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8 Replies to “France sees surge of Covid cases amongst the vaxxed”

  1. I wonder what will happen when people who lost loved ones and their livelihoods find out the-life saving drugs were known about all along and this was unnecessary . Just look at the lancet they pulled the study last June saying hydroxycloroquine didn’t work cause it was a bogus study . Invermectin is the most effective and totally safe they hide it on trials . They’d hiding fluoxetine from us that was on 60 minutes a while back though . Like do people understand that we didn’t have to go through all of this it was for vaccine passports which are ridiculous . Is it to much to comprehend ?

  2. A said girlfriend screamed at me a few months if I was scared of her, that she would contaminate me had she been jabbed. I had innocently asked her if she got the jab. Her response was so virulent and sudden, I was floored by her behavior.

    I’m uncertain as to her jab status but, I must admit, the notion of maintaining distance holds weight with jabbed individuals. It’s a theory we heard before, quite a few times, that is now coming true. And they called us Conspiracy People.

  3. CDC, FDA employees were in one of the first groups to be offered the vaccine.

    50-60% percent of employees are vaccinated according to Fauci and Marks, meaning 50-40% of employees are refusing the vaccine.

    NEW: About 40-50% of CDC, FDA employees are refusing the COVID-19 vaccine according to Fauci, Marks


    CDC & FDA: 40-50% Of Our Employees Are Not Vaccinated

  4. Nova Scotia Supreme Court orders a halt to anti-mask protests

    N.S. Premier discusses the injunction granted by the province’s Supreme Court that is blacking planned anti-mask protests.

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