Biden slidin, and China behind ya: Links 2, May 26, 2021

1. Sky News Oz, perhaps the last man standing in media that deals in counter-narrative facts, shows the Biden cognitive processes are pretty much absent

(There is something very A Clockwork Orange about this whole story on Biden and George Floyd)

2. For this site, the issue is more the deceptions and methods of governments and big tech to force actions and thoughts on us all, more even than the thoughts and actions themselves. Although the science and experts increasingly are coming out against the utility of the mRNA devices, our position has been forcing, coercing, making passports and 2 classes of people, destroying medical privacy and more, is unacceptable, whatever the value of the shots are in fighting Covid19.

In that spirit:

Ultimately, the issue remains for us, that the strategy has been from the start, lockdowns, no treatment, suppression of knowledge of any treatment so severely it was a 1st amendment violation, and coercion to use an untested and unapproved new technology that did not even exist at the start of this pandemic. And that these things more than suggest a problem far far deeper and more deadly than a pandemic. Even one like the Hong Kong flu of 1968 and 1969, which was worse, but which solved itself through herd immunity after the US did nothing special to deal with it, and certainly no curtailment of freedoms of anyone.

3. Avi Yemeni video on the ISIS message to attack Jews in Melbourne

4. UK: Statistical Analysis Finds Home Office Cover-up of Grooming Gang and Anti-White Hate Crime

New findings detailed in an open letter to the Home Office – the UK Government’s ministerial department for immigration, security, and law and order – show preferential treatment of non-white identity groups in its representation of hate crime figures. Among other consequences, this data manipulation serves to help the UK’s notorious grooming gangs.

Written by a medical doctor and Rotherham grooming gang survivor Dr Ella Hill, the letter addresses the UK Home Office and outlines a series of “discriminatory practices” in the department’s reporting of Hate Crime figures. Namely, the letter accuses the Home Office of deliberately choosing misleading methods of data presentation in order to downplay the suffering of white victims – emphasising fractional weightings as opposed to overall percentage data and omitting figures for hate crime victims under the age of 16.  

In England and Wales, a hate crime is currently defined as “any criminal offence which is perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice towards someone based on a personal characteristic such as race or ethnicity, religion or beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, and transgender identity.”

Through the interpolation of the data outlined in the 2011 ethnicity census and several Home Office Hate Crime reports, Dr Hill’s findings suggest an effective cover-up of grooming gang crime over a 15-year period. Citing a House of Commons Hate Crime Briefing paper from December 2020, the letter notes a trend within Home Office hate crime reporting of making false comparisons between hate crime weightings for white people (0.1%) and the ‘other ethnic’ group (1.1%). 

5. China builds bases near Taiwan

(Does CNN or CBC ever report on this?)

Canada has seen a few odd incidents of groups of Chinese in military uniforms or not, doing what appear to be training in the backwaters of BC and possibly Ontario/Quebec. The theme is, ‘Something is going on’.

Thank you Richard, M., Yucki, PC., Johnny U., Michelle, Hellequin GB., and many more who understand what is going on well enough, to recognize what is important in the flotsam and jetsam in the ocean of information and propaganda we float in.

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  1. #1. If you have to ask why the Feds are celebrating George Floyd do you also have to ask why the Feds now provide family and incentive pay to Palestinians who murder civilians? You can call it out-sourcing hate.

  2. 5 – Knowing the only people in China who have real money are upper-scale China Communist Party membership people, in Canada, they invaded and bought up British Columbia through real estate.

    They are now invading the East Coast, the Maritimes, putting the squeeze ever so slowly. They have oil drilling rights in our offshore territorial waters. They are partnering with lobster and crab fisheries. They’re buying up real estate land also. Plus, they also have weekly flights from China to Halifax.

    What does Halifax have to offer? Apparently, it is their university. It is to be noted the Maritimes are in the process of major ‘Woke’ and there is a huge brain drain exodus. Knowing that, equipped with their Halifax University diplomas, they’ll head toward Ontario.

    Elsewhere, the CCP is buying up agricultural land and winning mineral extraction proposals. From land to shipping port.

    And that’s how the venomous snake slithers to bite its host.

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