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3 Replies to “Tucker Carlson speaks to a live audience in Hungary”

  1. What can I say about your sweet commonsensica, logical, , enlightening, great speech.

    Dear God protect you Tucker and all like you.

  2. The only point of Tucker’s that I question in this profoundly political speech is on the matter of running a clean “house”. Love of family, country and oneself most certainly is reflected in cleanliness and order. However Hungarians also understand the sterile efficiency that communism and fascism bring, including the monstrously neurotic need for control that manifests itself in such sick societies. There is something to be said for an ounce of creative chaos, but I know this is not what he meant.

    I’d be surprised if he is not contemplating running for President. He’s already in the pool with sharks and surviving so far, and surely knows that if current trends continue his journalism days are numbered. That he says he will not run away means much.

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