.

    Both were arrested as potential national security threats.

    Little was disclosed at the time, but details of the police investigations into Mohamed and Khoshnood were recently released by the Ontario court following a request by Global News.

    The two reports by the Ontario Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (O-INSET) provide the first look at why the alleged associates were arrested on the grounds they might commit terrorist offences.

    Mohamed’s phone contained “a large amount of information that could be used to carry out a terrorist attack, including multiple bomb-making guides, and extremist ideological material”, the O-INSET reports alleged.

    Similarly, a search of Khoshnood’s phone turned up many of the same how-to guides, they alleged.

    O-INSET also wrote that Khoshnood seemed to align himself with the Taliban, using the terms “we” and “us” when he wrote about the militant group on YouTube.

    “We will keep sending out suicide bombers,” he allegedly wrote. “Taliban is the true Islamic force.”

    “We will die for our cause. We will never give up. People might not like us but we will force them to respect us. We are a force to be reckoned with. We are not scared of death and we are ready to take on the whole world. Islam will dominate the world which is on our prophecies.”

    The documents show police devoted considerable resources to the investigations, but in the end, did not press any charges.

    Instead, the results for both Mohamed, 28, and Khoshnood, 30, were terrorism peace bonds that saw them released but ordered to follow a list of conditions that include a ban on driving and wearing an ankle bracelet.

    “It’s meant to be supervisory,” Mohamed’s lawyer, Paul Slansky, said of the peace bond.

    He said his client had not contested the peace bond, but was not radicalized and just wanted to get on with his life.

    “I don’t think he’s up to anything,” Slansky said.

    Police drew inferences from materials on Mohamed’s phone, he said, but downloading documents doesn’t mean you agree with them, or have even read them.

    “It doesn’t mean that he is planning on doing any of these things.”

    Nor does it mean he was part of a conspiracy because he allegedly met with someone.

    Khoshnood’s lawyer Paul Scotland declined to comment, saying the court exhibits “speak for themselves.”

    Terrorism peace bonds are used by police to manage the risk posed by suspected violent extremists, without actually charging them.

    “They are a means of establishing some control over individuals short of a charge or conviction,” reads a 2016 RCMP document.

    But they don’t always work.

    Aaron Driver was on a terrorism peace bond five years ago when he recorded a video pledging allegiance to ISIS and detonated a bomb, injuring a cabbie after police cornered him near London, Ont.

    Attacks in the United Kingdom and Austria have similarly been carried out by “known wolves,” and on Sept. 3 an ISIS supporter, released from prison just two months earlier, stabbed seven shoppers in a New Zealand supermarket.

    “I think in this case there’s a real limit to what police can do,” said Jessica Davis, president of Insight Threat Intelligence and a former Canadian Security Intelligence Service analyst. “So they’re just using whatever tools they have.”

    But she said that following the Auckland attack, the cases raised questions about what volume of resources to put into surveillance of extremists, Canada’s tolerance for risk, and civil liberties.

    “That’s all part of the balance here, and it’s not an easy one to strike,” she said.

    The investigations

    At a time attacks can happen without warning, using vehicles, hammers and knives as weapons, Mohamed’s release from prison in 2019 raised concerns.

    In April 2014, he had traveled to Syria to join Jabhat-al-Nusrah, which the Canadian government calls “an al-Qaeda-affiliated Sunni militant Islamist group.”

    He didn’t last long.

    His mother and brother came looking for him and he returned to Canada after only a few weeks, but he then took to social media to call for attacks in Western countries, writing “strike the kuffar [non-believers] in their homes.”
    Slansky said the social media posts were online “puffery,” adding “I don’t think he was really radicalized at any point, and I don’t think he is now.”

    Before his four-and-a-half-year prison term ended on Oct. 30, 2019, the Parole Board of Canada wrote that there was no indication he was committed to changing his “extremist ideological beliefs.”

    “Thus, the Board is concerned that you may continue to commit terrorist-related offences.”

    Durham Regional Police were watching him on Nov. 19, 2019 when he came out of the Salaheddin mosque in Toronto and walk to a strip mall pizza shop, according to the O-INSET allegations filed in court.

    The police reports alleged he was accompanied by Khoshnood, who was also fresh out of prison.

    In 2010, Khoshnood shot a man 13 times with a pellet gun while robbing him in a park, the documents said.

    Two years later, he walked into a Toronto hotel, pepper-sprayed two victims, pointed a handgun at an employee and left with $1,000 in cash. He then tried to rob two jewelry stores and was arrested.

    While in prison, Khoshnood expressed “thoughts of shooting people, killing people, cutting them up, just for fun,” according to the Parole Board, which noted he scored “unusually high in psychopathy.”

    The Parole Board also said he threatened to slit the throat of a corrections officer and to plant bombs in the prison parking lot, and allegedly asked for books on “Islamic extremist militant groups” and bomb-making.

    It’s unclear how Mohamed and Khoshood became acquainted, but in January 2020, they began exchanging text messages, according to the investigation reports.

    In one text, Khoshnood told Mohamed he’d dreamed that spies were following him, and had traced him through his phone, according to the allegations filed in court.

    “I don’t want to get seen by [a] spy,” he wrote on Feb. 9, 2020. “I can’t have heat on me.”
    The O-INSET investigation began in April 2020.

    Its purpose was to find out whether Mohamed was complying with the conditions of his probation, which among other things forbid him from possessing a phone that could access the internet.

    The Ontario Provincial Police Anti-Terrorism Section, as well as the Durham and Toronto police forces, were all involved in the surveillance operation along with the Toronto O-INSET.

    It took three months to catch him slipping up.

    The first arrest

    On July 8, 2020, an officer photographed a man alleged to be Mohamed waiting for a bus in Pickering, Ont. He was holding a Samsung smartphone — a probation violation. He was arrested that afternoon in Toronto.

    He was released, but police sent his phone to a forensic unit for analysis. The surveillance team also kept on his trail, and on July 30, 2020, he was seen in Toronto’s Bloor-Yonge subway station meeting again with Khoshnood, according to the police allegations entered in court.

    By Aug. 21, 2020, police said, they had gone through Mohamed’s phone.

    Stored on the device, they alleged they found materials such as the Mujahedin Poisons Handbook, the Global Islamic Resistance Call and MujGuide, which shows how to make various types of improvised explosive devices, such as a “martyrdom belt.”

    “Some PDF documents located on Mohamed’s device were found to be documents focused on jihadi ideology produced for or by listed terrorist entities such as al-Qaeda,” the documents further alleged.

    It said that “other documents referenced the Islamic State (ISIS).”

    Police got warrants and searched Mohamed’s residences in Toronto and Whitby the next day. They found a Remington Air Master pellet gun and a Swiss Army handgun-style pellet gun, the court documents alleged.

    Mohamed was arrested again on Aug. 23, this time on a terrorism peace bond that alleged he “may commit a terrorism offence.”

    The second arrest
    The other revelation to emerge from Mohamed’s phone was that he’d been exchanging messages with Khoshnood using the apps Telegram, Signal and WhatsApp, the reports on the police investigations alleged.

    Police arrested Khoshnood on March 23, 2021, for allegedly breaching his probation conditions, which similarly banned him from having a phone.

    He denied knowing Mohamed and said it wasn’t him in the surveillance photos.

    A search of Khoshnood’s phone, however, turned up “a large amount of material that could be used to carry out a terrorist attack, including multiple bomb-making guides, extremist ideological material, violent propaganda videos depicting murders, as well as captured conversations wherein Khoshnood identifies himself as an extremist,” according to the allegations.

    Investigators also alleged they found out he had been collecting information about two Corrections Canada employees – a parole officer and a psychologist. Both had dealt with him when he was imprisoned.

    On April 16, 2021, police arrested Khoshnood on a terrorism peace bond. Prosecutors alleged that “reasonable and appropriate” restrictions were needed to ensure his “good conduct.”

    “Together with evidence of Khoshnood’s previous utterances to commit a terrorist-like attack, there are reasonable grounds to believe that Khoshnood may commit a terrorism offence,” they wrote.

    Mohamed’s peace bond went into effect in May. It lasts four years. Khoshnood’s peace bond was granted in August and is more limited in duration, lasting only 10 months.

    “This is a peace bond which is very well supported by extensive surveillance,” said University of Calgary law professor Michael Nesbitt, who reviewed the documents.

    “The flip side is, look how much surveillance it took to get a peace bond.”

  6. Afghans explore abandoned US army base

    Muslims carrying assault rifles have been checking out the vehicles and other equipment left behind at a former US military base, at Jalalabad Airport, Afghanistan.

  7. 5. Kevin Omar Mohamed – Muslim – A judge will probably say he is too detached from reality to comprehend what he was doing.

    When reading Mazin Abdul-Adhim’s Facebook page, when questioned about Mohammed marrying AIsha, when she was 6, and consummating the marriage when she was 9, he simply states Aisha was very mature for her age when big Mo married her.

    Adhim, is described as a leading Muslim scholar, supposedly furthering his studies in Egypt.

    Is this part of the new normal in Canada? Right now he has a man who professes to be a Christian, on Adhim’s Facebook page trashing Christianity. Is this Christianophobia?

    Facebook should take down all his propaganda, hate filled nonsense. The government of Canada should charge him with sedition and at the very least deport him.

  8. Sad news.
    My cousin’s nephew killed himself. In Michigan.

    His father had gotten covid last year. He’d personally cared for him, but the poor soul passed away.

    Then he got it: difficult recovery, inability to concentrate, impaired memory.

    He owned a chain of sports bars, devastated by the lockdowns.

    Leaves a wife and two small children.

  9. AUSTRALIA – Victoria Police say “he has no valid reason to be there” & “wasn’t wearing a face mask”

    More insane police overreach in Melbourne.

    Guy put in handcuffs for being a few hundred metres from his home.

    Police say “he has no valid reason to be there” & “wasn’t wearing a face mask”.

    He says he was getting lunch & having a cigarette.

    • Continue reading… RT
      Comments – Kiwi Veritas’ recommendation:

      “Baudet’s speech in Dutch parliament about the covid agenda”
      Forum for Democracy International – September 24, 2021

  10. “Dr. Leana Wen Warns Americans That Vaccinated People Carry More Virus and are Superspreaders” + comments
    by Sundance – September 26, 2021

    1 comment link:

    “The whole story of Covid, and our world affairs right now.”
    Robert W Malone, MD – September 26, 2021 – Twitter

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