Third jab now needed in UK, More on the woman who had her bag stolen by police in Oz: Links 1, July 2, 2021

1. Yes, you need a THIRD Covid shot now, for those of you that thought taking the first two would somehow end all this.

Get a Covid booster jab at the chemist: Pharmacists will give third vaccine dose with flu injection in nationwide top-up drive

Pharmacists will give out Covid booster jabs this autumn under highly ambitious plans to re-vaccinate half of all Britons.

Government scientists announced on Wednesday that the top-up vaccines would be offered to up to 32million patients starting from September.

This would potentially include all over-50s, frontline health and care workers, as well as younger adults with long-term conditions. The boosters would be given at the same time as the flu jab.

Until now, the majority of Covid vaccines have been delivered by GPs – or other healthcare workers under their supervision – in surgeries or in mass vaccination centres.

Only a handful of high street chemists have given out the first and second doses, including branches of Superdrug and Boots and some independent stores. Guidance from NHS England yesterday urged health trusts to spread capacity across community pharmacies, vaccination centres and general practices in order to ‘ease pressure’ in other areas of the health service.

Although pharmacists are fully trained to administer the jabs – and regularly do flu and travel inoculations – the fact they are being called up underlines just how challenging this booster campaign could prove to be.

2. Up to 5million British holidaymakers could be BARRED from Europe because they were given Indian-made versions of AstraZeneca Covid jab

(Vaxx kinda rhymes with caste so…)

Up to five million British holidaymakers could potentially be banned from Europe because they were given Indian-made versions of the AstraZeneca Covid jab.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) does not recognise a version of the vaccine produced by Covishield at the Serum Institute of India (SII), even though it is just as effective as AstraZeneca doses made elsewhere. 

Holidaymakers given this vaccine could therefore be refused entry at EU border crossings when batch numbers are checked on digital Covid passports.

The EU Digital Covid Certificate allows those who are fully vaccinated to move through Europe without having to quarantine or undergo further testing.

But it only recognises vaccines currently approved by the EMA: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine made in Europe.  

Britons will be able to determine whether they had the SII jab by looking at their batch number, which appears on vaccination record cards.

Those who were given the Covishield jab will have the numbers 4120Z001, 4120Z002 or 4120Z003.

3. Rabbi Stabbed in Brighton; 24-Year-Old Man in Custody, Boston Police Say

A Rabbi was injured in a stabbing in Boston’s Brighton neighborhood Thursday, according to a pair of advocacy groups.

The American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League’s New England chapter said the victim was Rabbi Shlomo Noginski of Shaloh House, a Chabad center that runs a school, camp and more. Both groups condemned what happened as the police continue to investigate. […]

Khaled Awad, of Brighton, was arrested on charges of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and assault and battery on a police officer, according to a Boston police news release. He will be arraigned in Brighton District Court; it wasn’t immediately clear if he had an attorney who could speak to the charges.

(In the article they express the now standard, and perhaps even mandatory bewilderment as to motives for when a Muslim wages jihad against Jews and other non-muslims)

(Awad had a gun and a knife. Using the knife seems more in accordance with Koranic instructions though)

4. US fuels Syrian war with new arms supplies to Al Qaeda terrorists

(This brings me back. I remember under Obama when we tried to show videos and articles about how the Obama admin was funding, training and equipping the Islamic State and all the various islamic militia offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood and how in particular, one video would vanish from ANY platform we put it on without explanation, usually within an hour. Ill put that video below the article linked above. Once Trump was elected, the video seemed to stick so it should be OK and once again, relevant now that Obama is president again.)

The Pentagon is buying $2.8 billion worth of weapons for conflict zones around the world. Most of the weapons are destined for Syria.

A number of propaganda videos published by Hayat Tahrir Al Sham (formerly known as Al Nusra Front – the Al Qaeda branch in Syria) show the terrorists already being supplied with sophisticated American TOW anti-tank missiles.

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorists formerly known as Al Nusra Front (the Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria) fire an American TOW anti-tank missile at Syrian Arab Army soldiers in Idlib province, killing eight of them. Source: Hayat Tahrir al-Sham propaganda video

The US has designated Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) as a terrorist organization. However, US missiles appear on the front line in Syria being used by the same group designated as terrorist organisation.

Related: US Task Force Smoking Gun smuggles weapons to Syria (part 2)


The following Bulgarian documentary was made BEFORE February, 2017:

5. Remember the woman who had the police steal her bag on a train because she is mask-exempt? More on that:

Thank you Olive, M., PC., Hellequin GB., MissPiggy, Pauline, KAF and MANY more who are staying alert and sending in the evidences of the communist revolution that is taking place around the world.

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  1. I am going to make nazi type yellow stars and sow it on my shirts with Mask exempt on it.
    As ive been harrased in shops and im a Lung disease patient who has COPD and other breathing problems, ive contacted the health department and all they suggest is get you doctor to write a letter. WTF is that going to with these Nazi gestapo police officers enforcing these unjust mandates.

  2. ITEM 4: Hillary Clinton dined with Macron in Paris two evenings ago. The dinner was held at an Arab Institute. Apparently, it was to promote equality issues. I’m not buying the story. No way did Macron invite her for a small speech. And Macron chose the event and the venue to get her to Paris.

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