Repost: Prof. Dr. Bryam Bridle, The Spike Protein the mRNA shot causes your body to make, IS the problem with Covid19

This is my second or third time through this short audio interview with this doctor/research scientist. And I think I can summarize what he is saying here in part, this way:

The problem with Covid19 which makes it more of an issue than the Flu overall, or other kinds of Corona viruses, is the spike protein, which causes heart, lung and brain damage.

When they created these mRNA shots, which literally tell your own cells to synthesize these proteins in order to stimulate an immune response to them, (sorry i still find this insane. Why would your body mount a defence against a protein it makes itself, and if it does, why do you want it to do that?) they did not realize that the spike is “a pathogenic protein”, and would cause all the problems that Covid19 itself causes. “We”, he goes on to explain, “made a big mistake”.

Ok fine. They made a mistake. But continuing with the coerced vaccination program with these products no longer can be a mistake. Its a game of Russian Roulette with none of the players being told what the game is.


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3 Replies to “Repost: Prof. Dr. Bryam Bridle, The Spike Protein the mRNA shot causes your body to make, IS the problem with Covid19”

  1. They can’t stop now, it’s too late. It would generate tremendous public backlash, anger, and God knows what against the politicians and Big Pharma.

    Remember recently, OSHA told employers to hold back on recording secondary effects from the jab until May 2022? OSHA knows something is wrong.

  2. “Dr Bridle’s getting smeared and wants you to know the truth” 2 links
    Reddit Posted by u/Fluffy_Ad_2949 – June 1, 2021

    “Dr. Bridle Responds To Me With A Report Asking For Children Vaccination to Stop and That He Is Being Smeared!”
    Peckford42 – May 31, 2021

  3. I appreciate all who warn people about the dangers of this terrible jab. However I do not buy his claim that he did not know that the spike proteins were pathogenic.

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