Show me your papers: Links 1, September 13, 2021

1. My God but how wonderful is this

2. CTV tries to make Conservative Leader look bad because he respects medical privacy of his representatives in Parliament

3. This is interesting. Report on expected protests outside many Canadian hospitals against Covid measures. But what is interesting, is the report seems to be an honest fair and balanced report until they repeat the lie of interference with hospital business by previous protests, which are simply untrue. Also someone should make the deep voiced soporific guy who explains how sacred hospitals are, that plans to deny or limit access to patients based on vaccine status, is a 100% change in the entire root level philosophy of medicine and politicizes it to a degree not seen since the Soviet Union. and therefore, maybe a little shouting and screaming is exactly what is needed.

4. One New Zealand  UK MP actually speaks a little truth in a hall of power. At this point in time, it has a kind of warm, sentimental feeling to it. A sort of Pepperidge Farm moment when we remember when you could say something true and in the public interest as part of the long long ago.

From EW: #4 Is a British MP – There’s a Christchurch in England. It says he’s MP for Christchurch and Dorset and he mentions Public Health England. (I think his accent gives him away).

More from NZ Parliamentarian, Chris Chope here on his site

5. Boris Johnson makes it clear that all the gains for freedom are BS.

6. Bluejays fans now have to show their papers to get into a game. To understand the reality of this story, its very important to see this post from Israel.

Thank you M., KAF., Hellequin GB., Mad W., MissPiggy, Gates of Vienna, Johnny U., Oz-Rita, Rich, Richard and all who posted their thoughts or assisted in this work in any way this past weekend.


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  1. #4 Is a British MP – There’s a Christchurch in England. It says he’s MP for Christchurch and Dorset and he mentions Public Health England. (I think his accent gives him away).

    • Thanks. I had him as UK and changed it when I saw Christschurch, which I assumed was the NZ one.

      Thanks again. Although in fairness, Very few Canadian MPs have a Canadian accent. So … ya know.

  2. Now how is Joe Biden going to get that fired up lady, who is speaking for a zillion people when she makes her valid points, going to take that shot? I would like to see, no, I would pay money to see, Joe Biden or any pencil neck goon, like that Australian buffalo lady, that geeky four eyes, knock on this lady’s door, or any of the other millions of black Americans (and white, brown, etc.) and tell them hi, we’re from the government, and we want you to have your shottie now. Then stand back.
    Let me save you the trouble. That is not happening. The government couldn’t handle this one lady, let alone a million. Keep saying no. And the hell with letters of exemption. Why do we need a “letter” from someone else, telling our bosses or the government, that we have a right to say no thank you just the same, to someone who wants to inject us with something we don’t want? We don’t need a letter for that. No job, no career, no paycheck, is worth giving up your autonomy and liberty. I am seriously thinking of putting a picture of Dr. Quackenbush in the envelope, instead of my letter of exemption. Here’s my doctor, he says I don’t need the shot.

    • LOL! That is perfect.

      YES the second you play into their schema, you lose. If you try to maneuver their exemption scheme, they just have to change it and you lose. I spoke with TWO people today alone who were stalwart against getting the shot, then the goalposts suddenly moved, and they took it.

      The answer has to be No, you don’t have the right to make me, I will sue you if you try, and there is nothing legal about any of this.

      Some people will suffer career losses. I think that will be temporary, but still that is too much to ask for some people in certain positions. But for those who can hold out, do so.

  3. The woman is absolutely right. She has nothing more than a few days of sniffles to worry about and there is no reason why she should be even thinking about a vaccine to protect her from sniffles. The world has truly gone crazy…

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