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3 Replies to “Fact checkers: How to lie with the truth”

  1. https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/varney-colonial-pipeline-attack-shutdown-economy

    This is an interesting element if you happen to think we are already in the middle of a world war. All the enemy really has to do is bedevil us and make the West and our democracy look bad so their people won’t demand it for themselves. It’s just that simple and it’s been going on for a hundred years, only it’s really heating up now.

    Who could be behind the attack? Let’s see… How about the Turks or the Pakistanis or the North Koreans or the Chinese or the Iranians or any of a large number of countries that see themselves as being on the other side and are basically the new Axis of Evil… Or how about one of those actors paying our own home-grown maniac left-wing traitors to do it?

    Think about it. There is no actual reason for us to be at each other’s throats. Things are freer and fairer than they’ve ever been and there’s no big issue to fight over. We’re being worked over by somebody and we’re too dumb to know it. There is no systemic racism or white supremacy or pandemic or climate change. It’s all psychological warfare at its finest…

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