Tucker Carlson opener for May 17, 2021

Tucker’s monologue is about more reveals on UFO’s with some fairly stunning information. Apparently many nuclear weapons were knocked offline by these things. Whatever they are. And whatever they are, they are capable of being a massive threat. Meanwhile, the Biden admin is purging the military of patriots.


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  1. Remember not too long ago when I mentioned my girlfriend had a glowing red glob hovering over and around her bed for about one hour and then it disappeared through the exterior brick wall? This happened some 45 years ago.

    About the nuclear weapons being rendered useless, I wonder if Russia. China, France, and others have had the same issues. What is certain is we aren’t equipped to deal with it and as long as we don’t harass them, they won’t hurt us because if they wanted, it would have been done some time ago.

    I’m happy Tucker addressed the ‘woke’ issue in the Military. This has to be fixed and fast failing which there won’t be much of a Military left. Since Biden took over, the world is falling apart.

  2. They probably just sit there watching the MSM and ROFL at the stupidity of humans while the Left in its incomparable fashion continues to deny all aspects of reality.
    The aliens probably think that another decade or so of leftist rule and we will be glad to see them take over.
    But seeing as whites have effectively run the planet for the last 6 millennia, the aliens might prefer to have them “out of the way” first so that those left are more “pliable”.

  3. I find it coincidental to the extreme that this rise in attention to UFOs comes at the same time as every other narrative currently wrapping itself around our heads. Tucker Carlson or no Tucker Carlson.

    We discussed this here a couple of weeks ago and told ourselves to expect it, so let’s not forget that. We also reminded ourselves that the scientism of climate change–as will scientism in any field–will be vaporized by real science.

    The more elusive and intangible the UFO mystery remains, the more useful it is for the narrative-driven manipulation of the masses.

    Show us gravity-defying metal and little green men up close. No more fuzzy photos. Until then it is tabloid material.

    • Fuzzy or not, ignoring it would be extremely stupid, while separating it from the current mass stupidity running amok in the west might also be a mistake.

      • Two factors concern me.

        1. Brennan and Woolsey are pushing this narrative. And as they are both psychopathic liars on a cosmic scale, salt their statements heavily.

        2. One of the ways we know the moon landing really did happen, is that the technology to send a man to the moon did exist in the late 60s, but NOT the technology to generate that kind of fake images. No CGI etc. Just watch a sci fi from 1969 to see the state of the art of VFX.

        But they do today.

        After last night’s show there should be an entire trailer park of people outside that base in Virginia watching for UFOs.And that means by Friday there should be spectacular videos out there from people with a Sony Alpha 1 and a 600 MM lens.

        And if there isn’t…

  4. Well I believe that they are out there but that makes me wonder, that if they are really here, then why the chief predator of their planet has been benign so far? Or has it? Interesting that indoctrination does not have to be face to face, nor control. Desperately curious to know how they managed to arrive here as IMO alien sentient life is very likely but managing to reach here is something else. The physics intrigues me totally.

    But having said that, the classical way for a country to calm down internal dissent is to force unity via an external threat and with those two trumpeting, it makes it very suspicious, so that is certainly possible. But I cannot really see this having any real effect on the leftist disaster fast approaching when the hyperinflation strikes as until ET turns up actually starts to hurt us obviously the economic catastrophe will dominate most and that includes informed and non informed. Most westerners now have no idea of what real austerity and privation mean.

  5. If you go full conspiracy theory, the media could be preparing us for the below listed

    https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Project_Blue_Beam – a fake alien invasion using holograms and technology hidden by the U.S government from the public

    Think aliens come to help humanity with the Catholic church there to help them.

    Or have they always been here from before Biblical times? The aliens may have culled a civilization or so all leading up to a grand end times finale?

    Feel free to reference Rod Serling’s `To Serve Man’, `V’ series 80’s and 2009-11, The Colony and The X Files 1998 movie.

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