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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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    • The ability to smell a rat clearly has little to do with IQ or getting a formal education. In fact we know education works against most people, now, because higher education shuts down the olfactory nerve through systematic indoctrination.

      The ability to smell a rat can be greatly improved with practice. Many small business owners, for example, become great rat dogs–terriers–out of the necessity to survive. Small business owners must produce every single day no matter how they feel, must put up with liars and cheats, must collect their money, and must make at least modest profit. They get tired and hurt by getting ripped off, so smarten up fast. Employees don’t have to worry as much. This doesn’t mean they can’t be fantastic terriers, it’s only to say that more good ratters are made in rat-rich environments.

      It matters little if you are a great doctor, lawyer, or scientist. Most great academic, intellectual abilities are not the same muscle used by the rat dog. Sometimes the terrier only dreams he smells a rat, for instance, then goes hunting. That’s called intuition. Lawyers and doctors are trained in proofs and evidence, which are great things, but don’t help much when you’ve only heard a leaf move in that pile of leaves over yonder. The rat dog is the kind of animal that goes over to that leaf pile EVERY time for a sniff.

      Some people have a highly-developed intuition, others hardly a drop of the stuff. To know how many people have their intuitive sense disabled or impaired, note the number of people wearing masks.

      Rat killers are suspicious but not paranoid. Paranoia is a nervousness that good rat dogs don’t have. Nervousness uses up too much energy. Rat dogs sniff the air for the stench of rat and move only then. Artists can make good rat dogs. Their flakiness and weirdness sometimes gives them a good nose. Most times, however, when they are not true artists and are really just artholes, their olfactory nerve is disabled by their own bullshit and they are rendered useless for the task. Here is an excellent rat dog. He’s not always right but he’s enough right, and I like his delivery. I think he’s a great American.


    South Africa On the Edge; the Root of the Problem.
    JUL 17, 2021 Hannes Wessels

    A fortnight ago, Helen Zille, former Democratic Alliance Leader and Western Cape Premier, published an article that was an intriguing, some might say patronising, defence of disgraced former president Jacob Zuma following his recent imprisonment.

    While reminding readers she had been a fervent political foe of Zuma’s and spent years pressing for his prosecution, she explained his plight, and the country’s from a different perspective and made a crucial point that I well remember former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith trying to make.

    As leader of a pariah nation, Smith repeatedly pointed out that liberal democracy was a sophisticated political process that could not be simply foisted upon a native people steeped in a totally different culture that accepted of a form of rule where the king, or chief was unelected, unaccountable and where there were no written laws. He rejected the accusation that he was a ‘racist supremacist’ driven by a desire to protect ‘while privilege’ and tried to explain that all that was needed was time for Africans to be absorbed willingly into a system that they would support once it was better understood. His pleas for patience and understanding fell on resolutely deaf ears and the rest is history.

    Of interest to me, Mrs. Zille made precisely the same point in her defence of Jacob Zuma. He, and his leadership, she insists, had never understood, nor fully embraced the constitutional democracy they undertook to uphold. Zuma, in his mind and in the minds of many he governed, was a king in the Zulu tradition and all the spoils that accrue with the acquisition of power were his for the taking. The suggestion that he was ‘corrupt’ was an entirely European, ‘white supremacist’, colonialist view of his conduct. The transition from one form of governance to another had been too rapid leading to the rejection of the new in favour of the old.

    Unfortunately, in the post-colonial world, the supposition has prevailed that Western democracy, with its proven success in Europe and North America is the best system that fits all polities, and it has been forbidden to suggest that any race or ethnic group might be, in any way challenged by adopting it. This fundamental falsehood has scuppered any meaningful debate of the question and has proved a calamitous mistake in Africa, and it is proving thus in South Africa. There is no escaping the fact that the reaction to the forced introduction of European systems of governance on the continent has set the stage for more than 100 coups and entrenched a period of catastrophic misrule that may go down in history as the greatest man-made political disaster in history.

    What cannot be ignored is tribal conflicts and rampant slavery predate the arrival of European settlers and the introduction of alien forms of governance has been done in the face of entrenched hostility that can be suppressed but not eliminated. As a result, South Africa, like most other African countries, is inherently unstable. It is the ultimate battleground for two utterly opposed systems of governance – democracy vs the absolute power of tyranny. To understand the nature of the African model of tyranny the example of Shaka the Zulu King stands out as enlightening.

    It is against this backdrop one must ponder the recent riots and looting that have wreaked havoc in the country. For years, concerned South African across all spectrums and racial groups have been warning that the country’s pursuit of obsolete socialist doctrines that suffocate the vibrancy needed for economic growth, egregious misuse of the public purse, tolerance of endemic corruption, useless municipalities, were all leading to growing poverty and putting the country on a trajectory to trouble. The ANC ignored its critics preferring to blame Jan van Riebeek and a succession of ‘imperialist’ forces that have worked diligently to undermine the efforts of the formerly oppressed.

    With the country in state of volatility, an undoubted catalyst, has been the hardship wrought by the harsh and occasionally nonsensical ‘lockdowns’ introduced by a delinquent government that having stolen most of the national wealth, suddenly declares itself dedicated to the health and safety of the populace.

    Seizing the opportunity to appear benevolent and sensitive to the needs of the governed, our rulers have followed the lead offered by governments of rich, relatively well-run countries that can probably afford to inflict some damage on their economies in the perceived belief that protecting people from the harmful effects of the Corona virus is the most pressing issue of the day. This was never the case in South Africa, or Africa for that matter, where, for the vast majority of the people, finding enough food and simply staying alive, is of far more concern than Covid-19.

    While growing poverty lies at the root of the problem it does not tell all the story. Lawlessness breeds opportunism and not all the looters were thin and starving, many were well fed louts looting luxury goods; indeed, one eyewitness recognised an Old Boy of Kearsney College (the most expensive private school in SA) loading electronic equipment into the boot of his Mercedes Benz.

    What is deeply troubling is the speed with which the violence spread and the obvious impotence of the law enforcement authorities in the face of angry mobs looking to liberate booze, food and televisions rather than Jacob Zuma. As the authorities busy themselves with disarming a law-abiding populace that could be a force for good, it looks like this government’s actual ability to control events on the ground is highly questionable. This tells us it could be overthrown, leading to a reversion to inter-tribal violence, anarchy and the advent of yet another African failed state.

    Some people did predict this but of course they were all ‘racists’ and therefore undeserving of a fair hearing.

    • …the supposition that Western democracy is the best system that fits all polities…

      It isn’t and it doesn’t.
      Even in the West it’s got problems. The USA has fared better as a constitutional republic, but that’s being challenged and we’re waking up to something else.

      • I have read several people who think that the human race is ungovernable, that no matter what type of government we try at some point people are going to want either freedom or to take over and boss people around. We use to have physical frontiers the freedom lovers could migrate to so they could remain free. Now we don’t have those frontiers and are stuck with trying to figure out how to balance freedom with the desires of all of the people. With luck we will survive long enough to discover how to travel to the Stars and once again have physical frontiers to move to.

        • Yes this is an act of war and China is probably the attacker, the problem is given our unpatriotic news media how do we alert people to this fact and what actions do we take to strike back?

      • The difficulties with democracy increase as the morality of the people decreases. Coexistence within a state is only possible with a common set of mores.

        • John Adams:
          “Our constitution is only fit for a moral and religious people. It is wholly unsuited to the governance of any other kind.”


    M. Seeing as similar attacks have now hit the US embassy in Vienna and people are still “mystified” by what has to be enemy action, I dug this up. It makes no difference to what they are using to do such damage, as it IS an act of war. IMHO they are refining its range and its effects via these “test runs”. For years the Russians were blamed but IMO China is the likely source as they have no ethics whatsoever and blaming Russia, Cuba or Austria is pointless.

    Mysterious brain injuries have plagued over 130 US spies and diplomats. Were they attacked with a microwave weapon?
    Marc Polymeropoulos with the Red Square and the Kremlin, an art piece of a mask with a needle punctured through its eye made in art therapy, the CIA seal, the US Cuban embassy building, and the US and Cuban flags behind him on a gray background.
    Marc Polymeropoulos, a retired CIA officer, believes he was attacked in Moscow in 2017. Marc Polumeropoulous; Sergey Alimov/Getty Images; Gary Hershorn/Getty I
    Jun 26, 2021, 9:07 PM
    Victims of the mysterious Havana Syndrome have brain injuries without ever hitting their heads.
    More than 130 US personnel have reported symptoms following incidents in Cuba, China, Russia, and the US.
    A leading theory suggests microwave attacks may be the cause, but evidence is scant.
    See more stories on Insider’s business page.
    Once a week, Marc Polymeropoulos goes to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for art therapy and acupuncture. The interventions aim to address the same problem: Polymeropoulos has had a persistent headache for years, which he can trace back to a fateful trip to Moscow in December 2017.

    “It’s been three years of a splitting migraine,” he told Insider. “I have pressure on the top of my head and in the back of my head all the time.”

    Polymeropoulos, now 52, was working for the CIA when he went to Russia — he said the agency sent him on a 10-day visit.

    “Ultimately, probably a trip I wish I hadn’t taken,” Polymeropoulos said.

    One night, he woke with a start in his hotel room. His ears started ringing and the room spun. He was beset with vertigo.

    “I was falling over. I had no control,” he said. “Everything was spinning so wildly.”

    Polymeropoulos didn’t know what to call his set of symptoms at the time, but they have since earned a nickname: Havana Syndrome, a reference to the location of the first reported cases. At the US embassy in Cuba in late 2016, diplomats and their families started experiencing headaches, vertigo, and hearing loss after hearing buzzing or clicking sounds. Examinations revealed strange and unexplained brain injuries.

    Since then, more than 130 US diplomats, intelligence operatives, and other personnel stationed primarily in Russia, China, and Cuba have experienced the same mysterious issues. But the cause and mechanism continue to stump medical experts. Theories have ranged from pesticides to a microwave weapon to mass hysteria.

    But after the number of Havana Syndrome reports grew — two recent cases started in Washington, DC, with one in the environs of the White House — President Joe Biden tasked two panels with discovering its origin.

    Meanwhile, those experiencing the condition say they continue to struggle with symptoms, and many think they’ve been ignored. Earlier this year, 21 US officials with the syndrome wrote a letter to the State Department saying they’d been denied proper medical care and that their evidence had been pushed aside.

    “You suffer the physical wounds, there’s also the moral injury of not being believed by an organization that I still do love to this day,” Polymeropoulos said.

    ‘I’m telling you, something’s happened to me’
    After Polymeropoulos returned home to his wife and kids following the Moscow trip, his vertigo improved, but he developed headaches and had a hard time remembering things.

    “I couldn’t drive. I lost my long distance vision. I had brain fog. And honestly, the headaches that I developed, I still have to this day,” he said.

    Polymeropoulos had heard about the diplomats from Cuba with similar symptoms, so he said he tried to seek medical care through the CIA.

    “Initially, they kind of they told me that I didn’t look like the victims, you know, the officers who would have been affected by something in 2016,” he said.

    A study of some of those initial cases of laid out a typical Havana Syndrome pattern: Most patients reported a range of symptoms including balance issues, visual impairment, tinnitus, trouble sleeping, headaches, and problems with thinking or remembering. The researchers concluded that the patients had experienced brain injuries consistent with head trauma.

  3. Was this the trick? To scare people into getting injected while knowing that it increased the chances of getting sick? Because this is the clear trend. The numbers show it. When will governments resognize the facts?

    • Following your link to twitter I came across this very alarming tweet from Robert W Malone, Inventor of mRNA vaccines and RNA who recently obviously attracted the disapproval of the dark side by being honest, and wanting to protect at least children from the stab:

      “I hope that this is hyperbole and an over-reaction, but last night an experienced journalist told me that I need to get security because I was at risk of being assassinated. I do not know how to even begin to think about this. I am just a middle class person. Security??!!??”,

      and a second tweet read:

      “So, I guess I have to say this. I am not suicidal. I am at peace with myself and the world.
      And besides, our Portuguese Lusitano Stallion Jade II da Sernandina (Jade of Serenity) just qualified this weekend at fourth level for Dressage at Devon!! (at age 7) Hooray for Jade!”

      Which reminded me of an ex-rep of Merk, who (after leaving that Pharma Co and became some sort of a whistle blower) also published that she would never ever commit suicide, having a 10 year old son, a short time before she (was?) suicided.

      and in response to someone who suggested that he should get “security” Dr. Malone tweeted:

      “How am I to pay for security?? I do not have a sponsor. I am not being paid for any of this work. This is all volunteer.
      9:58 PM · Jul 18, 2021·Twitter Web App

      • Hi Rita!
        At least we’re together, here in Samizdat-Land. Solidarity matters.

        Somber day, Tisha b’Av:
        “Tradition teaches us that the fall of the Second Temple in 70 CE occurred because of “sinat hinam” – senseless or baseless hatred—that undermined Jewish resistance during the siege of Jerusalem and great revolt against the forces of the Roman Empire.

        “A war that pitted the forces of a small nation against the world’s only superpower wasn’t going to have a happy ending, no matter how united the defenders of Jerusalem had been. But the rabbis who subsequently reconstituted Jewish faith emphasized the way that the Jewish rebels were divided into competing factions within Jerusalem’s walls.

        “In the civil war that raged inside the doomed city, a Zealot faction destroyed food supplies that could have prolonged resistance. Their self-destructive behavior made the task of Roman conquest that much easier and provided Jewish history with a lesson of what not to do to survive in a hostile world.”

        • While today we fast, chant Jeremiah’s Book of Lamentations, I wonder: Did we learn nothing at all?

          It’s a collective “we”. Not limited to the Jewish people, it most certainly applies to our descendants, the Christians.

          Together we can beat the communists and drive back the tards, but ONLY if we sort our differences and work together.

          • Some of us have learned and are willing to live and work together, the biggest problem we face is the way the enemies of freedom are working to drive a wedge between the various Christian Sects and the Jewish people so they can take over and rule us. Despite what the left wants us to think our diversity is out weakness and our solidarity is our strength. Hang in and stay safe during the coming chaos.

            • Look at how riven we’ve become over this covid business. Not limited to “the Left”, though more evident there.

              ANTI-mask, ANTI-vaxx activists are aggressive and belligerent toward fellow conservatives who’ve got their own reasons for their covid choices.

              I’ve seen it that intolerance HERE in judgmental comments, responses to them.

              I get the need for solidarity to fight oppression. But relentless, month after month, it consumes all the oxygen. In some places there’s a tacit demand that we choose sides.

              This dimension of our war must not overwhelm everything else. We can’t let it.

        • (((((((( yucki ))))))))
          Lovely to see you again, and Richard.

          “…..At least we’re together, here in Samizdat-Land. Solidarity matters….”

          I think we owe Vlad a great debt, lately, although not posting much, the only place really safe to come to, is VladTepes. I do not know how he does it !

          Thanks for your little slice of history, I know so little about, only that I get very angry, when I see the tards trampling the “Temple” and claiming it’s their “holiest” place. I also, genuinely, do not understand, why the Jewish people lets them. (Yes, I dont even have to confess to near total ignorance of that rich history, it’s obvious).

          “…“A war that pitted the forces of a small nation against the world’s only superpower ….”

          More things change….more they remain the same. 🙁

          • “…ANTI-mask, ANTI-vaxx activists are aggressive and belligerent toward fellow conservatives who’ve got their own reasons for their covid choices….”

            This might be fear ? In that way that dogs bark (even bite) when they feel fear ?

            In my case, I lost quite a few friends over it, they called me too “intense” which I was, but only because I wanted to save them ! Once they had taken their jab(s) as most have) I stopped nagging and being intense, because in my mind, I could not save them any longer, yet they dropped me, rather than the other way ’round.

            My red hot anger goes to the corrupt politicians, the media who use the Goebbels method, and even a part of the medical/scientific class.

            In this covid business, I have changed:
            When – wayyyyy back in my childhood – my bestie told me that there was no Father Christmas, I did not hate those who had “lied” to me, but she stopped being my bestie, and I never forgave her,

            • Yucki,

              Please don’t get disheartened. There are many beautiful people out there afraid to express their thoughts. Every time an ugly statement wishing Death to the Unbelievers is encouraged, be it islam, Communism, and the removal of birthdays in rejection of their parents; there are those seeking the truth.

              It is an attitute of a light yoke. There are enough gentle souls already here.

              Ugliness reveal what is noble. We need to reveal what comes out of their mouths and thank them for such an easy task. A femaled person.

              • I hadn’t heard of de-platforming birthdays. That would appeal to most teenagers at least some of the time.

                Thanks for your response to that crude guest. We don’t get much of that here, “gentle souls” abound.


    M. Or a further to “The Treason of the Intelectuals”

    “If You Do Not Have Free Speech You Are Not Free”
    Refugees from Communism Horrified at America
    Giulio Meotti • July 18, 2021 at 5:00 am

    “There was no free speech, you could not share values or thoughts if they were not Mao’s values and thoughts….” — Lei Zhang, Carolina Journal, July 2, 2021.

    “You have people who now say, ‘Math is white supremacy,’ or that calculus was invented by this man of this race so it is oppression. This is stupid”. — Lei Zhang, Carolina Journal, July 2, 2021.

    “Most of this crap originated on US campuses. I was at Stanford in the mid-1980s and watched with amazement how political correctness erupted. I had always blamed people like Stalin or Beria for censorship, but now I realized that many intellectuals want it too! Such people will always want censorship; they will always want to be oppressors because they always pretend to be oppressed”. — Vladimir Bukovsky.

    “When they tell kids, kindergarten, 5, 6 years old, that they are bad because they are in this race, or they are oppressed if they are in this group, and children cannot disagree, this is very bad because they cannot change their skin color or where they are from. They did not choose to be this race or that race, they are Americans, we are all Americans, and if we are fighting each other over this ideology, I agree with that when people say that this will destroy America. This is what happened under Mao and the Cultural Revolution….If you disagree or say something different they punish you…. You have no free thought”. — Lei Zhang, Carolina Journal, July 2, 2021.

    “As a community, we face an important choice. We can succumb to extreme left ideology and spend the rest of our lives ghost-chasing and witch-hunting, rewriting history, politicizing science, redefining elements of language, and turning STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education into a farce. Or we can uphold a key principle of democratic society—the free and uncensored exchange of ideas….” — Anna Krylov, who was born in the Soviet Union, and is now a Professor of Chemistry at the University of California, The Journal of Physical Chemistry, June 10, 2021.

    Today, those who fled from Communist regimes see — most dangerously — the same censorship and totalitarian suppression repeated in America’s democracy. They know better than we do what freedom of thought means, and the price we must pay to defend it.

    Garry Kasparov, the former World Chess Champion from Russia, noted the “self-destructive spiral of the West”: it damages its cultural heritage instead of defending it. Regarding the weakness of Western leaders, Kasparov told Le Figaro: “Where are the de Gaulles and the Churchills? I see a crowd of Chamberlain and Daladier…. I was shocked to see the rush to debunk historical figures judged by our current criteria. The West should be proud of them instead of hating itself”. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

    Today in America there is a new generation of exiles from Communist regimes fighting a new political correctness, called wokeism.

    Czeslaw Milosz, before he was a Nobel laureate for Literature and author of The Captive Mind, fought two totalitarianisms in his native country, Poland: first Nazism, then Communism, which took its place. In 1945, after joining the Polish diplomatic service, Milosz was appointed cultural attaché to the embassy in New York, where he served until being recalled in 1950. In 1951, he defected to France.
    Continue Reading Article

    • Refuseniks here are looking for alternatives.
      A couple I know is half-Slovak, half-Czeck. The former allows dual nationality, the latter does not. So they and their kids have applied for Slovak citizenship.

  5. Addendum: The absolute failure of >95% of western leaders means that we must find a way to enable leaders to become politicians. Trump was crude, boorish and often downright rude and compared to the usual elitist politician he seemed like a thug and a boor (TBH I never liked him prePOTUS as it was how the Left treated him and then his actions as POTUS that swung me unequivocally). He was NOT a woke limp wristed elitist trying to not damage someone’s tender feelings as he danced to the globalist string pulls, He was man and a leader and an intellect and drive and currently the last of his kind who owed favours and debts to no one.
    IMO it is the professional politicians who are the bane of democracy as they all seem to be now either the elite slumming. or identity politics in action and neither group with a testicle between them nor the nous to carry it through and even if they had integrity the lobbyists always seem to catch them.
    ALL such elected politicians should be allowed 2 4 years terms and no more while a career as a lobbyist should be forbidden.
    This should be also extend to those in bureaucratic sinecures (Fauci) and any evidence of political views (or money) affecting their advice to a political leader should mean immediate dismissal with a loss of all benefits including pensions.
    It is not just the leaders but those who supposedly carry out the orders and give advice about a problem as ALL western bureaucracies are Leftist polluted (Thanks to FDR) and anyone who places their politics over their job should be removed.

    • Our founding fathers hated the idea of professional politicians and bureaucrats, they tried to set up a system that would prevent the professionals from taking over our government. They failed, this is why I support the Convention of the States, one of the amendments they support is to limit all members of Congress to a total of 12 years. Another one is to limit Federal Judges (on all of the Federal Courts) to a total of 20 years. These will go a long way to restoring our freedom and they will have to come from a Convention of the States because they will never pass Congress. Another Amendment they support is to return the Senate to being the House that Represents the States with the State Legislatures appoint the Senators instead of the direct election by the people.

    • Hi Richard, thanks for your and Sassy’s kind thoughts the other day. xx They are going the full catastrophe here in OZ: lock-ups, hyperbolic announcements that “we have another Covid Death” and you have to look for the fineprint to find that the poor old lady was 98. The Media and the politicians all seem to have become Fear-Porn-Actors.

      • Hi Rita

        Things appear to be starting to look up here in the States but the Dems are fighting back hard. I am having a hard time seeing a peaceful solution to our problem. If we can hang on until the 2024 election it will be the Dems who start the Civil War and that will give the Patriots a strong moral position to fight from.

    • I agreed with ALL of the comments there and lamp posts would be the WTG seeing as they have already bankrupted the US and so, avoiding the drop is well deserved and creates a good old fashioned flavour to the entertainment as well as the deserved revenge.

      • I see that in our future, the Civil War is going to be a bloody thing that lasts a long time, there will be breathing spells while we rest to rearm and retrain but the will will continue after the brief rest.

  6. Late yesterday I posted a video by Serpentza (reposted below) about what is happening in South Africa and how the US is different. After thinking about the video overnight I want to correct some mistakes he made and to answer some of the implied questions that were raised.

    1) He was objecting to 15 year olds getting AR15s, US law says you have to be 18 to purchase a long arm, rifle or shotgun. It also says you have to be 21 to purchase a handgun, the kids doing the shooting didn’t buy the firearms their parents did.

    2) He sees what is happening in South Africa and says it s prudent to have a supply of food for emergencies but thinks the prepers are crazy. There was another video posted yesterday (I think it was the Colion Nior video I posted) where there was a man talking about he shortage of ammo. Isn’t this an indication that preparing for a major disaster like this is a good idea.

    Remember the left in their constant screaming about systemic racism isn’t complaining about an existing problem they are trying to use their accusations and Critical Race Theory to create a US that has race relations like South Africa. The rioting and attacks on other races are the goal of the left, they want to create so much chaos in North America, not just the US but in Canada also that they can use this as an excuse to use the police and military to crack down on everyone and impose a Martial Law that will never be lifted. Since this is the logical result if they get their way why is it crazy for people to prepare for that scenario. It’s better to have the supplies and not need them then to need them and not have them.

    The mess in South Africa is a low intensity race war that will eventually grow larger and spread.

    • The war in South Africa is only racial when the ANC wish to divert attention from their greed and corruption as it is obvious that they have a convenient (thx MSM and western Leftist lunacy) and readily available & vulnerable scapegoats (whites). But now it has reverted to good ol’ fashioned Africa as it may be about to become tribal (always had time for the Zulus, just like the Maoris). In that case the killing will go through the ceiling and the taking of enemy women as slaves will reoccur. All humans are two weeks of starvation away from barbarism, but African blacks tend to wait far less and add islam to that plot and they don’t even need starvation.

      • The left is working hard to push the entire world back to tribalism, which is one reason I keep saying the war is going to last at least 100 years if not longer.

      • How far back are they going to drive the tribes? Are they going to return to the time when the Chief owned everything including the lives of everyone or are they going to stop before they reach that level.

    • Thanks, Richard. Excellent points.

      They’re not talking about an “existing condition”; it’s just an excuse.
      (A pretext that lets hoodlums run amok should motivate the prudent to stock up. The only reason to disparage preppers would be to prevent hoarding till you've got your own supplies of ammo, food, etc.)

      Projections about racial discord barely make sense here, let alone in Europe or Africa. They’re just weapons to shatter the target societies.

      In the “eye of the beholder”, a jihabi™ is a POC like a kulak who owned a single pig was a “landlord”.

      • Outside of the large cities they aren’t working that well but if they push hard enough long enough the divisions will tear us apart and into competing enemy tribes.

  7. Iran’s Atlantic naval adventure is back on the radar, with the warships heading for St. Petersburg in the Baltic Sea – Liberty Unyielding
    J.E. Dyer
    12-16 minutes

    Iran’s Atlantic naval adventure is back on the radar, with the warships heading for St. Petersburg in the Baltic Sea

    Iranian frigate Sahand (74) seen from Makran (441), reportedly near the Cape of Good Hope in Jun 2021. Via Twitter

    A curious article was published at Business Insider on 16 July. After weeks of comprehensive silence about the small Iranian naval task force in the Atlantic Ocean, consisting of the frigate Sahand (F 74) and the afloat-basing ship Makran (441; the latter a converted oil tanker), Business Insider suddenly carried a lengthy article using those ships’ deployment as a pretext for discussing the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy (IRIN) – the navy branch that is not part of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

    The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy, known as the IRGCN, is a separate entity from the IRIN. This is actually quite well known to anyone who follows the Iranian naval forces. The IRIN is part of the Artesh, the national armed forces whose principal mission is the conventional defense of Iran.

    • The Irish whether catholics or communists always seem to then be the worst of each. I say this as an Irish Jesuit and and Irish communist both did their very best to entrap me when I was a teenager and of all such, and there were not a few others of each group as I just seemed to attract them (protestant/catholic marriage)as well as lesbians ( no idea why on that as my husband had the same problem with them).
      The Irish were by far the most fanatical and determined. No matter how much I destroyed their arguments they kept coming back.
      I only recently discovered that a teenage friend did fall to the communist, became an important public servant(well ahead of his age progression) and has been charged with some national security crime. I did warn him but how they entrapped him is worth a novel: wife of the communist, also one, seduced him, then dumped him and when he was suicidal (first love, he was such a teddy bear), he became one in desperation, but it had no effect as that was her aim. Then suddenly he was married to someone that I have never heard of until then and when I met her I made some disparaging comments about communism (not knowing that she was one) and never saw him again.
      Western jazz clubs are the prime hunting grounds for such recruiters.
      As for the Irish? Don’t worry! They will all be ME muslims by 2250.

  8. Eid al-Adha 2021 will begin in the evening of
    Monday, July 19

    and ends in the evening of
    Friday, July 23

    Eid Al Adha Message from Mayor Holder

    A message from the Mayor of London, Ontario on the occasion of Eid Al Adha

  9. sky news UK – BREAKING: Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak will self-isolate as normal

    A Downing Street spokesperson says: “The Prime Minister has been contacted by NHS Test and Trace to say he is a contact of someone with COVID.

    “He was at Chequers when contacted by Test and Trace and will remain there to isolate. He will not be taking part in the testing pilot.

    The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has also reversed his decision to skip self-isolation.

    • And 100 million randy Chinese males with no earthly hope of a wife….good ol’ communism! Always finds a way to screw up even nature. No wonder porn anime is so much in demand in China as most would not know what to do with an alive non silicon non blow up, doll.
      India is at least trying to be sensible (2 children per couple) although that is aimed at Indian muslims more than the Hindus and Sikhs who at least acknowledge the problem.
      But the heartland of mass production of children , the ME and Africa show no sign of slowing as the jihad of the womb continues

  10. Deutsche Pravda – Armin Laschet, Merkel’s successor, laughs during somber flood speech

    CDU chancellor candidate Armin Laschet is under fire.

    As German President Steinmeier gave a speech about areas destroyed by the flooding in western Germany, Laschet was caught laughing in the background.

    It is not clear what exactly he found so funny.

    The flooding in Germany has brought climate change to the forefront of the upcoming election.

    Laschet is premier of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which has been hit hard by the floods.

    Earlier this week Laschet faced criticism for calling a journalist “young lady” as she asked critical questions about his climate record.

  11. Munchausen’s Syndrome

    A MENTAL DISORDER in which a person seeks attention by feigns illness in another person, typically a child.

    Global madmen may suffer from Munchausen’s Syndrome, here in Canada, we all know Mr. Dressup loves attention, but feigning illness on the whole country is unforgivable.

    Many insecure, drama queens are wallowing in the drama of Covid, the pathetic little collaborators should perhaps institutionalized and spare the rest of us who just want to live an “old normal” life.

    I am not sick
    I will not stay home
    I want Justine Trudeau and all the lying world leaders
    To get some psychiatric help.

  12. 9+
    #FoxBusiness #FoxBusinessTonight
    AOC is a ‘communist sympathizer’ who wants to bring socialism to US: Malliotakis

  13. (Richard: What we all have to remember is that history has shown that Communist governments have a life span of roughly 70 years. Castro was a very brutal Communists Dictator of the Stalin or Mao type who lasted longer the his two mentors. This is one of the reasons for the popular upraising, and is why the Cuban regime is reacting like Stalinist Russia in its crackdown on the protesters.)

    AOC is a ‘communist sympathizer’ who wants to bring socialism to US: Malliotakis

  14. global news – Is it okay to ask people about their COVID-19 vaccine status?

    Lots of Canadians have already had their second shot but many still haven’t, either because they’re waiting their turn or choosing not to get it.

    Global’s Sharmeen Somani spoke with etiquette expert Julie Blais Comeau who tells when it’s okay to ask people about their COVID-19 vaccine status and the best ways to do it.

    • global news – The mission to boost COVID-19 vaccine rates among younger Canadians

      More people continue to get vaccinated against COVID-19, with about 80 per cent of those eligible having received one dose and approximately 56 per cent of those 12 and older fully vaccinated.

      But the “Gen Z” group, considered those born between 1997 and 2015 — essentially comprised of age groups up to 24 years old — are hesitant to get the shot.

      That hesitancy could be a big barrier to mass immunity.

      As Jamie Mauracher explains, there’s a mission to get these young people motivated to roll up their sleeves.

    • ctv news – How social media has impacted COVID-19 vaccine misinformation

      Infectious diseases professor Dr. Aileen Marty discusses how social media plays a role with vaccine misinformation.

    • europravda – First positive tests for athletes in Olympic Village fuel COVID-19 outbreak fears

      Two athletes have tested positive for COVID-19 in the Tokyo Olympic Village, organisers said on Sunday, sparking fears of a larger outbreak just days before kickoff.

    • sky news australia – Survey shows around 60 per cent of workers don’t want to work with unvaccinated people

      Sky News contributor Peter Switzer says a new survey shows around 60 per cent of the workforce does not want to work alongside unvaccinated people.

      “ELMO Software is an HR business and … it’s the first time I’ve ever seen them do a survey,” he said.

      “Basically … 60 per cent of the workforce is saying if you’re not jabbed, we don’t want to work with you.

      “It’s going to be interesting to see because at the moment we know politicians haven’t really got the guts to mandate that we have to be vaccinated.

      “So, it’s interesting to see the workers in the workplace, they really want to work beside someone who is actually vaccinated.

      “And also, this survey found … job security has declined for the first time, probably in a long, long time.”

  15. New film portrays Jewish revolt against Romans in vivid, gripping detail
    In the annals of Jewish history, the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE was a world-altering moment, changing the trajectory of the Jewish people. Now, it’s a movie.

    “Legend of Destruction” is filmmaker Gidi Dar’s latest creation. Made entirely of still drawings, the movie was written by Dar and actor Shuli Rand, and drawn by Michael Faust and David Polonsky of “Waltz with Bashir” fame. Actors Moni Moshonov, Yael Abecassis, Igal Naor and Amos Tamam also provide voices in the film.

    The 90-minute film tells the story of the Jewish revolt against Rome in 70 CE, from the perspective of Ben Batiach, a good-hearted scholar who turns zealot, leading to the Roman siege on the city and the destruction of the Second Temple.

    For a movie made from still art, it is a gripping watch, one that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

    Dar’s film unfolds from the days prior to the Israelites’ first, nascent protests against the Jewish elite who were playing a political game, balancing their protection of the Temple with their knowledge and fear of the Roman power.

    Using drawings that lend a feel of vivid photography, Dar brings the tension and emotions of the crisis to life, demonstrating how critical the period was for the very nature of the Jewish nation.

  16. (Richard: Note how the public doesn’t have the right to know that the son of a man running for President is a crook. We don’t have a right to know all of the facts before the election.)

    Hunter Biden’s prosecutor rejected moves that would have revealed probe earlier
    Ben Schreckinger
    18-23 minutes

    The Hunter Biden probe, which is focused on possible tax law violations, has also examined the president’s son’s business dealings with foreign interests — a topic that has animated Biden detractors. | (Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File/AP Photo)

    Last summer, federal officials in Delaware investigating Hunter Biden faced a dilemma. The probe had reached a point where prosecutors could have sought search warrants and issued a flurry of grand jury subpoenas. Some officials involved in the case wanted to do just that. Others urged caution. They advised Delaware’s U.S. Attorney, David Weiss, to avoid taking any actions that could alert the public to the existence of the case in the middle of a presidential election.

    “To his credit, he listened,” said a person involved in the discussions, reported here for the first time. Weiss decided to wait, averting the possibility that the investigation would become a months-long campaign issue.

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