Canada becoming a pissant little tyranny: Links 2, May 29, 2021

1. Long form interview with Dr. Peter McCullough. The longer you watch, the better it gets.

(I disagree with Dr. McCullough on his assessment of law suits against institutions that demand vaccines. The law, as we have seen this past 2 years, adjusts itself to an agenda and purpose that has nothing to do with the intention of the creation of rule of law at all. Universities and other institutions that demand the injection for participation will find they get a special exemption from liability. There is no way this won’t happen. When governments by fiat decide that 12 year olds and above can get the injection with no parental knowledge or consent, and then bribe children with ice cream, you know for a fact that there is no place in any of our equations for the role Rule of Law might play.)

2. Arrest warrants being delivered to people who organize counter-narrative demonstrations. Not Marxist or ‘BLM’ marches, but anyone who organizes a freedom rally or anti-mask. Not sure about anti-mRNA shot yet, but for sure, anti-mask.

From the Global ‘news’ Youtube channel:

Arrest warrants issued for anti-mask rally organizers including Chris “Sky” Saccoccia | FULL Winnipeg, Manitoba police confirmed Friday that several arrest warrants have been issued for anti-mask rally organizers, including notorious Ontario man Chris “Sky” Saccoccia. “One person has been arrested under the strength of an arrest warrant under the Provincial Offences Act for repeated violation of the public health order,” police confirmed Friday, adding that five warrants are still outstanding. The one person arrested is not Saccoccia. He was behind a recent rally in Winnipeg and has organized numerous rallies across the country, railing against COVID-19 related public health orders banning large gatherings. Police said the warrants were not issued in connection to a planned rally in Winnnipeg on Friday and that they “do not stem” from any particular rally. For more info, please go to…

Remember, the government of Canada sent out an actual notice to doctors warning them not to deviate from the state narrative on Covid, no mater what the medical science might be.

Related: Saskatoon now intends to DOXX anyone who attends a freedom rally.

But what would happen if you doxxed an ANTIFA event, usually anti-freedom and where they are masked. I wonder.

3. Funny, it seems like only a year ago that if you dared say even a fraction of this, you would be destroyed on social media or fired and otherwise punished.

4. Some Canadian Universities to MANDATE experimental mRNA vaccines. As far as we know, no T cell test will be done first.

5. London UK: Freedom rally. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people.

A question: Why is it that there is all this talk of mandatory mRNA shots, travel limits and passports for those that took the shot, and there seems to be ZERO mandate for illegals to take the shot to enter Western nations. None. Nada. The boats don’t give them. The RCMP at Roxham Rd. do not unless they are keeping it a secret from Canadians, like they do everything else. No mention of it at Lampedusa, or Spain where they crash the border by the thousands. If the injection is safe and prevents Covid, it seems mighty racist not to give it to people you let enter when you demand it of residents of Western nations, doesn’t it? At least by the ludicrous use of the word, Racist, as it is used by contemporary authorities. And if its not a good thing…

Thank you M., Sassy, Richard, PC., Bruno, ET., EB., and many more who packed down all the lies we are being fed and are skiing on top of them like Olympians.


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  1. The facts about the origins of the Wuhan Flu are slowly coming out, hopefully enough people will discover the truth to vote the Dems out of power.

  2. ITEM 3: CHINA-RELATED, they’re everywhere.

    Dr Junzong Feng, 38, has been working as a ‘visiting fellow’ with Cambridge’s NanoEngineering Group on graphene, despite being photographed wearing a People Liberation Army uniform.

    Revealed: Chinese weapon scientist has been working at the heart of Cambridge University’s crucial research into new battlefield material

    ‘Dr Junzong Feng has been a ‘visiting fellow’ at Cambridge working on graphene’
    The material is 200 times stronger than steel but is more stretchy than rubber
    Graphene, which has massive military potential, also conducts electricity
    Dr Feng has been photographed in 2016 wearing a Chinese PLA army uniform

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