Australian police cause major medical event while test driving their new totalitarian powers

Youtube now seems to automatically prevent downloading of any video that shows the fascist tendencies of any police force brutalizing the public over Covid measures. They also won’t let you embed so you have to watch on Youtube, and sign in. Which means they know exactly who watches these videos.

It is still possible to move them to another platform, but its 10X the effort.

Here is the YT link in case anyone wants to see how Australian police treat an older man legally exercising without a mask, which is legal if you are exercising, and who has a heart condition. But if you don’t want to get on whatever list they put you on for watching it, (as that makes the most sense since they can’t track embedded views or who sees it after downloading and re-hosting) watch it below from 3Speak

The description below the video:

This video is from Queensland Australia. The man was stopped and questioned as to why he was outside exercising and how far away from home he was. We, the people, deserve an answer from our Premiers and Leaders…why is this allowed to happen?

Thank you Oz-Rita

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  1. Corona-tyranny is getting more brutal by EVERY DAY all over the world. Unlike the spreading of the ‘virus’, it is exponential.

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