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3 Replies to “Tucker does the best thing on the 2020 election fraud by a country mile”

  1. Very good, the Deep State, the Swamp, the Regime pick what you want to call them think that because we don’t go out and riot they are safe and we will do nothing. Today I was talking to a neighbor and she said that her son is worried about where she is living and has told her to get a bug out bag ready (he didn’t use that language) and if/when he calls and tells her to get ready to leave not to argue, just grab the bag and wait for him. He is vet and she says all of his friends who are vets are talking the same way, they don’t know when the Civil War is going to start but do know one is coming.

  2. This is true for ALL Western Countries and former Democracies.
    This last year alone has clearly shown what our Politicians think of us.
    Cash-cows to be milked until they run dry, and then sold to the knackers yard/Vaccine.

    One one of my 16th. century daggers, on the quillion, there’s an inscription that reads on one side;
    and on the other
    (Let justice be done – though the world perish)

    I guess we’ve reached that treshold now, but have we got the strenght to cross it?

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