Sky News on the Wuhan Lab, and Melbourne riots go up several notches for good good reasons: Links 1 for September 20th, 2021

1. A wonderful pushback on the Marxist language weapon. In truth, we need to dispense with all of this weaponization and division in the world, all created by Marxists and all to the purpose of destroying everything we built and we are. But for the moment, its nice to see a little pushback with their own weapons.

2. What Really happened at the Wuhan Lab? Sky news

Hmm seems to be gone. Maybe this…

3. I have decided to redact item 3 for the moment to avoid any pain it may cause to the family and friends of the deceased in this story. After discussing it with a friend, its possible that this is a mere tragedy and not connected to the vaccine, despite the fact that the deceased would have had to have been vaccinated and that its an unlikely natural death. I will save the article and my commentary on it till some evidence appears that suggests the death was vaccine related. While no-evidence is often evidence of a counter-narrative set of circumstances, in this case no-evidence is not enough to justify a post.

4. Melbourne braced for CHAOS and violent protests today as furious tradies vow to fight Dan Andrews’ shock shutdown of the $22B construction industry – after anti-vaxxers staged running battles with police and their own union bosses

Furious protestors have vowed to stage another rally in Melbourne after Dan Andrews shut down Victoria’s $22billion construction industry following violent riots which shook the city, despite attendees being blasted as ‘drunken un-Australian morons’ by a top union boss.

The closure across Metropolitan Melbourne, Geelong, the Surf Coast, Ballarat and Mitchell Shire was decided by officials on Monday and announced after the CFMEU building was damaged and riot police deployed in chaotic scenes.

Tradies were filmed throwing projectiles at the union building in the CBD as a demonstration against mandatory vaccines turned violent, with cops forced to fire rubber bullets at the crowd. 

A few hours later, it was announced that hundreds of thousands would be out of work thanks to an unprecedented industry-wide shutdown, understood to have been imposed due to the high levels of Covid transmission happening at worksites and the government’s fears of ‘non-compliance’ with new rules.

Furious CFMEU leader John Setka blasted the protesters as ‘drunken fascist un-Australian morons’, and blamed them for the government’s controversial decision.

But hundreds have vowed to gather again outside the battered CFMEU building again on Tuesday at 10am, with a poster being distributed throughout social media and on encrypted apps including Telegram. 

The rally, titled ‘Victorian Workers Rally For Freedom’ calls for an end to vaccine mandates, with the group vowing the ‘rally will continue until demands are met.’

“Forced to fire rubber bullets at crowd”. Like they didn’t at BLM/ANTIFA rallies?

5. The chaos Melbourne was braced for:


(If the leftist leader’s mission was to get the ordinary citizen to turn on the police, they did that expertly in Australia. Also, Australia is playing the move the goalposts non-game with its citizens. So what do they expect?

Thank you Johnny U., Gates of Vienna, V11, Paul W., E., Sassy and all and each of you who struggle with the propaganda and try to find and accept and act on, difficult truths.

A word about Canada’s ‘election’ today.

In the 2020 US federal election, Facebook was at the head of a propaganda campaign to convince Americans that it was normal and proper that the winner of the election would not be known for several days or weeks after the election. They had planned to sell that to the public weeks ahead of the election, because they know how they planned to steal it well in advance. This of course was unheard of. But it is curious how Facebook and other communist institutions, chose to try and normalize the idea of weeks to know, rather than point out the oddity of it, as it had never happened before.

This was for the mail in ballots, they claimed. But there are always mail in ballots for elections. Expats always vote that way.

Canada has done exactly the same thing. We are told not to expect the results of this election for a few days or more after today’s vote. Which has also never happened before in living memory. This is also because of mail-in ballots.

The only difference I can see is that Trudeau decided to start fortifying his compound on the Governor General’s grounds where he hides, well before the election, while the Democrats waited for January 6 to begin that process.

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  1. In the vein of my previous comment to Sassy, that youtube video of skynews is no longer available. The censorship is very efficient and I expect it will become more so. The technology that allows for individual recommendations may already be used to ensure individuals don’t encounter… unauthorized information.

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