The push to mandatory vaxx escalates: Links 2, August 13, 2021

1. Linkedin censors Harvard Epidemiologist for politically incorrect medical opinions.

2. The following Tweets are by Dr. Malone, the creator of mRNA tech. Although now you have to use the Wayback machine as the current US version of the Soviet Union has seen fit to delete his participation in the creation of this technology. You can still find it, but you need to know how to access the Wayback and other methods of seeing pages as they were last year or before.

(The Atlantic has been for quite some time, a Democrat Party unofficial propaganda outfit, which the Democrats use to justify a new policy roll out. Stephen Coughlin did a magnificent analysis of the Obama policy of siding with Al Quada against the Islamic State using the Atlantic to sell it.)

3. No comment.

4. Stanford among first universities requiring weekly coronavirus testing – even for vaccinated students

Stanford will test students for the coronavirus every week, regardless of vaccination status, the university announced Wednesday, making it one of only a few campuses in the country to do so.

Citing the ongoing threat of the highly contagious delta variant, officials unveiled several new safety measures in an email to students ahead of the university’s planned return to campus beginning Aug. 15.

The school already mandated face masks and vaccines for all returning students. The new rule requires students who live in Stanford-owned housing or attend classes on campus to take a coronavirus test before school starts and undergo weekly tests whether they are vaccinated or not. Results will be provided within 24 hours, according to the message sent to students.

5. Federal government to require vaccinations for all federal public servants, air and train passengers

‘We need to reach as many Canadians as we possibly can’ — Transport Minister Omar Alghabra

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9 Replies to “The push to mandatory vaxx escalates: Links 2, August 13, 2021”

  1. Tinder Wood joined the Bramble Family back at the party..
    “Did you have your fire-check?”
    “Yes, yes they stopped me at the entrance. I’m not on fire”
    “That’s good. I have my checks twice a week, even after my two spike mRNA vaccines.”
    “The government’s trying to poison us with an untested vaccince that’s being monitored on millions of people…”
    Just then a Bright Spark entered.

    “Published 4 August 2021”
    “The latest REACT-1 study findings from Imperial College London and Ipsos MORI show COVID-19 infection rates are three times lower for double vaccinated people.”

  2. TruMao and his minions are doing EXACTLY as they have been commanded by the United Nations and the World “Health” Politburo. Things are going to go very dark in the former country of “Canada” in very short order.

  3. 81% of Canadians shot, but that’s not enough. I interpret this to mean that the concept of herd immunity has been discarded and gov is all in for vaccinating 100% for reasons not disclosed.
    We are in very dark territory.

    • They have redefined everything for purposes not disclosed. Including the concept of “pandemic” which used to require surplus deaths.

      I guess now that has been added to the definition of “vaccine”.

  4. 3 – ‘Get shot or get shot’

    This seems to be coming right from the propaganda factory of the PTB. Probably there are armies of bots out there that are spreading this message because someone in a comment on Twitter says he has seen other user’s post the exact same thing, copy past.

    • You are probably right. I listened to a 2 hour seminar on SM recently where it was revealed that 95% of Twitter accounts are bots. Even knowing that, its difficult to not slide back into the illusion that these things are meaningful.

  5. Methinks that the Muslim Brotherhood’s Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America gave the year 2020 as their Zero Hour!
    Canada’s federal Transport Minister, we’re told, holds a Syrian and Canadian passport…..was raised in Saudi Arabia and was President of the Canadian Arab Federation….
    “They should first test the vaccine on government officials…..if they don’t die….the vaccine is safe….If they do die…….then the country is safe…..” Unfortunately, those casualties would include our military and law enforcement…….losses we cannot afford….

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