Texas enjoys ZERO Covid deaths: Links 3, May 19, 2021

1. Not so ‘Neanderthal’ now! Texas celebrates zero COVID-19 daily deaths two months after reopening and lifting mask mandate – which Biden called ‘Neanderthal thinking’

Texas on Sunday recorded zero new Covid deaths for the first time since it began tracking data on the virus in March 2020 and new cases in the Lone Star State hit a 13-month low.  

It comes just two months after the state reopened, drawing sharp criticism from public health officials and President Biden, who called Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order lifting all restrictions ‘Neanderthal thinking.’ 

Despite those concerns, new infections and deaths have fallen steadily in Texas since the state reopened on March 2. 

Abbott tweeted Sunday’s good news, adding, ‘Thanks Texans!’ 

Public health experts have been left scratching their heads as largely conservative states like Texas and Florida reopened early against their advice, with little consequence, while liberal states like California and New York maintained mask mandates but saw persistently high Covid case rates.  

But as vaccinations ramp up, the playing field is leveling out and coronavirus cases and fatalities are ebbing nationwide. 

(As I recall my archeology, Neanderthals actually had a larger brain than Homo sapiens do. So maybe they are neanderthals and maybe thats a good thing.)

2. This is odd:

3. Ted Cruz Turns the Tables on Democrats Over “Voter Suppression” Rhetoric

4. Muslims call for jihad on British streets

Probably related:

5. Canada now:

Thank you Oz-Rita, M., Pym Purnell, ET., Richard, Pauline, Sassy, and MANY more who made the effort today and so many that make the effort every day.


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  1. 4- I think this man expresses his hopes and dreams with perfect clarity. I believe he also speaks for millions of other muslims living in our midst.

  2. Item 2 — People injected with saline: probably the control group of the global experiment who got placebo.

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