How Thailand beat Covid

This is a must watch for the science minded who are looking for data which supports some of our suspicions on how most nations are handling Covid.

Just two of the ways this prestigious Thai hospital managed to have astoundingly good Covid stats, are in the category we refer to as, ‘From the Ambassador of the Obvious”.

  1. Do not test healthy people for Covid.
  2. If someone comes to a doctor and doesn’t feel well, work up a diagnosis first and test for Covid IF the symptoms actually justify it.

In other words, do what medicine has always done, for every other disease. Soak this one in.

For more details on this video, please see RAIR Foundation.


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    • I mentioned to people that they were giving this to old frail people that couldn’t consent then died after they didn’t seem to care . I also keep trying to find out how Canada’s Indigenous peoples are doing with their vaccine Injury’s in Lytton bc are doing ? Has the government reached out to make it right yet ? One of the white ladies who died from Astra was on the news however they just emphasized on how the benefits outweighs the risks ? Death is now a benefit ? Injecting the elderly and the indigenous first is so British . Are we being recolonized ?

  1. “Do not test healthy people for COVID”. OMG how can we still tell people the sky is falling, if we cannot manufacture more gloom and doom – – – stay home, stay safe, stay shut up, get the gene therapy/ vaccine.

    In February, the CDC reported it attributed 376,504 deaths in 2020 to COVID. In 2017, a bad flu year, 401,000 deaths to flu.

    The future will bring Crimes Against Humanity, will some hang for their crimes?

  2. “COVID-19 pandemic” is a hoax, plain and simple. If they were serious about it they would be helping people fight the disease rather than banning the only known treatments and telling patients to just go home and pray then call an ambulance if they start dying. The pandemic is a psychological warfare tool and nothing more. Has it escaped your attention that there was no “flu” or flu shot this year? There has been every other year for eons…what happened to the flu?

    Who would be malicious enough to do such a thing on purpose? Well, a guy called Donald J Trump was challenging the power-mad Chinese in a pretty big way and standing in the way of their plans for world domination, so that would give them the motivation to do something rash to get rid of that guy, wouldn’t it? And they do seem to control everything from the media to the Democrats to the movie stars… If the “pandemic” hadn’t happened I doubt that Donald Trump would have lost the election, so their plan worked perfectly…

    I think the government of Communist China now picks the leader of the United States, with eight years of Obama bin Saladin and now a minimum of four years of old bought-and-paid-for Joe Briben, who has been proven beyond any doubt to be a real good old fashioned corrupt politician complete with nepotism, bribery, misappropriation and the works. Even graft, whatever that is…

    I wonder how Thomas Jefferson would feel about that…?

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