Tucker Carlson for July 28, 2021

This is a must see Tucker Carlson. It has quotes like:

“Here’s the man who helped create Covid in the first place. Watch him explain.” (one of the greatest lines on TV in the last 2 years.)

He also busts the head of the CDC actually lying about their own published stats to force masks on everyone again. Especially those who have been vaccinated.

The next 4 years in one minute:

I wonder when they will start adding narcotics to the vaccines. I guess when people start really looking forward to their boosters and talking about how great they feel once they do, we might get suspicious.


Thank you MarcusZ1967

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  1. The border @26:38 Let me get this straight.
    The illegal aliens are now called “migrants” because the border patrol opened the gates to them. But US citizens are now called “terrorists” because the capitol police opened the gates/doors to them? I’m confused. Not really.

  2. Dear Eeyore
    Guess I am not very computer savvy, but sometimes can’t get the link to videos you post. This time it is the Tucker Carlson one. Would greatly appreciate it if you could post the links with the vids at least on the site even if you don’t include them on the mail outs.
    Thanking you in advance

    • Sometimes I remember to add a direct link but usually I don’t think of it. No particualr reason other than its another detail in a sea of details that I have to attend to for a post or in a day.

      But I can tell you how I get to links that are hidden. Sometimes really hidden.

      Right click on a page and select, “View page source” which gives you the code of that page. Make sure you remember a few words right above the video you want.

      Then search that page of code for those words. Command F on a Mac and the Windows button F on a PC.

      then you should see the embed code for the video which contains the link, or at worst, the platform like Rumble or whatever. If you can’t find the whole link you want, which has to be there for the embed to work, you can at least go to the platform and search for the video title there.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Thank you MARCUS. Always appreciate Tucker Carlson who was my only reason for cable TV.

    Joe Biden doesn’t know if the Federal government has the power to impose vaxx for all. He does know the DOJ does have that power. It’s what he said.

    ALSO: Get Vaxxed — So you can carry the delta variant, too!

    Joe Biden urged Americans on Thursday to get the vaccine. He then disclosed that even with the vaccine you can still carry the delta variant.
    So why get the vax, then?


    Has anyone seen the Teddy Daniels for Congress campaign ad? It’s a whopper. The RINOs and the Dems are flipping out.

  4. I am a lab tech who works in pathology in the US. I know what the virus really is, and it’s nothing much. I also know how much money my department director was “granted” by the federal government if she would go along with the covid narrative, which she did (it was $30M, less expenses for a mock experiment). Finally, I don’t know for a fact what the ingredients are in those RNA injections, but I do know that an acquaintance in another department took her shots for free, courtesy of the hospital, and died of a pulmonary embolism soon thereafter. Less than 1/3 of all lab staff got their clot shots because most of us know it’s unnecessary and dangerous.

    At this point, considering all the facts of the virus and of the RNA injections, I am convinced that this is a globalist eugenics program. Governments around the world have said for years that they won’t be able to sustain the boomer generation as they age and depend more heavily on social security, Medicare, and other government programs. Then they talk about “reducing our carbon footprint,” which is weasel-speak for “depopulation.” Then along come these injections. Doctors who have actually worked with this technology and actually know what’s going on in detail have raised the alarm, telling anyone who will listen that all of their animal models died within a couple of years of receiving similar mRNA injections. So even if it doesn’t kill you within a few weeks, you might later develop hepatitis, heart disease, or lung disease and be gone in 2 to 5 years.

    If you have already taken the injections, then I don’t know if there is a treatment. The closest thing I know of is to take vitamin D to regulate how your ACE2 receptors function. The RNA shots work through those receptors, so if you can counter their unnatural opening of the receptors, then it might help.

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