Another anti-vaxx leader assassination attempt: Links 1, July 26, 2021

1. Video, threatening Hatun Tash, who got stabbed yesterday in Hyde Park. Video still up on Youtube

2. Well, it’s a start.

3. The Democrat Party (COMINTERN) is likely delighted to have a pliable non-compus mentus POTUS. So long as he never takes part in any real decision making, along with Kamala of course, and as long as the people actually making the decisions like Obama, remain unknown, then he will remain president. Thinking that it matters if he is on the ball shows unwillingness to let go of the previous paradigm. This is a problem. Its the exact same problem when people point out what they see as hypocrisy by the left, when it is actually just attack vectors. The left doesn’t care about issues like race, ‘gender’ sexual habits or abortion. They only care how these issues can be used to divide, foment hatred and conflict, and destroy classical thought and its resultant Civilization. Marvelling at Biden’s lack of clarity shows that FOX at some level doesn’t actually get what is going on. Much like most people do not understand that while Trump was president he was undermined by entrenched agents of the civil service and intel from day one to the point that it was truly amazing when he could accomplish anything at all.

Here is an amazing example of how various agents blocked Trump’s efforts, in this case to end the pandemic before it began, end the lockdowns and save nearly all the lives lost.

4. This explains a few things.

Extremism is one of those pliable words like “diversity” which of course really mean, a thing which moves in the direction of the communist revolution. Everything is extreme to someone. We know for a fact that claiming there is no Allah, or that Islam preaches hatred towards women and Jews and unbelievers is considered a position so extreme by muslims they kill those who explain it. Even while not denying the truth of it other than its defamatory nature in the Islamic sense. Diverse of course means no white people and ultimately no people who represent the values and laws of a Classical Civilization. So when PayPal partners with the ADL, we know what that will mean. Anyone who is counter-revolutionary likely will be purged sooner or later. Anyone who is working for the revolution, or not a threat to it yet, will be fine.

5. Madagascar foils assassination attempt on President Andry Rajoelina

Madagascar said on Thursday it had foiled an attempt to assassinate various Malagasy figures, amongst which President Andry Rajoelina.

Six people, two of them French nationals according to diplomatic sources, have been arrested.

“According to all the investigations we have made, the people arrested are involved in the assassination attempt of the Head of State of Madagascar. The arrests followed all the norms. The arrests were not made by mercenaries but by the police,” Minister of Public Security Rodellys Randrianarison told the press.

“Six people were arrested. Among them, two Malagasy are bi-nationals, there is also a foreigner and the others are Malagasy,” he added.

Police said they intervene to seize weapons on Tuesday after monitoring the operation for months.

Two assassination attempts in a month

You know what’s fun? To check the views of political leaders who have been assassinated or there have been attempts to assassinate them, on the covid vaccines. Thats fun.

Madagascar’s continued denial of modern science in the fight against Covid-19, and its reliance on an organic, plant-based ‘cure’, is endangering its citizens. And those speaking out against President Andry Rajoelina’s denialism are being jailed for spreading ‘fake news’.

At a time when most countries are trying to secure as many WHO-approved Covid-19 vaccines as possible, the government of Madagascar is recommending a herbal remedy as a “miracle cure”. There is no evidence to suggest that Covid Organics (CVO), a plant-based tonic, is effective in preventing Covid-19 infections, but the government continues to promote its use in response to rising infection rates.

Further, Madagascar’s authorities say they do not intend to make Covid-19 vaccines available to the population, in violation of Madagascar’s human rights obligations. Under international law, everyone has the right to enjoy the best attainable standard of physical and mental health, and the right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress. This is explicitly expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, by the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights, and even in Madagascar’s own Constitution.

(This is so spun you would think it was written by Pfizer. Reading it for facts, the president of Madagascar thinks the vaccines are bad for people and they should use “a plant based tonic”. At a guess I would say this was the Fever Tree, from which you get Quinine, the drug used to make Tonic Water which the British used to cope with Malaria for decades in India and is the basis for the drug, Hydroxychloroquine. Which now all parties admit actually works against Covid. So there is that. So how many assassinations or attempted assassinations does that make of national leaders in the past year or so? and how many of them were against the vaxx?)

Thank you M., Johnny U., Richard, Kalloi, Rdawg, Sassy and many more who are sending in materials, thoughts, analysis and anything which helps add clarity, or even add doubt where doubt is needed.

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4 Replies to “Another anti-vaxx leader assassination attempt: Links 1, July 26, 2021”


    I know I’m going to get slaughtered for saying this but Hunter Biden actually has lots of artistic talent. I’d put a few of the ones I’ve seen on the wall in a second. He has a real eye for abstract design…

    But that being said, there are a lot of other people with artistic talent out there and I don’t see them getting $500,000 for a quick doodle. People get used to hearing about paintings going for a million dollars and they lose their perspective on the art business. The fact is, that getting any money at all for your paintings is extremely difficult in this world and there is no way that Hunter can just come out of nowhere and be worth that kind of money. There is a zero percent chance that this is legit. ZERO!

    Remember when you first heard that going to court in Mexico actually required that you bring money to bribe the judge? And do you remember being shocked and disgusted hearing such corruption? Well, look no more; we are now officially Mexico. Yay…!!!

    The fact that the FBI isn’t all over this case and at least shutting it down let alone leaving it alone, and that shows that corruption is now acceptable for Democrats, not so much for Republicans. Imagine if Ivanka Trump was doing the same thing and getting millions for her charcoal sketches from “anonymous buyers”…

  2. EUA’s are not required for a drug that is approved. “Sunday-Sunday medicine” (hydroxychloroquine) was approved long ago (like over a half a century ago). It is cheap, has few side effects (proven by data), and could have many repurposed uses (see Dr McCullough, Dr Malone, etc for relevant info) .

    Are some are still attempting to shift blame / slander an “easy target” (aka Trump)? Trump, a man who has been relentlessly attacked with false allegations (pee-pee hoax, provably bogus impeachments x 2, etc), not to mention threats, suspect “expert guidance” (via bureaucrats like Fauci). … Disgusting.

    • They’re also switching targets to make it look as if Fauci’s refusal to blame China for the virus is the big deal when in fact, the real big deal is that he purposely slandered hydroxychloroquine and let thousands of patients die for no reason other than his hatred of Donald Trump and the people who voted for him.

      They’re doing the same thing with Governor Cuomo and focusing our attention on some boring stupid stale sexual harassment charges when he is actually a mass murderer who knowingly put infected patients into ill-equipped nursing homes when there was an entire Army hospital ship at his disposal, and like Fauce, his only reason for committing all those murders was his hatred of Donald Trump. Both men deserve to spend the rest of their lives in prison, but not for the things they’re actually being accused of. Clever, aren’t they…?

      Now watch as they piddle around with the fake charges for a while ’til they run out of steam and then just flush the whole thing down the memory hole…

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