Australia’s waterpark slide into tyranny and authoritarianism post 1

Boy that must be one bad flu to justify this:

1. Police rush at unsuspecting crowds and open fire to disperse them

2. A couple of Ozzies show us how it’s done

3. ‘Police’ randomly fire into crowds with kids. Presumably with rubber bullets or whatever they are. Sure adds a lot of weight to the post we did over a year ago of the various purchase orders for massive amounts of crowd control measures that the Trudeau and other governments put out as tenders, doesn’t it? This was planned way back, and they anticipated the reaction in ‘Reflexivity’ terms, as Soros would put it. Did put it.

4. Getting shot in the back with rubber bullets for your health

5. What was that chant ANTIFA used all the time? Maybe a variation is called for: This is what — fascism sounds like

Thank you M., Malevolent Pixie, and to the Bitchute channel of Free Speech Warrior from whom I took many items already today, and all who are following Australia and posting materials to this site.

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    • ABC News Australia – Protesters march through Melbourne’s CBD in wake of construction industry shutdown

      There are a lot of unknowns about exactly who was involved and why.

    • 7 News Australia – Protest at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance

      Heavily armed officers came prepared, and are now facing-off with the mob at the city’s most sacred landmark, the Shrine of Remembrance.

      • That's our memorial too!

        The first boots on the ground in 1942 were those of our fathers and grandfathers. They beat back the Japs in the jungles of New Guinea to keep them from the grand land of Oz.

    • sky news australia – Victoria Police respond to protesters

      Police are tackling the protesters head-on and have been apprehending those who have broken off from the main group.

      The large group of protesters is believed to be made up of a few hundred people, significantly fewer than the thousands seen yesterday.

    • sky news australia – ‘Get vaccinated, go home’: Stuart Robert blasts Victorian protesters

      Employment Minister Stuart Robert has criticised Victorian protesters for disrespecting soldiers who fought for the nation’s freedoms, telling demonstrators occupying the Shrine of Remembrance to “get vaccinated” and “go home”.

      Construction workers are engaged in a tense stand-off with law enforcement as rallies against mandatory vaccinations continued for a third consecutive day.

      Minister Robert said he was saddened by the scene coming out of Victoria.

      “I’m looking with dismay and some degree of sadness about what’s happening in Victoria: we aren’t going to get through this with demonstrations, we’re going to get through this with vaccinations,”he told Sky News Australia.


      Police OPEN FIRE on peaceful and unarmed civilian protesters with rubber bullets.

      This is why they are banning live aerial footage of protests. They’ve something to hide.

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