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5 Replies to “Can we hear a Canadian MP even approach this kind of representation?”

    • That’s obviously where it’s heading.
      Then you’ll get it taken away “as a public menace” if you get busted not wearing a mask.

      Then it’ll be if you don’t pay child support – who could be against *that*?

      Then… then… then…

      Welcome to China-style Social Credit System.

  1. Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend just back from Israel. It quickly became spirited. Our divide was too great. His accusations that I was the problem couldn’t be assuaged. When finally I had confronted him with sufficient facts and legitimate questions to render him stumped, he shut down the discussion.
    “You can’t close the science,” I said.
    So he did.

  2. In fairness, we haven’t seen anything quite as gruesome here as what has happened in Australia.

    Ford sort-of tried, but most Ontario police forces, to their eternal credit, told him to take a hike.

    In Australia, the police forces really seem to be enjoying themselves.

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