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9 Replies to “Computing Forever does a good analysis and bust of the narrative”

  1. Computing Forever is wrong. The elites have taken to threatening people. What they propose is undoable and unmanageable. It’s meant to ratchet up the bullying and manipulation.

    Plus, the narrative is unraveling really fast. I see quite a difference on the interwebs from several months ago, when a lot of people still toed the line. Now they are mostly angry, cynical, and jeering at the govt minions.

  2. “Clarification: Modified RNA is distinct from messenger RNA, which simply comprises instructions for building proteins; messenger RNA, the basis of two prominent COVID vaccines, does not affect DNA.

    Following a new collaboration between UiO and research groups in Nottingham and Oxford, it has now been revealed that RNA has a direct effect on DNA stability, according to Professor Klungland’s research.

    He believes the discovery will provide the health service with an important tool, since many studies have shown that the regulation of modifications to RNA is important for the development of cancer.”

  3. The left moved too fast, and the resistance is growing daily, I don’t know when the explosion will occur I do know one is coming. As Computing Forever says get yourself canned food that has a long shelf live and be ready for disruptions of power and food.

  4. IMHO: the Great Reset. Never forget when Canada-Gov snooped into the bank accounts of over 500,000 Canadians and the banks allowed it. I think the unjabbed will be the primary targets of the Bank Bail-In (not Bail-Out, very different) rescue plan. The jabbed will be safe for a time.

    GLEN BECK – Far left’s focus on COVID may be to MASK our failing banks?

    If the far-left REALLY wanted all Americans vaccinated, then they wouldn’t be demonizing all those reluctant to receive one. So, why then are they continuing to put such a focus on the vaccine and the virus, even though the fatality rate has fallen significantly? Glenn theorizes there may be more to the story…like, perhaps, maybe the federal government NEEDS the COVID pandemic to continue longer in order to mask the next catastrophe potentially on our doorstep: a weak Federal Reserve and failing banks…

      • For VLAD also: Strange BANK STUFF:

        I was waiting for the first $25,000 deposit in my checking account. On the 21st of July, l was told by the issuing firm that it had been sent. No sign of it in my account.

        Every day, I looked into my online Bank account around noon and before bed and still no sign of it. This morning, the 27th, still no indication in my online bank account.

        This afternoon, I went to the bank’s ATM, and lo and behold, the amount was deposited on July 22.

        SO we have five days that the bank had the money but didn’t show it in my online account. I wonder why? It now shows in my account.

        There are some 400 people who were eligible for that $25,000 first payment. Think about it in Millions of dollars that don’t show up in their online bank account. All money the Bank can use to their own benefit.

        Definitely, not normal and it makes me very upset. I will be changing to another type of banking system. I no longer trust them.

        • Sassy, changing banks won’t help, I think. They tell you the funds have to “clear”–whatever this means. I don’t get it either. In fact it’s b.s. in this age of instant communications and data transfer to say it takes five days to verify numbers, but there you have it. The threat to pull your money and account is the worst threat you can make, because fractional reserve banking turns that little $25K deposit of yours into $250k they can lend.

  5. – Tiny anecdotes from today –

    As my car will be at the mechanic garage tomorrow afternoon and they give me a ride home when I bring it in for pick up the next day, I did all my shopping.

    Grocery store: the product Beyond Meat was on sale. Its original price for two small patties is $16+ (no joke). So, the store offered a special at $5. Some people had bought it but not enough to liquidate their stock. So, they put a sticker 30% of the $5, and I bought one set of two patties to try them.

    After, I went to another store. I paid in cash. The clerk had to give me back some change and after he starts feverishly asepticizing his hands and wrists with loads of the designated chemical. I told him ‘What are you doing to your skin?”. So, I went on my rant about how bad that stuff is for your skin and WHO issued a warning about its use a few weeks ago. He replied that he has no choice, he has to follow the rules.

    Outside, one of the customers who overheard the interaction was very angry. He told me “It’s all a hoax, the whole Covid issue.” We talked a bit, he said that I was among the few enlightened ones. If only he knew how little he knows.

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