RIP Kurt Westergaard

Mr. Westergaard was a talented artist, a good natured man and a great admirer of the arts all around. His contribution to the Jlands Posten cartoon challenge, along with the staggeringly dishonest and violent response from the Islamic world, woke up pretty much anyone not totally deaf to alarms, as to the nature of Islam, and what a threat it was to Western individualism and freedoms.

That should read, anyone who was able to be awakened and had not been awakened by the events of 911.

Kurt came to Toronto for a few days in 2009 and did a small media tour and gave signed copies of his most famous cartoon, which is here in this post, to a few personalities in media at that time.

What struck me the most about Kurt, was how he had not asked for, nor desired the fame and pressure that came with the success of his drawings. But still managed to wear the mantle of it with calm and good humoured dignity. He did not want to be a hero of the free speech issue. But once that spot was focused on him, he handled it deftly.

I hope those people who managed to get one of those limited editions, treasure them and keep them safe during the dark totalitarian period that is rapidly settling in across the world, for posterity and a future that will need to know some people did resist.

RIP Kurt. And thank you for all you did while you were among us.


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  1. Have you ever noticed that being a conservative isn’t exactly fun? Well, just imagine how un-fun it was for Mr. Westergaard. I remember seeing a shot of George W Bush somewhere near the end of his presidency and the expression on his face said: “God, I wish I’d never run for President. I could be enjoying life instead of being called a ‘baby killer’ everywhere I go”. Kennedys get Camelot/Conservatives get Sing Sing. And I think Lauren Southern might have stepped back for the same reason. I mean, who wants to be banned in New Zealand, for God’s sake? The New Zealanders consider Lauren to be a dangerous hate-mongering neo-Nazi white supremacist who they must protect their populace from even seeing. Sound like fun…?

    So thank you, Kurt Westergaard, for standing up and putting yourself in that shitstorm for the rest of us. Without people like you, this thing would be over and lost years ago…

  2. You are right but with a twist of irony. Kurt thought he was a socialist. He always wore red pants as his homage to Leftism. But he, like so many 1960s era leftists, imagined socialism was libertarian. That the far left was the true path to the world which in reality is far right in the individualist sense. Except of course with Lots of government programs.

    • Hell… I used to be a socialist too, until I started to notice the hypocrisy and constant sleight of hand of the leftists and came to realize that they’re all a bunch of confused virtue-signaling phonies. I now believe that the sole purpose of the left is to be the voice of our enemies from China to Pakistan to North Korea, Turkey, and all the rest, and that leftists are nothing more than traitors working for the enemy for various forms of payment and little bags of silver (grants… tenure… free beer…).

      Like, how is a hippie freak in Uncle Sam pants marching down the street burning American flags and decrying the War in Vietnam not simply working for Uncle Ho and his Russian friends? How could I have been so stupid as to not see that? Our society is fairer and more tolerant than any probably any society in history and yet they complain and protest more now than ever. I don’t buy it. I think they’re just trying to make the West look bad so the dictators won’t have to worry about their people wanting to emulate us, which is certainly their greatest and gravest fear…

      • During the SDS days of the Vietnam war most conservatives saw them all as traitors and really did hate them for throwing blood at returning troops. But nothing was ever done and people have no idea of just how many of those scum finished up as highly paid bureaucrats, politicians or professors and still doing their very best to destroy the west.

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