Faked reports on Ivermectin, and last night’s Tucker: Links and news post #1 for September 7, 2021

1. More on the faked reports on Ivermectin ODs

2. Dr. Peter McCullough is asked about why the suppression of HCQ

3. Alex Berenson Substack: Pay no attention to the spike protein binding to and changing heart cells

[…] specialized blood vessel cells called pericytes have receptors called CD147s. The novel coronavirus itself (Sars-Cov-2) cannot attack these CD147s and damage the pericyte cells, potentially leading to clotting and heart attacks.

But free-floating spike protein – like the spike protein the vaccines make our bodies produce – can. […]

4. A series of short videos with doctors on possible and actual consequences of mass vaccination with gene therapy

5. Last night’s Tucker Carlson was a clip show, but made from great clips. This is worth watching:

Thank you Johnny U., M., Richard, PC., SemperFido, Michelle, dmpendragon6985, MarcusZ1967, and any more who show willingness to examine and question the narratives. 

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6 Replies to “Faked reports on Ivermectin, and last night’s Tucker: Links and news post #1 for September 7, 2021”

  1. I don’t understand why no one is listening; they keep saying time after time that they
    have carefully planned everything. THIS IS THE PLAN to destroy the United States

  2. Re: item 3
    Just to be clear, he’s talking about CD147, not something that ends with “s.” CD147 is an immunoglobulin which plays a role in plenty of disease processes, particularly when some pathogen is able to bind to CD147 chronically and thus remove its ability to regulate other processes in the body. This binding effect is how HIV disables the immune system, it’s how certain cancers can metastasize so quickly, and sperm production can be disrupted. It can also cause neurological damage and a range of cancers.

    But hurry now! HURRY! You need to get your injection of medicine before the evil plague takes you!

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