Pat Condell: The Anti-American dream

For those newly awakened, Pat Condell is nearly the father of the talking head, viral video. He used to have regular videos on Youtube and was the first person to speak out against Islamic influence on Western societies from the perspective of what he, and many of us, had been conned into thinking was a left leaning point of view. Which is to say libertarian and equality minded.

HIs criticisms of Islam were done with a kind of dry sarcasm and speckled humour, which over time he has lost. Not due to lack of wit, but due to the increasing severity of the issues, which no longer loaned themselves to casual humorous analogies. Its not difficult to assume that Youtube made short shrift of him once they got woke. The pushback was so large they had to reinstate him, but then the shadow-banning began.

Its good to see Pat like so many others, find other outlets.


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  1. Pat Condell was once a stage comedian.

    One of societies fools, who can speak truth to kings and queens.

    For it is objective observational humor that can bring us all out of ourselves, remove our hypnotic gaze to see the emperor has no clothes, and laugh.

    It is cathartic, to not take yourself or them so seriously.

    But if they are islamic, Socialist or Sexualist – those who live off hating others – they strive to make perfect worlds for Believers who have no automony. Self-castrated.

    The amount of removed jokes:

  2. Pat is so right in this, and then those mostly un-employable, over-educated, academented ideological Retards roam the streets with the malign self-importance of those whose bigotries are backed by the State.
    In the meanwhile their reasoning has more gaps than a Beggars smile with their presumption to speak for GOOD and MORALS, as do many that are wedded to EVIL and have none.
    When you know that man can be trained like dogs to believe and do anything – anything at all – it makes you value your own counsel and be suspect of every other.

    (Laws are silent in time of War)

  3. Video: “Declaration of Independence: Rights come from GOD, and the purpose of government is to secure the rights GOD gave us – by protecting us from those who seek to take our Rights away from us.”
    Publius Huldah – June 26, 2021

    Link: “How our Federal Constitution “Secures” our God Given Rights”
    by Publius Huldah – December 1, 2014

  4. “Former UK Police ‘Constable’ spills the beans on Covid-19 Regulations, Warrants, Travel bans & More”
    432Health – April 19, 2021

    It is the Leftists i.e. Communists, Homosexuals, and Moslems who are using the education system as a weapon and our children are the targets!
    The they have been using the same playbook for too long.
    • Take over the schools,
    • Indoctrinate kids as young as possible,
    • Implement socialism little by little, and
    • If anyone objects, call them a racist.
    • Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
    We need to be aware of the danger of desensitizing our population to the loss of basic Constitutional Rights and Freedoms.

    “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions at state expense.” – Karl Marx

    “America’s Public Schools are FERTILE GROUNDS where the SEEDS OF ISLAM can be sowed into the HEARTS of NON-MUSLIMS”
    — Shabir Mansouri founder of the Council on Islamic Education (CIE) whose group is responsible for virtually all Islamic Content in all textbooks by every major publisher.

    WHY? When the government controls the education system, it can mold the minds of future generations however, it wants. Leftists want the Government to do everything about child-care except housing and feeding the children, with the parents having absolutely no input or control an what the ‘Future Communists of America’ learn, and punishing the parents severely if they dare to countermand the Governments brainwashing and indoctrination.

    Vladimir Lenin expanded on this principle, concurring, and claiming that if you: “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted”. – Vladimir Lenin
    “Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.” – Vladimir Lenin
    “Give me your child for 4 years… and the seeds I sow will never be uprooted, for 8 years and he will be a Bolshevik for life” – Vladimir Lenin

    Josef Stalin would ultimately hit the nail on the head with his understanding of education… “Education is a weapon; whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.”
    “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold; Its Patriotism, its morality, and its Spiritual Life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” – Josef Stalin

    Hitler was more candid. In 1937, Der Fuehrer explained: “The youth of today is ever the people of tomorrow. For this reason, we have set before ourselves the task of inoculating our youth with the spirit of this community of the people at a very early age, at an age when human beings are still unperverted and therefore unspoiled (malleable)… And this Reich will give its youth to no one but will itself take youth and give to youth its own education and its own upbringing.”
    “Let me control the textbooks and I will control the State…” – Adolf Hitler
    “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” – Adolf Hitler
    “He who gains the youth, Controls the future” – Adolf Hitler

    “Give me the children; I will give you a nation.”
    “When an opponent declares ‘I will not come over to your side’, I calmly say ‘Your child belongs to us already.
    What are you? You will pass on.
    Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp.
    In a short time, they will know nothing else but this new community.”
    — Adolph Hitler (1939)

    The premise is simple, the one who is allowed to mold and shape the thinking of the children of a given society will rule that society in the future. It will be the ideas planted in the minds of children that will rule the day. This lesson, though taught to us many times through the twentieth century, has been ignored or forgotten. This lesson is soon to be taught to us again.

    – Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel. – Socrates.
    To those who are Liberal with a “Liberal Education”, the only thing you would know about Socrates is from watching “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” (which they called him as “So-crates”)

    Patriot’s Views on the matter:
    We ought to deprecate the hazard attending ardent and susceptible minds, from being too strongly, and too early prepossessed in favor of other political systems before they are capable of appreciating their own.” – George Washington (1795)

    (What they are all [Except George Washington & Socrates] are saying is: summed up thusly by a Real American Political Hero, and Author:)
    “In other words: Your children… who are the future… belong to us.” –– Don Feder – (WHO AUTHORED THIS ESSAY)

    Don Feder has a regular column of Facebook, and EVERYTHING he has posted has been absolute TRUTH, he is a Jewish American, he is Pro-Christianity, Pro-Life, Pro-Trump, and Pro-American!
    I have never found anything to criticize about his writings.
    I cannot recommend him more highly!

    • “It is the Leftists i.e. Communists, Homosexuals, and Moslems”

      (It seems so harsh when someone else says this about the people Love and Peace without lust and greed in their hearts…).

      The envious are most ruthless to envious
      The jealous most ruthess to jealous
      The thieves most ruthless to thieves
      The world to keep on its knees

      Voiceless on a leash.

      Far Left. Inverts. far far left. Crushed souls.

      Each demoralized into perfecting their new-selves. Worshipping The Creator and Liberator from conscience. Their humiliation has stopped. Now running up the knowledge-levels of Scientology, Freemasonry and all. Descending into intellectualism and memorization. Their purpose finally revealed: destined to be Priest-Assassins.

        • Worshipping at the feet of Don Feder who identifies “It is the Leftists i.e. Communists, Homosexuals, and Moslems”; that is:

          International Socialists
          Individual Socialists
          National Socialists

          Without a soul among them, and need to be saved,

          And all this is blather!

          Jesus pointed.

          And they stared at his sacred finger.

          • One day there was a child sitting on the Naughty Step and wondering why he was alone and rejected. All he had said was “the Emperor has no clothes” and laughed.

            The pain was unbearable. His instinct for survival, (he couldn’t cook) was, what could he do to gain favor and belong.

            Like a dog, he could:

            Roll over
            Splay his genitals

            When Miss came back to scold him, he was Born Again.

            And she was pleased.

            • Those who were afraid of Judgement Day – putting it off to the very end – were lined up to meet the Devil, the best of all inquisitors.

              “Ah, here we have Roll-Over. Can you show me? Very virtuous. The line on the left”

              “We have a Display of Genitals. Ooh, did you make them yourself? On the left.”

              Submitter, welcome. And you have brought the chopped off heads of the disbelievers with you. Sweet. There are virgins looking forward to seeing you for eternity on the left”

              The Devil paused, and looked beyong the long line of unforgiveness and new clothes, and wondered of those he could never see, could never grapple with to pull them in as they never resisted evil, and thought, who taught them to escape?

      • As most writers here, their thoughts are condensed, and a sentence may be extrapolated or request for clarity.

        We don’t cut and paste other people’s work like Christians fawning over Jesus and saying the sun shines without evidencing why or retort “Blather and non-sense.” An arrogance of association. Jesus glorification without being Jesus.

        If you had walked into a muslim encamplement you would have seen some with limbs removed. Honor among thieves.

        If among drag queens, jealousy supremes.

        If among Communists, envy screams.

        Like slaves, they too have willing slaves. The voiceless: the hijabed, sex-servants and the masses having their forced injections. All in the name of Good.

        • Far Left. Inverts. far far left.

          The crushed child latches on to the real authority in the home, and not the fake father away with the fairies.

          Safety within the mob.
          Safety by impersonation.
          Safety by allegience to the baddest ass.

          They gave up their conscience in return for pride.

          It’s not complicated.

          And you can’t save them all.

          But one child might see and become unhypnotized.

          And get stabbed.

          This fear they have to get over, if they are ever to be free.

  6. I tried to copy that video, so as to pass it on, but I could not find it on Rumble at all. Any clues?

    PC: tolerance of presumed intolerance is missing perhaps?
    Disliking a certain group is NOT yet a crime, while persecuting someone who is a member of such a group, and who has done nothing to you or your family, IS and should be. I think that you missed a point here.

    • The Pat Condell one? If you want that one I can upload it to another platform so you have a link. I cant find the original one either at the moment.

    • I was only reaching out to those with ears to hear regarding the hypnotised.

      Not the quirks of added hormones and chemicals into the fetus, that can be fixed with a knife. This is not a sex change.

      No one is born Transgender, muslim or Communist. These are imprinted through terror as life itself.

      The fact you drew me to the Collective and Personal laws, (when all all healing is personal) reveals that the thin of the wedge, has worked.

      This, is called “interfaith dialogue”. And on one is saved.

      No one said there wasn’t a crucifixion at the end. But it sure beats the slavery of having never lived.

  7. Now, let’s get personal.

    muslims, Sexuals and Communists are victims, who do bad things to each other based on their collective ideology being supreme over humanity. They relate to the ‘pain of truth’ as evil, and the ‘comfort of evil’ as good. So that intimidation, violence and murder has a noble quality when rescuing themselves from reality.

    And yet the births of all great civilizations, of China, India, and Greece, had started with many gods up to their highest point, (to love your god, with all your heart mind and soul), until one by one they each succumbed and declined to the slavely for the One Greater Overlord, One Super State and One Black Stone. A moribund nation. Mass hypnosis blasting off from one radiostation. MacDonalds temples everywhere. Wendy stores competing. But a burger is still a burger. Sugars rushes that will not sustain life for the addiction to the new low, the misery of past wrongs, that becomes pride. muslims, Sexuals and Communists are victims. Outraged.

    Now for Kawika117, with my self-depreciating start:(It seems so harsh when someone else says this about the people [of] Love and Peace without lust and greed in their hearts…), because they each to a fault – the sit on their high tables of righteous judgement with lust and greed. And I was amazed that someone else sees it so bluntly, (Don Feders don’t often write here), that he recognized these idolatrist claiming to be sons of the soil, are daughters of the sky.

    Now, words can be misinterpreted. It could have been read as having attacked St Don Feder, of him calling these good Rainbow People bad because he had lust and greed in his heart. And so the rest would not make any sense.

    But the reponse, to use the cancel culture of ‘look at the hand ’cause the ears ain’t listening,’ in the nature of a Follower, there is no spring of living water to draw from. One word I wrote, could launch a thousand insights. But Don Feder was not here to to say them. He would have done. So don’t you dare call yourself a disciple.

    Because what then could have happened to what had Don Feder’s recognised in these who defined ‘the other’ as kufar, cis-gender and bourgeoise with the extermination of children’s minds, was nothing. It all never went anywhere.

    Momma had spoken. And the crowd left to either be believers in Don Feder or disbelievers. Taught just to sit at the feet of the guru and parrot. Caught up in his aura.

    If I was interpreted as wrong, correct me. For doing so, silent readers will get a chance to witness minds tease out the truth between opinion and evidence. Between prejudice and love. A glimmer that we are all the same, to remove the robes of office and caste systems that cancel voices. To awaken the zombies who only aspire for peace out of fear of offending devils. Their rewards in heaven come at the price of turning Earth into hell.

    Anyway. At least the hate crime of laughing such people is still subversively kicking.

    • I quit reading your ignorant BLATHER after the second paragraph!
      Islam is not a “religion of peace” as you imply!
      They all hate, kill, and make war on everyone and other Mozlems too!
      Anyone of any other Muslim Sect is considered to be hypocrites and apostates or ‘murtadeen’ (not really ‘Muslim’) Islam has around 73 different sects remaining in existence, and all the different sects hate and kill each other, and they all make war upon one another because: “They do not believe as we do”. They each have their own versions of Shariah Law. There were many more Mozlem Sects in the past, but Islam brought the “Peace of Islam” to all those ‘missing Sects’!
      Members of one Islamic group do not usually recognize members of other groups as valid or true fellow Moslems, and open conflict between sects has been a normal course of practice throughout Islam’s history. Islam has been at war with the entire world ever since Mohammad invaded Medina. Moslems have been at war with themselves, ever since they broke up into different sects, shortly after its founder Mohammad died.
      Islam means SUBMISSION, it is Salaam that means PEACE!
      From: wikiislam Glossary_of_Islamic_Terms
      Salam / Salaam / Al-Salam / As-Salam ???? / ?????? “Peace”: Can be also used as a greeting. It is derived from the same root letters ??? (s-l-m) as the words sallam (ladder) or islam (submission).
      Just because two words share the same root doesn’t mean that they necessarily share the same meaning.
      Peace ?????? Salaam: Not to be confused with the non-related Arabic term, ‘Islam’, meaning ‘submission’.
      Islam ??????? Submission: Is the actual meaning behind the word Islam. (Also, “Submission” is the name of Theo van Gogh’s movie for which he was assassinated.) Not to be confused with “salaam” (peace).
      Islam (the religion) ??????? Totalitarian ideology propounding Arabic imperialism, based on the alleged teachings of Muhammad, which determines the entire social, political, and legal life of the Muslims and the non-Muslims dominated by them.
      Only Mozlems, Dhimwits, Liars, and the Delusional will claim Islam as the “Religion of Peace”.
      [True Peace is freely given… it is not forced. Islam is about force and submission!]
      Islam means SUBMISSION, it is Salaam that means PEACE!

      (1.) The First problem lies in the Mozlem’s definition of the word “Peace” …
      When a Mozlem says “peace”, they are thinking of it in a totally different context than the way the average non-Mozlem person considers and views the word.
      “Peace” in Muhammadanism means No more Fitnah in the world. (Disbelievers with the ability to struggle against Islam) It is written in the Koran (2:191-193) “Al-Fitnah [disbelief or unrest] is worse than killing…” (Your disbelief in Islam is worse than them killing you, in which they believe is somehow a “benefit” to you!)
      According to Muhammadanism, “Peace” or ‘Dar al-Salam’ will only be obtained when there is a worldwide Ummah, when the entire world is suffering under the oppressive yoke of Islam, either as a ‘believer’ or as a non-believer Dhimmi who pays the Jizyah tax (‘Protection Money’ of 30% or more annually) or as a slave.
      “Submission to Allah is the only peace recognized in Islam. Anything else is worthy of justified retaliation. — When Muslims say ‘peace’, they mean non-Muslims should be subdued and humiliated to the extent that they have no strength to rebel. Peace, according to Islam, is therefore achieved through subjugation.” — Ali Sina

      (2.) Mozlems constantly lie to their benefit. If a person thinks the Mozlem means “peace” in the normal way that Non-Muslims envision it, then the Mozlem will see no need to explain to them that in Islam, “peace” is only achieved when everyone has submitted to Islam… and there is nothing but Islam in the world. Mozlems always conveniently leave that part out when they are talking about “peace”. They are more than happy to let their infidel opponents and delusional Dhimwits believe otherwise.

      (3.) Islam wants a One-World-Religion, and they will give us a One-World-Government at the same time! In Islam there is no “Separation of Mosque and State” they are one and the same! Whether the Government controls the religion, or the Religion controls the government… there is no difference! Islam is held together and is built on hatred, murder, and extreme coercive fear: anyone leaving Islam or not fully following the tenants of Islam is considered an apostate and should be killed… without these, Islam would have collapsed long ago.

      (4.) The Fourth problem lies in the fact that: Anyone of any other Muslim Sect is considered to be an apostate (not really ‘Muslim’). Islam has around 73 different sects remaining in existence, and all of the different sects hate and kill each other, and they all make war upon one another because: “They do not believe as we do”.
      Never in the world’s history of any other “religion” except Islam, has any OFFICIAL position and teachings of the ‘mission’ of its original founder, his writings, and the continuous practices… has been to “Kill all of those who do not believe as we do”.

      (5.) Therefore, the Fifth problem lies in the fact that, until there is ONLY ONE REMAINING SECT, and the entire world is under the oppression of Islam, the so-called “Peace of Islam” is impossible. The Islamic concept of “peace” can only occur AFTER their WORLD-WIDE conquest is completed!
      Nevertheless, even then, there will be the constant “Honor Killings” and other oppressions against women, gays, dhimmis, and slaves. There will still be pedophilia, rape, torture, incest, stoning, beheading, domestic abuse, men seeking revenge for personal matters, such as a women’s refusal of marriage is often grounds for an acid attack against the woman and even her family, if a man is sufficiently ‘indignant’.

      • “I quit reading your ignorant BLATHER after the second paragraph!
        Islam is not a “religion of peace” as you imply!”

        And my apologies – for writing what was sarcism at my own expense, that was easily taken the wrong way.

        I constantly write of these three forms of submission: The brutalization of children to hand over their soul, mind or body.

        Them then using intellectual gymnastics to contruct a Theology to justify and make themselves appear wholey (holy): from castrating women, castrating men or castrating themseves. Superior Men (adult males in hats), Superior Women (adult females in heels) and Superior Personality (adult children into everything). It would be risible, if they only they left it to themselves to remain in poverty.

        But they all have a special tax.

        And hunt down unbelievers to accuse them of Hate Crimes in order to loot and sit in high places. Millions have died from this never-ending failure to establish perfection on the outside.

        Thank you

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