How Canada became communist/how communist is Canada

Last year, a friend took the time and effort to print out an amazing essay about the history of communist activists and the effect they had on Canadian culture and politics, dating back quite a while. My friend has been very patient with me, only reminding me now and again to get in gear and read it. It is difficult to find time to read a 26 page pdf these days and truth be told, the only way I can really do it is printing it out, binding it and taking it to a cafe or something and reading it at the table. No distractions by phones or screens. Covid closures made this impossible.

Now that I am well into this document, I have to say, she has been much more patient with me than I would have been with her had I read this and printed it out for her. This is jaw dropping from beginning to end.

So today was the day. And wow! a lot of other materials posted to this site, and personal observations clicked into place like pieces of a jigsaw-puzzle, if the jigsaw was a picture was of the gates of Hell.

Here is a link to the document directly:

After reading that, please consider watching this very short interview with a powerful man of destiny for the COMINTERN, Pierre Trudeau’s son, explain how he plans to finish his father’s work. This clip is from 2006. And if you read even the first 6 pages of the PDF, you now know what that work actually is.

The connection between the video above and the document can be easily seen on page 4 of the .pdf. Pierre Trudeau’s use of the War Measures Act, and his opposition to Quebec separatism were both tactical to advance Communism in Canada overall. Like everything else with the left, the point is never the point and the revolution is always the point. Justin alludes to the same goals and means above.

At this point, it should be clear that Justin Trudeau has Canada firmly on the same path his father, and stunningly, Lester Pearson, who was also a communist before him, set for Canada.

So where does that put us now?

Franky, it puts is more willing to listen to some of the more horrifying explanations for Covid measures around the world. From unnecessarily shutting down the economies, to making people prisoners in their own homes, and ultimately to forced vaccinations. Which will lead to more forced vaccinations and boosters and eventually the normalization of the total lack of freedom and privacy we already see being legislated in France and Italy and other states. It even makes us wonder if perhaps the vaccines, or later on, as the VP of Pfizer has said on multiple occasions, the boosters, might be used as a population cull.

Reposting two of the segments from Thursday’s Reiner Fuellmich’s webcast, they seem just slightly less unbelievable than perhaps they might have before reading the “Canada Became Communist” document.

Thank you Mad W. for your patience with me on this.

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  1. That Canadian..that Honorary Professor at Peking University…..the late The Honorable Maurice F. Strong PC CC OM FRSC FRAIC…who chaired the UN’s Rio Summit back in 1993? stated…….”Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” Wasn’t Strong an adviser to Canadian Prime Minister’s? He died in Communist China! His statement clearly defines what Pearson, and both Trudeau’s planned for Canada……it’s demise…..

  2. Justin went from a hairless face to a bearded face last Christmas through New Year. There was a reason for that. All optics, tough guy, to enforce his hotel quarantine scheme, the jabs, and more. Now that a Federal election is looming, he’s going back to his nice guy look, no beard. A deceitful leader.

    Canada is doomed because the Conservatives are too chicken to put forth a candidate with a spine and citizens are not allowed to own a gun for self-defense. And not many people know about Communism and its tactics.

  3. The other day, I was at Canadian Tire. As I was headed toward my car, there was a female employee outside smoking a cigarette. She saw me rip off the poisonous mask and smiled. So, we started talking.

    She told me she must get the jab or else she’ll lose her job. She doesn’t want the jab. She is waiting till the last minute. She was so distraught at the idea of being pushed into a corner but she’ll take it to keep her job. So many people in her situation.

  4. “It’s hard to bear witness again, as I did as a child…”

    No, she’s really INTO it.
    That’s the sum total of what she has to offer.

    I grew up surrounded by survivors. I know this type when I see it.

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