The video in item 2, explains the events in item 1: Links 3, May 8, 2021

1. Ezra openly states the inequity in treatment of religious institutions in Jason Kenny’s Alberta under Covid Emergency act

2. Rich Higgens and Stephen Coughlin: Trapped in the Scheme of Fires of the Long March

(There is some discussion in the comments about the meaning and origins of Mao’s Long March after which, a giant Chinese rocket is named which is currently falling to Earth as we type. Hopefully this video can offer some insight on this subject.)

3. UNSEEN VIDEO: BLM Founder Says Her Book Is Like Mao’s Red Book.

4. Primary school apologises for mistakenly showing picture of Prophet Muhammad in assembly ‘and wishing him happy birthday’ as angry father calls for Muslim parents to pull their children out of lessons

A primary school has apologised for mistakenly showing a picture of the Prophet Muhammad in assembly, and ‘wishing him a happy birthday’.

Staff at Hunter’s Bar Junior School in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, have been left red-faced by last Friday’s incident, which sparked a revolt from one furious parent, who has called for Muslim parents to pull their children out of lessons.

Islam forbids all kinds of pictorial depiction of Muhammad or any other prophets as they are thought to encourage the worship of idols and they are seen as an insult to the religion.

Furious Atif Mohammed has rejected the school’s apology and demanded that the teacher, who he believes accidentally displayed the image, step down.

The 35-year-old branded the alleged error as ‘ludicrous’ and said he was baffled that an institution meant to educate children showed such ‘blatant ignorance’, insisting he would not let his children return to school as a result. 

Mr Mohammed has since tried to rally other parents into protesting as tensions flare over the error, while the police said they had been contacted by the school for ‘advice about a small gathering on school premises’. 

Hunter’s Bar – rated outstanding by Ofsted in 2018, with inspectors noting that the proportion of pupils whose first language is not English is around the national average of one in five – said that the staff member was left ‘mortified’ by the ‘genuine mistake’. 

5. Tower Bridge, London, earlier this evening:

For the record, “Interfaith” is the muslim equivalent of Marxist newspeak. it really means the supplanting of British and Christian traditions and religion with Islam. Interfaith, it is explained by the IIIT if memory serves, is a one way bride injecting Islam to the Infidel world. And nothing the other way.

Thank you M., Richard, Norwegian Troll, EB., EW., PC., ET., Paul Ashley, Larry D., Johnny U. and many many more, for all your contributions.

Pastor Artur of Alberta was arrested today on his way home from delivering a sermon. Video of the arrest to come soon. For all who may think that he had it coming for defying orders to not conduct Church services, this seems to be a very selective order.



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  1. #5
    There is something existentially different in a blessing that asks God to keep people safe and the blessing takes place at the closest site to King Solomon’s Temple. This blessing is not meant to take place at a place other than what the Jews designate as the world’s spiritual heart. So the pitches may sound similar, but the intent holds the difference.

  2. Nr 2, video: It means both, stated at 18min 30 sec, «the very phrase long march through the institutions was a Gramscian homage to Maos famous long march…», so the chinese rockets are certainly named after the military march of 1934/35.

    Our side do not have the time to fight back by the same means as our adversaries, slowly picking away for decades, generations. The left are so adept at entryism that they will smell it from miles away, and on campus the marxist teachers are able to pit their students against any nonconformists.

    I really used to think that the present wave of identity politics was something very different from the dialectic materialism of classical marxism, but the second speaker in this video explains very well why it can be put on the same shelf.

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