Lockdowns, elections, Fauci and South African president sentenced to jail for something minor but not major: Links 1, July 3, 2021

1. Lockdowns and mask mandates returning in many countries. Again.

2. So about how US elections aren’t rigged at all

3. Eight minute video of Jim Jordan on Fauci’s massive series of destructive lies.

(If you read the comments under the Tweets on Twitter of fragments of this video in the previous post, you will see Alinky Rule 13 in full force. They attempt to link Jim Jordan to sex with children in any possible way, among other unrelated ad-hominem attacks.)

4. Biden suggests you take the new magnetic goo to avoid giving Covid to your pets.

(Next we’ll hear about veterinary clinics overrun with pets sneezing and coughing I’m sure, and Youtube will ban anyone showing videos of these same clinics doing next to nothing.)

5. Communism of course loves genocide and racism although they use being anti-racism as a lubricant for their revolution. One fun example of that, is Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa, a communist, who is wanted now for contempt of court and is expected to serve jail time for that…

But there was no consequences for a call to genocide when he was president and sang a song with his military brass to slaughter all the white people:

Malema sings it in this clip with his commie cap on and his audience is dressed in the classic red:

Here is an explanation of sorts for what he was convicted of:

Thank you Hellequin GB., MissPiggy, M., EB., Kalloi, PC., Johnny U., Sassy and MANY more who do anything to promote truth, and individual liberty, on this site and off. Attending a demonstration, or encouraging one. Speaking your truths, and speaking up against lies spread by the powerful.

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  1. I was at the pharmacy yesterday picking up my med prescriptions. The woman who manages the prescription department is terrified of the Delta. I saw a frantic fear in her eyes. I attempted to explain the Delta isn’t as virulent as certain entities publicize it to be. It was pointless. There’s a psychological barrier that can’t be penetrated, you feel it.

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