Ontario’s reopening plan, newspeak for staying closed: Links 2, May 21, 2021

1. Randall Denley: Doug Ford’s not-really-reopening plan snatches defeat from the jaws of Ontario’s vaccine victory

(Did anyone really think he was going to ‘allow’ us to live freely on his last target date? Or this one on June 2nd? Really?)

It will take at least an additional 42 days to reach stage three of Ford’s plan, which is still not a full reopening. People have sailed around the world in less time

If you wanted to design a pandemic reopening plan that didn’t do much actual reopening, it would look exactly like the steaming mess Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his skilled team of advisers deposited on long-suffering Ontarians Thursday.

Ford’s so called “Roadmap to Reopen” describes an epic journey that doesn’t even begin in any significant way until June 14. Then there will be limited retail and some additional outdoor activity (although golf courses and tennis courts can start earlier, reopening this long weekend) .

At a minimum, it will take an additional 42 days to reach stage three of Ford’s plan, which is still not a full reopening. People have sailed around the world in less time.

Ford repeatedly called his plan “cautious.” No kidding. He thinks it won’t be safe to get a haircut until 70 per cent of Ontarians have received one vaccination and 20 per cent have had two.

2. A thread which exposes the actual cause of many of the deaths attributed to Covid. And many of those are from the policies, not the disease, but weazel-worded so you walk away from them like you just saw a Michael Moore movie, with the opposite of the truth in your head.

3. When we call most MSM, “Enemy propaganda”, what do we mean?

4. Seven scientists at top virus lab in Canada collaborated with China

At least seven scientists working at a federal microbiology lab studying highly infectious diseases have collaborated on research into deadly pathogens with the Chinese military, a Globe and Mail investigation reveals. 

The collaborators participated in six different studies alongside the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) Academy of Military Medical Sciences which were published between 2016 and 2020. 

All seven of the scientists were working on deadly pathogens in the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg. Among the diseases studied by the group include Ebola, Rift Valley fever and Lassa fever. 

One of those researchers Feihu Yan was mentioned as a co-author to all six of the studies including two studies where he was listed as having affiliations with the PLA academy. 

5. This is how the Palestinians entered Al-Aqsa Mosque under shouts of takbeer, after the cease-fire and the victory of the resistance

(To the muslims, getting Israel to agree to a compassionate ceasefire, is a victory.)

Thank you M., Johnny U., Richard, Xanthippa, and many many more and you know who you are, who care enough to post their truths at this site.

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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/us/anti-asian-hate-foundation

    So here we go with yet another fantasy unicorn crisis. “The Asian Hate-Crime Crisis!”. Everybody can plainly see that it’s messed-up black people who are attacking the Asians but we can’t say that so it has to be red-hatted Trump supporters, otherwise known as “White Supremacists”. And they’ve raised how much money? What for? Are they going to pay black thugs not to beat up old Phillipino ladies? Sigh… Just put it up there alongside climate change and systemic racism, I suppose. Don’t we have any real problems that need dealing with or is it always going to be pure politically-driven make-believe from now on…?

    The kicker is that we’re getting used to it, just like the people in past dictatorships. Soon we’ll all just shrug our shoulders, roll our eyes, and say, “What can you do…?” just like a Hungarian or a Latvian back in the good old days.

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