Trudeau wants us all locked up forever, Bolsonaro wants us all armed to protect us from the Trudeau mentality: Links 1, August 31, 2021

1. I think we all knew this was coming

2. Mark Steyn offers an opinion on Biden’s sociopathic uncaring for the fates of people he has killed

It was over a decade ago that I first quoted that shrewd and insightful Taliban nostrum – that “Americans have all the watches but we have all the time”: it’s on page 36 or thereabouts of After America. This last fortnight its constant regurgitation on cable news has become a little cheap and shopworn, but it was nevertheless helpful of Joe Biden to act out the proverb yesterday (see photograph at right): Too enfeebled to conceal his boredom with the caskets of US servicemen dead because of him, he glanced at his expensive watch, and still couldn’t tell Americans what time it is.

There are not a lot of real conservatives, are there? The most eminent right-side commentators back when I wrote After America – George Will, Bill Kristol, Jennifer Rubin, Max Boot – are now all enthusiastic Biden voters, assuring us he’s a “moderate” Democrat. The moderate opens the borders, transgenderizes the laws, and turns a two-decade inconclusive colonial policing operation into a devastating global humiliation. Perhaps we should launch a competition to spot which conservative pundit will be endorsing Miss Ocasio Cortez a decade hence.

James Woods also has an opinion

3. Project Veritas has whistleblower who shows how immigration seems to be being used for purposes other than what is good for the USA. Like it is in Canada.

4. JFK21 won a court case in Denmark. PCR-test NOT required!

(We had this checked by Tania and it is true)

5. Brazilian President Bolsonaro: ‘Everybody Buy a Gun – Armed People Cannot Be Enslaved by the Elites’

(No wonder the elites in Brazil are working so hard to destroy him in almost the exact way they did Trump. The Brazilian globalists are acting through the Supreme Court justices, who are fully globalist. But otherwise its the same. More on that later)

President Jair Bolsonaro has urged millions of Brazilians to arm themselves as soon as possible in order to fight against the tyrannical elites who want to enslave them.

“Everybody has to buy a rifle, damn it! Armed people will never be enslaved,” Bolsonaro told a crowd of supporters on Friday outside his official residence, the Alvorada Palace. reports: He acknowledged that weapons “cost a lot,” but insisted that those who oppose guns should stop nagging people who want and can afford to buy them.

During his campaign for office, Bolsonaro vowed to relax Brazil’s gun laws so that citizens could protect themselves from the country’s rampant crime and violence.

And he kept that promise, issuing almost a dozen decrees that made firearms, including semi-automatic assault rifles, more easily available to the public. Some of them, however, were modified by the National Congress.

The president’s latest initiative in February allowed Brazilian citizens to own up to six guns and stripped back federal police and army oversight of firearms ownership. Those with hunting licenses are now free to buy 30 guns, while sports shooters can have as many as 60.

According to data obtained from law enforcement by O Globo newspaper, the number of firearms in private ownership in the country has increased from around 700,000 to over 1.2 million since 2018.

The current Czech president is of a similar opinion as Bolsonaro)

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You know what’s really good for your health? Being attacked by a police dog


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6 Replies to “Trudeau wants us all locked up forever, Bolsonaro wants us all armed to protect us from the Trudeau mentality: Links 1, August 31, 2021”

  1. 1 & 5 )

    The first, the Turd-eau, is hailed as a “Mensch” and the second one, Bolsonaro, is decried as a Tyrant.
    Go and try to figure that one out.
    If there’d be a Mental Gymnastic Olympics, the Left and the Liberals would win each and every Medal for Insanity.

  2. So this is what a “healthy” relationship between the British Police and the People looks like.

    What happened to your friendly Bobby?

  3. I agree with the lockdown about Trudeau. He should be locked down indefinitely. I am not against stronger measures like the Ol’ Yeller treatment…

  4. 2 – The DOGS
    I’m reeling from this, engulfed with raging fury.

    UPDATE STORY: American Humane
    @AmericanHumane ·
    Reports to us from #Kabul, including those from the military, made it clear that not only were contract working dogs denied access to cargo storage in the last flights out, but that the govt. also denied charter planes access to remove the dogs to safety. #NoPawsLeftBehind

    AND FOX NEWS confirmed the story. Meanwhile, British troops are seen arriving in Britain with their service dogs.

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