Australia and mRNA vaxx concerns: Links 1, September 24, 2021

1. More police brutality in Oz.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are not going to make any progress, or even slow down the slide into tyranny till we see this as Communism/authoritarianism Vs. freedom and individual rights rather than a health issue. Even if all they say about Covid is true, this is hunting a mosquito with a Howitzer.

2. The following video I have zero additional information on as of yet. I will send the link to doctor friends of ours for analysis, but since we do know for a fact that our own governments and government agencies are, and have been lying to us from the start of this, it seems prudent to be much more open minded to people attempting to find truths; and this looks reasonable on the surface of it. I did not edit the content, but the maker of the video used a phone to record it, so I found the spots where the doctor he interviewed was hard to hear as she was not close to his phone, and boosted the volume. But other than that, its 100% intact as recorded. Hopefully next time he will have an audio recorder and sync the files for better experience for the viewer. But its quite a video. For the science minded in the audience, it might be worth getting one of those dark field microscopes and doing the tests yourselves.

The bottom line is people who have had the mRNA shots, NOT the Cinovac (sp) shot which is attenuated virus traditional vaccine, but the gene therapy ones, all have anomalies in the blood which are highly concerning. Before and after images are in the video.

3. Quebec has a massive nursing shortage. Nowhere in this video do they mention the likely over 20% of them they fired because they wouln’t take an experimental injection. These same nurses of course, were celebrated and clapped at and called heroes for the last 18 months while working with no vaxx. But now, its better to let the patients have no care than let nurses work on their own health terms.

Could the government do anything more to make things worse? I don’t think so.

4. This Nova Scotia Canada mother expressed her grief over what she believes is a serious vaxx damage to a friend of her teenaged daughter. Once again, we KNOW that Canadian government and health agencies are lying in every aspect of this disease and treatment that they can to force all into accepting an injection. So once we know official channels, including media who never seem to hold a fair debate on the issue and certainly not with credible people from the mRNA sceptical side, its much more reasonable to listen to these voices with some expectation they are telling the truth.

Thank you all who have worked overnight for the benefit of all who visit this site. More to come. Its a busy day already.

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  1. Can you make some of these videos shareable? Perhaps I am incompetent, but I can’t see how to do this with the Nova Scotia mother one. It’s either the whole post with 4 videos, or none.

  2. 3 – You don’t terminate medical professionals during a “genuine” pandemic. Medical professionals see everything that go on in the hospital and are refusing the experimental gene-edited injection tell us everything we need to know about these so called “vaccines”.

  3. WARNING. More madness
    CDC director DISREGARDS THE ADVICE OF THE AGENCY’S VACCINE ADVISORY COMMITTEE, and clears the way for third Pfizer shots.

    CDC Vaccine Adverse Reactions up to September 17, 2021 726,965

    DEATHS ONLY 15,386


    • The View – CDC & FDA Okay Booster Shots For Some Americans

      After CDC chief Rochelle Walensky recommended booster shots for younger Americans in high-risk jobs, Pres. Biden made a plea to unvaccinated Americans – the co-hosts discuss.

    • Associated Press – CDC director expands eligibility for booster shots

      CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has rejected a recommendation of a CDC advisory panel and instead expanded the list of people eligible for a COVID-19 booster shot to include those who are at greater risk of COVID-19 due to their jobs.

    • global news – Biden urges eligible Americans who received Pfizer vaccine to get booster, says he will get 3rd shot

      […]Meanwhile, during a COVID-19 briefing later in the day, CDC director Rochelle Walensky defended the decision to allow those living or working in high-risk settings to get a COVID-19 booster shot, despite the designation being rejected by an advisory panel.

      Walenksy said he “did not overrule” the panel, but that it was a “scientific close call” and that, it was her call to make.

      She added that with a large number of front-line and essential workers from hard-hit ethnic communities, “withholding access to boosters” would exacerbate inequities that she had “committed to fight.”

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