No vaxx, no internet, grade school teacher threatens kids with never-ending lockdowns and hatred of trump: Links 1, August 19, 2021

1. University in Connecticut to Fine, Block Internet Access to Unvaccinated Students

(Anyone who can explain how cutting off internet access is a health issue, is already a communist. Whether they know it or not.)

Students at Connecticut’s Quinnipiac University will be fined up to $2,275 and lose internet access if they fail to comply with the university’s COVID-19 vaccination policies.

2. Biden Threatens Legal Action Against Governors Who Ban Forcing School Children to Wear Masks

(My math was never good. But going through this using the old math, it looks like Biden will use the law to punish any state leader who does NOT FORCE kids to be masked. Ok then.)

Governors who ban school mask mandates could face legal action from the federal government, President Joe Biden warned on Aug. 18.

3. CNN reporter who extolled how friendly the Taliban are (1)

No surprise Taliban gave permission to CNN to report. CNN as enemy propaganda does more damage to the US every day than 911 did. (2)

4. Diana West: Exactly how vaxx passports are a ticket to digital slavery

5. Canada’s election will be affected by Covid policies

(I wonder if they use machines to count them so no scrutineers need to touch the potentially infected ballots. Yes I think that is how it will have to happen. Trudeau will get his majority.)

This one is more obvious in terms of how the Liberals intend to cheat:

“As safe as possible” for the Liberal party of Canada. Comments are better than the video. So read them before they shut them down and remove them.

Thank you M., Johnny U., Chatillon, PC., Hellequin GB., MissPiggy and many more who are heard and amplified even if I miss the names now and again.

Interesting class segment in Utah. No mention of what grade this is, but its clearly not university. From description:

Update (Multiple reports coming in: Teacher Leah Kinyon ) Hey Utah government, first day of school 8/17/21? This isn’t happening, right? Spencer Cox? Utah Legislature? Where you at? This is disgusting. This is why we raise our voices in Utah. Thank you to the student who filmed this. You’re a hero.

LEHI UTAH: (Update: Teacher Leah Kinyon) (Update: Second Video Emerges Below)

Aug 17th 2021- Alpine Utah School District –

MUST WATCH: UTAH- First day of school at Lehi High School. In one of the most conservative municipalities in our state we have this woman ranting about her personal beliefs instead of teaching school. Yes, this is happening in most schools around the country. This is why it needs to stop.

-She shares her hatred for Donald Trump.

-She claims that kids with “variants” are going to harm her and her family in a threatening manner.

-She tells students they are smarter than their parents and not to listen to them.

-She says that the administrators won’t care if the students say anything.

-She uses colorful language (F word) about people who talk about LGBTQA the way she doesn’t like.

-She also threatens students with regards to the LGBTQA community.

-She says to student “You’re whats wrong with the world!”

This is why the far left liberal activists are a disease and cancer to our culture and we need to STAND UP and find out EXACTLY what is being taught in our schools.

Utah is headed down a bad road. Where you at Gov Spencer Cox? Why haven’t you made a statement yet? I thought this wasn’t happening in Utah Spencer Cox? I thought all is well in Utah schools? This is what happens when our own governor sows the seeds of discord in our Utah schools. This is the reason why we have lost our next generation. Right here. And it’s time to say bye bye to Ms. Kinyon.

(UPDATE: Ms. Kinyon has been put on leave and hopefully to never return again to the classroom.)


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    • “The idea of a booster shot is not sitting well with many people so like clockwork, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky used fear to convince people to get the third Covid shot.

      Walensky on Wednesday said that people who received the Covid vaccine early on are at an increased risk for severe disease.

      So all the do-gooders and rule followers who blindly lined up to get the experimental jab right away are now being told they have no protection so they MUST get the booster.”

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