A set of multi-tiered ironic items: Links 1, July 12, 2021

1. Redbridge Labour hired this for your kids

Why is this? Watch the video at the bottom of this post.

2. This site has been avoiding the subject of the 2020 federal US election in the US because of an overwhelming amount of noise obscuring the information. But it appears that real data and comprehensible info is appearing. From our perspective, the election was most definitely stolen if by no other means, than because social media and broadcast/print media had a solid narrative they stuck to and knowingly promoted false stories about Trump and his supporters, while suppressing anything they may have to say for themselves. This continues to this day. Google has managed to work itself to the top of the pyramid of historical evil to a degree that would make Mao throw away his viagra in excitement. Google searches guide people to falsehoods that damage the non-left while promoting lies that have been fully and truly debunked. Facebook runs “fact-checkers” that are actually Pfizer. Google’s Youtube actually kicks off medical information that could have saved half a million lives while allowing healey feely nonsense to stay on its platform. Youtube was finally fined $100,000.00 for refusing to restore a video for weeks they had removed illegally according to their own ToS.

But now its time to start looking at it again, as Arizona and now Philadelphia appears to be examining the technical aspects of the election, mail in voting and so on as well as the propaganda side of it. Without checking, and if memory serves, it has been established now that 6 to 7 figures voted in 2020 more than are eligible to vote in the US.

Additionally, this: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2021/07/09/white-house-announces-joe-biden-trip-to-philadelphia-to-fight-pennsylvania-senate-audit-of-election-result-the-election-corruption-must-be-maintained-at-all-costs/

And this: Pennsylvania legislature OKs an outside audit of the 2020 election

3. Here is a fun one. The MSM did everything it could to hide yet another Islamic terror story in the US out of the news, and twist it into a white supremacist, anti-government narrative, when in fact it is black muslims called, “Rise of the Moors”.

(Someone really should do a Sherlock Holmes with that title.)


Rise of the Moors is based in Rhode Island. Talib Abdullah Beym claims that 11 members of the militia were traveling in two vehicles early Saturday morning. They allegedly were on their way to a “private property” compound in Maine to conduct “military-style drills” and “training.” A Massachusetts state trooper spotted them on the side of the breakdown lane at approximately 1:30 am using gas canisters to fill-up their cars. They say they ran out of gas.

All of them were in military fatigues and wore body armor. They were also armed to the teeth—carrying long guns, shotguns, pistols and handguns. According to Talib Abdullah Beym, their weapons had live ammunition. When the officer asked them to provide their driver’s licenses, the militia members refused. When the officer then asked to see their firearms’ licenses, they responded by saying they did not possess any. The officer (rightly) realized he was confronting a dangerous, lawless and heavily armed group, calling in massive back-up. Eventually, after shutting down large swathes of I-95 and putting the towns of Reading and Wakefield on lockdown for hours, all 11 militiamen were arrested and charged with numerous crimes—most of them involving violations of firearm laws.

4. The BidenHarris regime is trying to twist what appear to be anti-communist demos in Cuba to be about wanting the stupid vaccines. See its the level of lying they do that should make people not trust this goo. Typically something good for you doesn’t require this much coercion and deception.

As Cubans Take to the Street to Protest Socialism, the Biden Regime Pretends They’re Demanding Vaccines

(It is interesting and sad that so many Cubans marched with the US flag as a symbol of individual freedom and liberty. I guess cause they don’t get US TV or internet, they don’t know how much Biden and the anti-state before Biden has changed America. Like many protests I have seen in Canada and across the world where flags of Trump are waved, we recognize that these are symbols, important symbols to people of an ideal. It actually doesn’t matter what the reality of the person or the state is. We know what the people holding them want and believe in. Please see the Reader’s Links comments from yesterday, July 11, for many videos of the Cuban protests.)

5. Danish MEP pushes back against the EU narrative lie that there is no migration crisis in Europe, or that its over.

(Tania tells us this is a terrible translation but the general idea is correct. Please advise for when YT removes this video so we can restore it)

Thank you Tania groth, M., Richard, Sassy, Xanthippa, ET., EB., Pauline, Coram Deo, PC., Johnny U. and all who contribute to this site, to the causes, and to the general purpose of knowing and spreading what is true for the sake of spreading what is true.





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3 Replies to “A set of multi-tiered ironic items: Links 1, July 12, 2021”

  1. The facts about the 2020 election are starting to come out, as they become public knowledge the Republicans will be in a good spot to take overwhelming control of Congress. This doesn’t mean that the Biden Administration will be impeached, even if the Republicans win all of the open seats in the Senate they will still be 3 votes short of removal from office. It does mean that we will be able to stop the majority of the Dem abuses to the law. With a little luck the new Speaker of the House will be able to pull the Capital Police back to DC and shut down the Offices in California Florida.

    • I doubt, even if Repubs have a clear majority, they will impeach Biden. They don’t want riots and a civil war as we’re seeing in Cuba and Haiti. But it’s possible that Biden resigns and Kaammaala takes over.

  2. The Biden administration is very generous. They’ve donated in the past few days the equivalent of some 5 million jabs to South and Central American nations. I figure Americans aren’t waiting in line nor in great numbers anymore. The gov will have trouble implementing booster shots as mindsets are now cast in stone and will not be changed.

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