Hong Kong has most ‘vaccine hesitancy’: Links 2, May 25, 2021

1. Less than 15% of Hong Kong residents have taken the experimental mRNA shot, despite the Chinese communist government having bought enough doses for the entire population.

(Lack of urgency is a rather revealing reason)

2. Project Veritas discusses Facebook as the enemy propaganda it is with Sean Hannity. Enemy propaganda in that Judo sense. Where it makes you use up all your energy and efforts against yourself, writing posts and composing videos etc. only to have them suppressed such that no one gets to see them. This is actually a more effective form of censorship, as the user imagines they are communicating, and so won’t put any effort into getting their truths out there. If people understood that their efforts are futile for the most part, they would find another form of samizdat, and clearly the COMINTERN of which Facebook is an enormous part, will not tolerate that.

3. Biden Absent From Notre Dame’s 2021 Commencement After 4,300 People Sign Petition Uninviting Him

President Joe Biden did not speak at the University of Notre Dame’s 2021 commencement Sunday, although he was originally invited to the event.

A White House spokesperson told the Catholic News Agency that the president could not attend due to a scheduling conflict, after 4,300 members of the college community signing a petition asking the university president not to invite him.

The letter addressed to the Rev. John I. Jenkins, the university president, draws attention to Biden’s “pro-abortion and anti-religious liberty agenda.”

3. Indian PM Modi, orders raids on Twitter offices in India

4. A group called, “The Israeli People’s Committee” are producing anti-mRNA device injection materials. The name sounds a tad communist. If any Israelis or Israel-knowledgable people can comment on this group, that would be great. The claim is that the Israeli health ministry shut down the mechanisms for reporting adverse reactions to the mRNA Pfizer injections. The video is below, but for the moment, its an open question if this has any validity at all.

5. America’s Front Line Doctors sue the US government for pushing the mRNA shots

(Link is to Gateway Pundit article. Here is a link to the actual filing document,)

Thank you Pauline, Kim, M., ET., EB., Johnny U., Brian, Yucki, C., Watchmen2 and MANY more who are doing this white knuckle ride with a lot of integrity.


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  1. I would translate the Hebrew more to something akin: “Citizens’ Investigative Committee”.

    Let’s keep in mind that my Hebrew is very limited.

  2. ITEM 2: Shadowbanning. Deceit to the max, that’s what it is. Knowing about it makes it easier never to go back to these platforms.

  3. ITEM 4: NOTHING, but nothing will make me take the jab. It’s clearly playing Russian Roulette with your life and your health.

    – Now AstraZeneca vaccine is linked to strokes: One patient dies and two are hospitalised after receiving Covid jab as doctors are warned to look out for indications of brain-damaging clots –

    Doctors are being told to look out for signs of a stroke following the Oxford jab after three patients were admitted to hospital and one died.

    Two women in their 30s and a man in his 40s suffered clots in their arteries after recently having the vaccine, which led to ischaemic strokes.

    While previous reports of rare blood clots have specifically involved cerebral venous thrombosis – veins in the brain – this is the first time the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine has been linked to ischaemic strokes.


  4. The COMMENTS after the article linked below are the best part. Medical professionals and others sharing experience and high quality info.

    New Side Effect From mRNA COVID Vaccines?
    — Surprise finding in Israeli case series

    Herpes zoster reactivation — a.k.a. shingles — following COVID-19 vaccination in six patients with comorbid autoimmune/inflammatory diseases may be a new adverse event associated with the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccine, suggested a new report.

    At two centers in Israel, there have been six cases of herpes zoster developing shortly after administration of the Pfizer vaccine in patients with disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis since December 2020…

    Little has been known about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines among patients with rheumatic diseases, because immunosuppressed individuals were not included in the initial clinical trials…

  5. Vlad should repost the interview with the MIT researcher from Saturday. It is long but spectacular, imho. It goes into the microbiological questions presented by mRNAs. It’s an eye opener. One takeaway I had is that the field is so specialized many doctors aren’t up to snuff. If they were…

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