Yellow star is conspiracy nuttery. We mark the unvaccinated with a black marker: Links 1, June 15, 2021

1. UK General Secretary of the Party, Boris Johnson, adds 4 weeks of lockdown due to Delta Variant

(Some first rate blackmail to get the mRNA injections right there Boris)

2. USA: ‘They are literally branding our kids’: Fury as teachers label unvaccinated students with black MARKERS ahead of prom at New Hampshire high school

A school has come under fire for marking its students with a black Sharpie to signal their vaccination status at prom. 

Earlier this month, students at Exeter High School in New Hampshire were marked unvaccinated and vaccinated with pen. 

In a statement posted to the school web site, administrators defended the policy. During the prom, students were asked to raise their hand every few songs so that event organizers could ‘determine who they were around.’

The school said that it does not know of any COVID-19 cases linked to the prom. It said that just one of the organizers possessed a list of prom attendees in which numbers written corresponded to the names of students.

‘The prom attendee list does not have any personally identifiable information on it regarding student vaccinations and did not list the numbers assigned to students,’ according to the school.   

‘Only a single set of cards with this information exists for tracking purposes and the class advisor was the only individual that possessed them. 

(Dear High School students. Here is your chance to make a fictional story about Denmark and Jewish people become truth. The legend is, that when the Nazis demanded that Jews all wear a yellow star, the King of Denmark asked all Danes to wear it so the Nazis could not tell who was Jewish and the Danish people would stand in solidarity with the Jewish people of that nation. Wikipedia claims this story is false. But here is your chance vaccinated and unvaccinated people of the High School world. You can ALL wear a black marker and stand with your fellow classmate’s right to choose for their own body and health.)

3. European Medicine Agency considers dropping the AZ injection altogether.

4. BBC chased out of protest like the Tokyo Rose they are by freedom protestors at Ten Downing St. No doubt they were reporting ten Nazis demanding all the gays be killed.

(Sorry can’t figure out how to embed or grab Telegram videos yet. But here is the link. CBC at this point reports from 200 yards away and just makes up the issues and sets camera angles to reflect the narrative and not the reality.)

5. The leftist propaganda media and its minions are pivoting hard on the origin of the virus. A while ago it was effectively a crime to say it came from China, let alone a Chinese viral research facility, punishable with digital ostracism, and now the same agents are finding ways to make it mockable that it did not originate at the lab.

This sure looks like a hail-Mary to stop people from noticing that it was the US anti-state along with elements of Trudeau’s Canada that worked WITH the Chinese to make this thing.

One wonders how many cities they will see destroyed just to cover for the psychopaths who created these viruses and unleashed them on the world, then took away all our freedoms with ever larger demands on us before they restore some of them a bit now and again for a while. Those of you that think getting the double shot gives those freedoms back to you, may want to think in terms of ‘boosters’.

Thank you Rdawg, Johnny U., M., MissPiggy, Hellequin GB., PC. and many more who manage to hold the ground of reason even against a tide of other opinions.

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12 Replies to “Yellow star is conspiracy nuttery. We mark the unvaccinated with a black marker: Links 1, June 15, 2021”

  1. ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY: New COVID-19 Pseudo-Science Policies Discriminate Against Unvaccinated Students

    On June 14th, The ASU Dean of Students sent a letter to all students regarding their new guidelines, which require students to be vaccinated if they want to be free.

    She then writes, “Students who are unable to be vaccinated for any reason or who do not agree to share their vaccination status will be required to participate in ongoing COVID-19 health management protocols.”, and begins to list the requirements of these second-class citizens, along with the privileges of vaccinated elites.

    SERIOUSLY!? Unvaccinated students or those who want to keep their health information private must wear face covers in all indoor and outdoor spaces on ASU campuses, submit a daily health check and get a covid test twice weekly while the vaccinated enjoy their rights and freedoms.

    What happens if you test positive? Do they lock you away? Do they kick you off campus?

    Why don’t the vaccinated take COVID tests? In May, The CDC found that “A total of 10,262 SARS-CoV-2 vaccine breakthrough infections had been reported from 46 U.S. states and territories as of April 30, 2021.”.

    • Today on my walk, tree women came out of a driveway ahead of me. I have known these women for 35 years. One said “she’s not vaccinated “, and they walked a little faster.

      I thought to myself I wish Vlad made silver crosses about 8 inches long, I could have held one up in front of me and hissed at them.

  2. Ooooooh. More lock down, and the goalpost recedes at trans-sonic velocity…
    Everybody sing!
    Or Else…
    This is the song that never ends,
    It goes on and on, my friends.
    Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was.
    And their forever singing it forever just because…
    Raise the flag! The ranks tightly closed!
    The Antifa marches with calm, steady step.
    Citizens shot by the Red Front and BLM
    Die under our boots.
    Clear the streets for the brown battalions,
    Clear the streets for the storm division!
    Millions are looking upon the jab full of hope,
    The day of fear and of slavery dawns!
    For the last time, the call to arms is sounded!
    For the fight, we all stand prepared!
    Already marxist banners fly over all streets.
    The time of horrid freedom will last but a little while now!

      • Well…The Party deserves credit for that little ditty. But, Jab of Hope does have a nice ring to it. Really, in these uncertain times, we should be casting back to the glorious euro-socialist past for inspiration…
        “Injektion macht frei!”
        “Endgültige Injektionslösung”
        “Gehorsam und Unterwerfung!”
        “Erfülle oder stirb!”
        “Injektion zur Linderung der Not des Staates!”
        “Fragen werden hart bestraft!”
        “In diesen unsicheren Zeiten, gehorche!”
        &c. &c. &c.

  3. 4. “Nicholas ‘Nick’ Watt is the political editor of BBC current affairs show Newsnight. Watt has occupied this position since 2016 – though prior, he has worked with The Times, The Guardian, and The Observer.

    On Monday (14th June), Nick Watt was hounded by anti-lockdown protesters. Chased on the streets of London, the viral video hears protestors chant “traitor” and “scum” as large groups follow the BBC journalist.

    The clip sees the harassers shout directly to Watt’s face, impeding on his personal space to the point that Watt turns the other way and sprints back to safety.

    Following on from this, one protester can be heard yelling: “Why have you reported that lockdowns are legal? How can it be legal to lock people in their houses?””

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