Mercola interviews Zev Zelenko on the mRNA injections, and what you can do to mitigate them if you got them

This is the first post of the day. But if any readers find themselves here and did not see July 4ths posts, please scroll down and see if there is something interesting for you there. Some of the materials are of some importance, and in particular, this session with many doctors and the testimony of government persecution of all who deal in scientific truths instead of government narratives.

The above video, is a horror show. I really hope its wrong.

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14 Replies to “Mercola interviews Zev Zelenko on the mRNA injections, and what you can do to mitigate them if you got them”

  1. I’ve heard most of this before, albeit piecemeal since the start of the “pandemic.” This interview with Zelenko is a good condensed presentation of what we know so far. However, I don’t expect a massive die-off in the near future. Instead, I expect this to be mainly a sterilization program. I might be wrong, but I do work in a hospital and I haven’t seen an uptick in deaths since our little plague came along. Time will tell. Ultimately, I think the globalists are trying to use eugenics to spark another renaissance. The European Renaissance following the Black Death was a great time to be alive for the common man, but it also cemented the power structures that continue to control much of europe today. I’m thinking the globalists want to force that to happen again. A “great reset,” as they call it.

  2. VARES report as of June 25, 2021

    adverse reactions 441, 931, 441, 931, 441, 931

    DEATHS 6,985, 6,985, 6, 985

    Serious Injuries 34,065, 34,065, 34,065

    What if these numbers actually represent 1%?

  3. Vitamin D
    What is vitamin D toxicity? Should I be worried about taking supplements?
    Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D.


    Vitamin D + for Prophylaxis
    Vitamin D for long haulers?

    The FLCCC Weekly Update, for June 16, 2021—The I-RECOVER Protocol for Long Haul Covid Syndrome—
    FLCCC Weekly Update – June 17, 2021
    **Dr. Mobeen Syed Vit. D & Long Haulers @ 38:31 – 39:46

  4. As a victim of another bioweapon…chronic Lyme disease…I have to disagree with using steroids…they were what doctors pushed on me when I was first having symptoms of Lyme…and I think it made it chronic…by destroying my immune system when it was needed the most. The poor man speaking does not have the understanding of how harmful pharma is ….he is learning…but, a long way to go.

    • This site cannot and will not give direct medical advice, nor will it be easily tricked into some breach of something or other to justify shutting it down.
      If you have a direct medical question, find a doctor who is willing to answer and ask them.
      We have a LOT of videos of world-class doctors on this site who explain all the fundamentals of your question. Suggest watching those.

  5. Please remember cheap and effective cayenne pepper for improving circulation, assisting with heart health, reducing blood clots, stopping bleeding…etc etc. Dr. John Christopher had wonderful results in healing his patients.
    Another excellent prophylactic is Olive Leaf Extract and Echinacea….both very powerful antivirals.

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