Corona Ausschuss: Dr. Bryan Ardis – “They have been knowingly killing us”

One of the speakers from this morning’s Corona Ausschuss, Dr. Bryan Ardis.

Dr. Ardiss makes some astonishing claims, but gives his sources for all of them, and all of them are official Pfizer or FDA documents. It should be noted that for the first time that I am aware of, Youtube took down their weekly Friday morning feed calling it medical misinformation. Meanwhile, every kind of crackpot spiritual healer can be found all over Youtube, so long as they do not attempt to give the other side of the mRNA injections.

This is a little long but there is value here. I will poke through the rest of the broadcast which Hellequin found for us on another platform since Youtube stopped it midstream. At the same time, their actual website came down as well.

Interesting times indeed.

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4 Replies to “Corona Ausschuss: Dr. Bryan Ardis – “They have been knowingly killing us””

  1. The Remdesevir slaughter and Fauci’s involvement: its use ended in October 2020. How convenient for Biden’s electoral campaign! Barely a few weeks left till the U.S.A election.

    At the end of the video, he speaks of the contents of the jab. Definite female infertility for the next generation.

    Conclusion: This is a long-term project to reduce the population on Planet Earth through vaxx-shedding onto younger children. Bill & Melinda Gates must be quite happy.

    • They should be given to the mothers of these Children to deal with.
      You know, like Nicolae Ceau?escu and his wife had been given to the Romanian People…..

  2. This has put me in total paranoia mode. Worse than suspected. The brains behind this will have to face trials of a Nuremberg type.

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