Cabinet shuffle at 10 Downing, Pat Condell nails Floyd and more: Links 2, June 26, 2021

1. British health secretary resigns

THIS is the story they should be going after. She who must be groped has a brother that is an exec at a healthcare Co which gets fat on NHS contracts.

(Just guessing here, but I would bet that the next job he gets and salary would be based on how good his acting job was in the video above. Clearly he doesn’t give a good God Damn about the public or his own rules. So his apology likely means nothing at all. We will have to wait and see how he gets positioned after this. The media really came out against him though. They should have done so against Neil Ferguson as well, and used what he did to end the policies he created. As they should do now. If the minister of health, and the scientist with an atrocious record of prediction, meaning wrong every-time, break their own rules you know they do not believe what they are telling us.)

2. Fully Vaccinated Woman Dies of Covid-19 in ‘Rare Breakthrough Case’ – Family Blames Unvaccinated Person for Her Death

(I think we can all see where this is gonna go)

A fully vaccinated woman died of Covid-19 in what is being called a ‘rare’ breakthrough case.

62-year-old Joan Barrows of Fair Lawn, New Jersey was a lung transplant recipient and determined to make it through the Covid pandemic.

For nearly a year, Barrows wore a mask, donned gloves and isolated herself from friends and family.

Barrows did not attend family events and spent holidays alone.

Barrows received two doses of the Moderna vaccine when it became available – but, according to the family, an UNVACCINATED person infected with Covid-19 exposed Joan to the virus and she ended up dying.

Joan’s family and friends lashed out at unvaccinated people and said the anti-vaxxers are putting people’s lives in jeopardy.

(Yep. This will be the newest faction in the communist created mass Stanford Prison experiment. Instead of getting treatment that works for Covid, they will blame some poor shmoe who likely had no idea he was sick, if he even was, and not even question why the double dose of this experimental vaccine didn’t protect her.)

3. Gotta go with Pat Condell on this one. And as usual, he is out front of the pack with the truth as both his lance and his shield. And perhaps even his standard.

4. A decent explanation of why the PCR test for Covid is for nearly all intents and purposes, a total con.

5. Direct link to America’s Front Line Doctors panel video part II. Just started it, but its interesting so far. Simone Gold is the keynote, but she has a panel of many kinds of doctors and lawyers discussing Covid response, the mRNA shots and related issues. Part I is here. First speaker in part II is a paediatrician. Interesting woman.

No embed is available for this video.

Thank you Pym Purnell, M., Johnny U., PC., Yucki, Richard, EB., Rdawg, MarcusZ1967, Privileged Crack, ET., Kalloi and MANY more working through the weekend for the sake of all sentient beings.

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11 Replies to “Cabinet shuffle at 10 Downing, Pat Condell nails Floyd and more: Links 2, June 26, 2021”

  1. 1/ Yep, the important part is the revelation of crony NHS contracts. Lockdown hypocrisy and adultery are look-squirrels. Incestous elites, like the D.C. swamp. Or anywhere in the ummah.

    Clearly he doesn’t give a good …xx… aloha snackbar about the public or his own rules.

  2. 3. Pat Condell has it exactly right.
    George Floyd was violently resisting arrest, with a violent criminal past.

    This behavior that led to his death (and the poor police officers held to ransom in the Court of Pontius Pilot) do not make him a Saint, but that he joins Muhammad, Mao and Caligula in the corridoors of slavery as a glorious virtue.

    • Actually I think Caligula was misrepresented by popular history. I watched a 90 minute special on him by an archeaologist, and he was apparently pretty great. He made a joke that his horse would make a better senator than the senators and it got telephoned into he made his horse a senator. Apparently he made the aquaducts, and rational money and all kinds of things.

      I dont know beyond this one historian and archeologist. but from what I read, Caligula got Clarence Thomased.

      • Cassius Dio is pretty categorical.
        Gaius Caesar [aka Caligula] was spoiled and probably more than a little crazy.
        He was a spendthrift, debased the currency immensely. Even more “licentious and bloodthirsty” than Tiberius.

        Some astonishing episodes, and then he was murdered:

        “When he had fallen, none of the men present kept hands off him, but all fell to stabbing him savagely, even though he was dead; and some even tasted of his flesh. His wife and daughter were also promptly slain.

        30 1 Thus Gaius, after doing in three years, nine months, and twenty-eight days all that has been related, learned by actual experience that he was not a god.”*.html

      • Sallust describes his accomplishments as a prince:

        “XXI. He completed the works which were left unfinished by Tiberius, namely, the temple of Augustus, and the theatre (265) of Pompey 419. He began, likewise, the aqueduct from the neighbourhood of Tibur 420, and an amphitheatre near the Septa 421; of which works, one was completed by his successor Claudius, and the other remained as he left it….

        “XXII. Thus far we have spoken of him as a prince. What remains to be said of him, bespeaks him rather a monster than a man….”
        ______Just too gruesome.
        Suetonius is even more lurid
        But there’s a purely speculative, modern revision:
        Was Caligula A Victim Of Ancient Propaganda?

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