CDC to no longer ‘count’ cases of post vax Covid19 unless they die or are hospitalized

So now the pants are down as well as mask off and shirt gone. This entire ‘pandemic’ has been entirely a game of relabeling things and moving goal posts to get the result they want. The most obvious fraud being the use of PCR tests, in Ontario at up to and over 40 cycles, to determine a “case” when the person wasn’t even sick. And now, to make the vaccines look more effective at what they are sold for as opposed to what they actually do, they stopped counting “breakthrough” cases unless…

Remember the Seychelles.

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2 Replies to “CDC to no longer ‘count’ cases of post vax Covid19 unless they die or are hospitalized”

  1. This makes sense, since they want to give the jab to those who have recovered, even though the best research out there says that natural immunity is at least as good as whatever the jab gives. I guess those two weeks I was deathly ill were not covid, since I didn’t go to the hospital, or die.

  2. Isn’t that supposed to be the Jab that protects people from C-19? So, some people get sick from it anyway but they don’t want the public to know just how many people are getting sick from it.

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