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5 Replies to “Seychelles suffer sickness from Chinese vaccine”

  1. https://www.hindawi.com/journals/ije/2019/6782653/
    This review journal article on mRNA gets me censored from Facebook ect. The obstacles are alarming for me as they are large ones and for myself I have to decline as in my opinion it’s near impossible to address these concerns in the time frame that had . Also my province continues to say AstraZenica is safe after at least for people we know of died from the blood clots reported by CBC . How is that safe ? Who do we think we are ? Where’s the we are in this together ? Please remember the facts . Non vaccinated people don’t effect the vaccinated please read science ‘ T cells fight covid viruses please look for yourself . Google scholar is good but so is Oxford university their is many , I plea with Canadians to empower yourself and do your own scientific research off social media

  2. So…in order to bring the west to an end, idiots like Gates, Fauci, Biden, Merkel, Macron, Schwab, UK royal house…and many other…helped China to create today’s situation.
    I am asking my self… after China take control over the world.. and they will ..what will happen to the idiots ? I don’t think CCP will accept sharing world control with them…and CCP will no longer need the idiots…I suspect a very short execution.

  3. I thought rising ocean levels due to climate change (nee global warming) was supposed to do in the Seychelles, not the Chinese vaccine for the Chinese virus.

    I need to be re-educated.

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