Trudeau’s campaign tour teaches us why Joe Biden stayed in his basement

1. Don’t know where this is but Im glad its in Canada

2. Trudeau bus tour cancelled for unpopularity reasons relabeled as safety concerns

3. Both sides on this one. I’m with Queen P. The hate-fests against Conservative leaders when they actually were conservative, where not grass roots but Critical-Theory attacks by communists. Especially of Harper who was aware of the situation and fought back to a degree. This anti-Trudeau movement is a combination of grass roots and probably a Conservative Party dirty tricks campaign to delegitimize him. Which seems redundant as Trudeau has done that to himself. But when we look at Joe Biden’s campaign, or Hillary Clinton’s for that matter, and she expected to win just as Biden did, we can expect similar results in Canada.

4. Cambridge Ontario. This one is fun. See if you can identify all the insults before the chanting starts. Canadians are more creative than advertised.

5. Ezra reminds us of how Trudeau is always the victim of the things he does which victimize everyone else

6. This fellow has about had it with Canada’s ‘covid’ policies.

So has this guy but best if you click through rather than I post the video here.

Thank you all for your continued patience.

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  1. In Norway things are much more relaxed concerning the epidemic than say 6 months ago, around 90% are willing to take the injections and masks are no longer required on public transport etc.
    There is a national election coming up on september 13, some lesser parties might get into parliament this time, the term «others» have never been bigger in the polls.

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