The people of Melbourne remind the world how to deal with Tyranny

Remember, the people who the ‘police’ where trying to prevent from moving are guilty of nothing. They did no destruction. They didn’t ask for a revolution. They are demanding thier most basic constitutional rights as they earned at Gallipoli and many times since and before. I have to say, I am 100% behind that one girl who turned around and told off the police. And the police need to know that it was established at Nuremberg that “I was just following orders” or, “I need to feed my family too!” Is not an excuse.

Thank you M.

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    • At 0:02, that was a really dumb and cowardly cop move, shooting pepper spray on a defenseless person. And at 1:15, the female cop giving arm orders, who does she think she is?

      I see the video got 2.4 Million views. Great!

    • Shocking. You can’t take transit? So basically, if you’re poor, they can limit your access to employment, even if you can find an employer who isn’t a useful idiot/micro tyrant.

  1. I spent a good deal of the Jewish Sabbath today reading. There is an amazing account of one WWII Rabbi Spira, who negotiated a way to have 14 men clean a Nazi officers quarters so the group could quietly pray together while cleaning in order to observe Yom Kippur. There is also a news story of the Russian chief rabbi writing to the Melbourne authorities to ask if the Jews of Melbourne can pray together on the holiday. Rabbo Spira was successful; not the Jews of Melbourne, who now live knowing that the Thai weight sporting event takes place, but religious services do not.

      (Just saw the wonderful word in a comment here.)

      Russia’s Chief Rabbi appealing for mercy from the Fuehrer of Oz on behalf of Orthodox Jews. To observe Yom Kippur. Uncle Vlad is laughing himself silly.

      Measure the pace of creeping communism by the incremental abuse of observant Jews.
      (Assimilated seculars will keep their heads down - or compete for kapo status.)

  2. The edicts coming from Australia’s ruling class are widening class divisions in my opinion.

    If you watch these anti vax pass protesters in Melbourne you will notice the majority seem to be working class people who are being systematically disenfranchised and derided.

    The working class have been derided for the past 20+ years by the Government and the main stream media (mainly for their opposition to mass migration), what is new is that the state is sponsoring the media to deride people who appose vax passes and is encouraging people to despise them. So I believe this is exacerbating the already widening class divisions in Australia.

    I foresee turmoil if these trends continue.

    Here is some more video from Melbourne 18/09/2021

    • BTW, notice that every police officer is carrying a loaded pistol to do “crowd control” on the unarmed citizens of Australia.

      • This shows there are Australians willing to be the pointy end of the spear. Such police behavior also lays bare, to those worldwide who have eyes, the absence of any connection this has to the manufactured health crisis. These images may foreshadow northern hemisphere events as winter winds down there and begins up here. Whatever happens, an engineered economic event is in the making which will see a currency crisis compound public desperation and unrest.

        It will be a long, dark winter, but hope springs eternal in good hearts. World communists are inadvertantly galvanizing the wrath of the collective they must now dominate, lest they be tried for crimes against humanity. This is why we can expect them to start doubling down on police actions. Police are the pivot point.

    • Here’s the TV report, the city of Richmond (I think).
      The cops had shut down all transit as of 08h00 a.m., thus creating a massive 2-hour traffic jam as they check every vehicle (sanitary pass or essential worker) before allowing them to go through. Video footage of the “Protests boiling over”.

      AND here we have a man arrested in a park for flying a drone:

  3. Quit locking up the poepe into their homes while allowing a whole bunch of Celebrties to gather for their Award Shows or Celebrate the Birthday of Americas 2nd Worst President Obama

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