Two women cricket players collapse after shots on field

Covid vaccines are like a lottery in reverse

1. June 30th, 2021: West Indies women’s team now fully vaccinated

Cricket West Indies (CWI) has announced that the entire women’s team and management staff are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

In a social media post, CWI stated that only a few more members of the squad are due to receive their 2nd doses.

Among those receiving their vaccines were West Indies vice-captain and Trinidad and Tobago star Anisa Mohammed.

The vaccination process began in May as CWI partnered with the Government of Antigua and Barbuda and the Ministry of Health of that country.

West Indies women are due to play Pakistan women in a T20I series, which begins on Wednesday in Antigua.

A West Indies women’s “A” team is due to play a Pakistan women’s “A” team in the first match of a double-header.

2. July 3, 2021:  2 West Indies cricketers collapse on the field during 2nd T20 versus Pakistan

In a shocking development in the cricket fraternity, two West Indies cricketers collapsed on the field. The incident happened during the second T20I match between West Indies women and Pakistan women on Friday.

The two cricketers namely Chinelle Henry and Chedean Nation collapsed at Coolidge Cricket Ground in Antigua. This shocking incident happened during the visitors’ run-chase.

Th unexpected incident happened in a span of 10 minutes post which two cricketers were rushed to a hospital. According to a CWI spokesperson, both the players are now conscious and stable.

Meanwhile, the reason behind their sudden collapse still remains unknown. However, the officials did a good job by providing timely assistance to the affected players in the need of the hour.

When the facts make people not want this injection, it is not the disseminators of the facts who cause “vaccine hesitancy”. It’s the damn vaccines.

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  1. Re the Thrombosis issue: here is an interesting hypothesis.

    Dr. John Campbell has been insisting for quite some time that the injection itself is not safely carried out.

    They stick the needle into the muscle without first aspirating to ensure the needle hasn’t hit a blood vessel. With a short aspiration, blood would appear in the syringe, thus one knows the goo’s destination would be in the blood vessel.

  2. As a now retired RGN I have been saying this for ever! Having watched videos of more than a few vaccinations, I was horrified to see that the administrator was failing to pull back the syringe plunger to check what every nurse & doctor knows! I even wondered whether protocols/training had changed since my retirement. I cringe every time I happen to see this unsafe practice being carried out carte blanche in these ubiquitous vaccination centres. Horrifying!

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