CBC invents a history for the Israel conflict, no masks or police needed for anti-Israel demo: Links 1, May 12, 2021

1. Pro-Hamas/Anti Israel march in Rotterdam. No police anywhere. Good thing they aren’t protesting the lockdowns or “they would get the hose again”

2. CBC does not disappoint those of us who understand it as enemy propaganda. CBC reports on Israel that Hamas attacked them because of Israeli strikes

On the May 11 broadcast of CBC The National, former Middle East reporter Saša Petricic reversed the chronology of recent hostilities between Israel and Palestinian terrorists by claiming that Palestinian rocket fire came “in return” to Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

CBC goes a lot farther than that to create hatred and enmity towards Israel. Check out Honest Reporting or get on their email list. But here is just one more story which we have all likely heard the synthetic version.

3. CDC Admits That It Miscalculated The Risk Of Outdoor Covid Transmission

The New York Times is reporting that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was relying on a faulty study in declaring a 10 percent chance of the transmission of Covid-19 outdoors. After using the “miscalculation” to support outdoor mask mandates for over 300 million Americans, the CDC now says that it is more like one percent. It is astonishing that such a key and controversial component of our Covid policies was not just based on a miscalculation but never actively questioned or reexamined to discover the error.

The Times’ Leonhardt noted “There is not a single documented Covid infection anywhere in the world from casual outdoor interactions, such as walking past someone on a street or eating at a nearby table.”

The outdoor risk has been a major source of disagreement with many contesting mandatory mask rules for those walking or working or recreating outside. It turns out that, according to the Times, the 10% benchmark is based “partly on a misclassification” of virus transmission in Singapore at various construction sites. Those sites were incorrectly described as outdoor but now appear to have actually taken place in indoor settings. Singapore also classified settings that were a mix of indoors and outdoors as outdoors, including construction building sites.

(No policies will change with the facts and Canada’s streets are awash with wooly creatures bleating through masks in a semi comprehensible way. Because once fear has taken over, reality can go screw itself.)

4. In last night’s Tucker Carlson (watch it fast before its pulled) he has a large number of insights and points we need to track. But one that struck me, and which he mentioned essentially en passant, struck home. It is a theme in both leftist US governments but certainly in Trudeau’s Canada and Merkel’s Germany, Macron’s France etc. And it is the strategy of skipping the legislative step of enacting odious laws which no citizen would tolerate, and proposing them so people are kind of softened up to the idea, then enacting them through regulatory agencies, or creating activist Government operated NGOs (GONGOS) and funding them to be effective police of the new fiat-law and enforcers. Much like ANTIFA is for certain aspects of the revolution.

In Canada, M-103, the law that protects only Muslims from having their religion criticized, Trudeau funded leftist and Islamic groups millions to act on it, even though it didn’t make it into law. Tucker touches on that in terms of the Green New Deal in the US. Pay attention to that part. In a way its the most important part of the show, as it is the key to how leftists undermine all of democracy itself, including its regulatory agencies and institutions.

5. Manitoba Chief Microbiologist and Laboratory Specialist: 56% of positive “cases” are not infectious

WINNIPEG:  The Justice Centre represents churches and individuals who are challenging government lockdown restrictions in the Court of Queen’s Bench as unjustified violations of the Charter freedoms to associate, worship, and assemble peacefully. The hearing commenced on May 3, 2021 and is continuing this week.

The onus is on the Manitoba Government to justify its restrictions on Charter rights and freedoms as being reasonable, necessary and beneficial.

One of the crucial issues in this trial is the operation and reliability of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test that is used by governments across Canada, including the Manitoba Government, to diagnose Covid and measure its spread.

The Westphalian Times explains PCR tests as follows:

The current COVID testing is based on polymerase chain reaction (PCR) – “a fast and inexpensive technique used to ‘amplify’ – copy – small segments of DNA.” Many internationally recognized experts on virology and PCR testing are questioning if the tests have been made overly sensitive and many positives are the result of long dead and no longer contagious virus or even contamination in labs. PCR testing was invented to find genetic viral material in a sample and has not traditionally been used as the sole method for identifying people suffering from a viral or bacterial disease. 

Thank you Green Infidel, M., ET., Pym Purnell, Johnny U., PC., Hellequin GB., Richard, Pauline, Michelle, Tania Groth and many more who consistently work to help reconstruct a sensible universe out of the ashes of this communist one.

An interesting bit of analysis from one of the Polish translators after watching the explosion of a building in Gaza where all the locals are ackbarring like copulating donkeys about it.

He notes that there is no jet, no sound of a missile or bomb hitting the building or falling near it, that the explosion seems to be near the base of the building and that the most likely explanation is that the ground floor was full of explosives and rockets. Which is exactly what the IDF is claiming the Gazans do. In the video, it sure doesn’t look like it was hit from above.

***UPDATE: It turns out that the IDF tweeted about this before the explosion. They had a man on the ground telling people to leave that building and even adjacent buildings. The Israelis likely set off ordinance that was within the buildings with a ground based device, so thats why we don’t see the bombs.***




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  1. #2 Same in the Netherlands, news website Nu.nl had a caption under a photo of the 2nd night of Hamas’ rocket attacks. It claimed that it was in retaliation for the IDF bombing a “block of flats” in Gaza.
    I mailed them to complain, and pointed out the only thing they’re achieving is a loss of credibility. It’s not the first time either, they publish inaccurate headlines all the time, esp when it comes to BLM.

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