The inquisition of doctors who oppose the unscientific mandatory narrative on Covid, treatment, and the mRNA injections

Please watch this right to the end to understand the persecution of Canadian Dr. Christian by the various official offices of the Canadian medical and government establishment. This was recorded July 3, 2021 and contains a secret recording of the inquisition at the end.

Thank you Dr. Hodkinson

UPDATE: Youtube has deleted this video. So we have restored it to Bitchute. Please watch and spread as if Youtube/Google/Alphabet does not want you to see it, its likely important to your wellbeing.

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9 Replies to “The inquisition of doctors who oppose the unscientific mandatory narrative on Covid, treatment, and the mRNA injections”

  1. Thanks for this, Vlad. The Sovietization of Canada is real and now. A large component of this disease is character assassination of those who do not read from the script, or who run afoul of authorities in any way. Know this. Keep like-minded people close and stick up for eachother.

  2. Leftist bureaucrats are the ones giving the advice to the ignorant conservative or already biased socialist or democrat politicians.

    The Deep Left have been preparing for this since they first threw blood at returning troops and burnt draft cards and now they have unleashed their children, all now bureaucrats or judges, to give only the advice/decisions that fits their manifesto while their grandchildren to play the pipes that leads the children of the west into marxist intellectual oblivion. The AOC, Ilhan Omar etc. trash are just dregs thrown up for convenience as they allow their arrogance to run openly amok, so smug are they.

    I would like to see two class actions in the future: 1) for the relatives of those who died from CV19 while HCQ/Ivermection were banned; & 2) for the relatives of those used as guinea pigs who were killed testing an undeveloped unproven MRNA vehicle.

    I so hope that I live long enough to see an accounting for all of this and if it is bloody then it is well deserved. Justice as a word has become a farce, so perhaps revenge might do for a while.

  3. I was in the middle of this video and it has since disappeared. Any idea where I could download it or where it is available?

    • Thank you for telling me. I have uploaded this to Bitchute and will post here as soon as its processed. Please refresh this page in about 10 minutes.

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