Erin O’Toole: Head of the Canadian ‘Conservative’ Party

At this stage, conservative typically has come to mean more libertarian and ‘liberal’ which actually means libertarian, has come to mean communist.

These two tweets personify the head of the current iteration of the Canadian Conservative party that was once headed by people like John Diefenbaker, who won the largest majority in Canadian history after polls all said he would lose, and more recently Stephen Harper, who tried to restore basic freedoms like self defence and gun ownership to the public and was thwarted by the deep state, even to the diminishing of his monument to the victims of communism.

(Caution: This is a CBC link. CBC is a mostly government funded COMINTERN propaganda organ)

Conservatives drop Yukon candidate, citing opposition to ‘public health guidelines’

The Conservative Party of Canada is barring Jonas Smith from running as its Yukon candidate in the upcoming federal election.

In an email, the party says Smith “is no longer our candidate after several discussions about his unwillingness to support public health guidelines.”

A statement from Smith’s campaign office goes a step further, saying that “The reason behind the disallowing of Smith’s candidacy is his opposition to calls for implementation of mandated workplace vaccinations and vaccine passport requirements in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.”


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4 Replies to “Erin O’Toole: Head of the Canadian ‘Conservative’ Party”

  1. I want to vote for Maxime Bernier, why doesn’t Derek Sloan join his party, if they don’t they won’t win any seat. The split only helps Trudeau.

    • A lot of us have that question. Things are bad. Too bad to be concerned with whatever minutia may justify this split. Ill go farther. Lets say one of them was actually corrupt in the old fashioned sense. Who would use their position for insider deals and to personally enrich themselves. That is the least of the problems by country miles at this point. So long as they don’t sell us out to commies I don’t care if they make a few shady property deals with developers or whatever.

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