The real danger is not from the vaccines

Perhaps the most discouraging thing about humanity, is the vast vast majority of us do not learn by hearing or even seeing first hand. But that a bad thing must happen to us directly before we change our minds.

After watching that short Twitter video of Joe Rogan and listening to a bit of Dennis Prager, it occurs to me that the discussion about vaccine deaths in a way is a distraction from a far greater horror. While its true that in the short term, these mRNA devices cause an order of magnitude more deaths and serious problems than any previous vaccine, the actual amount by percentage of recipients is extremely small and measured in single digits per million vaccinated. At least so far. No one knows medium to long term effects yet. (The trials aren’t finished till 2023 in some places, even if the FDA decides to jump protocols and give approval early to please the current admin. That is not real approval. Thats politics and corruption)

But the real evil is in letting people die who could have been saved by HCQ, Zinc, Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies and any of the other treatments that we have seen proven are safe and effective. And all in order to maintain a state of emergency that ensures funding for an untested technology that makes big pharma hundreds of billions. This is not free market. A free market would let anyone say anything and people who had a proven safe, cheap and effective treatment like Ivermectin, HCQ, and even Quercetin and Zinc and others I have forgotten already, would be on everyone’s screen.

This makes Youtube and Twitter and Facebook’s complicity in suppressing life saving information under the cynical lie of medical misinformation, while allowing shamanistic or magical or new age “treatments or cures” for cancer and or anything else on their platforms, a crime on an order of magnitude nearly impossible to comprehend.

This is a far bigger issue than the immediate deaths and serious illnesses because none of them may have been necessary at all had governments, clearly in league with big pharma, not silenced any knowledge of actual treatment that would have reduced deaths by at least 85% according to Dr. Peter McCullough.

Anyone who works for social media should consider the following:

If you are a low level employee, and not management, lets say for the sake of analogy, a Sergeant or lower down to enlisted man cleaning the latrines in these organizations, start taking notes now, about who knows what, and who gave what orders to suppress truthful information. Because some day there is going to be a round of trials with serious consequences to the guilty. And those of you who enjoy the good life working for high tech, well either you will have the evidence we need to prosecute the people who knowingly suppressed factual information and caused so very many deaths, or you might be seen as part of those who knew the truth and find yourself in the wrong box of the courtroom.

Start taking notes now. The evidence that this is the case is already way past what is needed for a court of law. The big players at this point are estimating that they are too powerful for rule of law or justice to touch them at this point. I hope even for their sake they are wrong. Because if you skew justice too far, you get something much worse in the aftermath. Just ask Maximilien Robespierre.

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  1. Very good, a brilliant essay and the advice is golden, when the trials start telling people I was just following orders won’t be a viable defense.

  2. There are lots of huge issues that are being covered up right now. Notice that we’ve been manipulated into our negative attention toward Governer Cuomo away from his malicious spiteful malfeasance which caused thousands of deaths and onto some typical age-old sexual harassment charges. Problem solved.

    And how about that video of Joe Biden openly bragging about his flagrant abuse of state funds toward the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor. And how about that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for first murdering the legitimate President of Libya and handing it over to the Jihadis, then refusing to send a rescue mission to save the Embassy workers despite having a 14-hour window of opportunity and lots of assets in the region. It’s like they just couldn’t be bothered. And hey, how about those thousands of old disposable humans that Dr. Fauci sentenced to death by siding with the WHO in saying that hydroxychloroquine is 100% ineffective in treating the COVID-19 virus.
    There is no shortage of glaring major Democrat crimes going on right now and their secret police force (FBI) shows no interest in scrutinizing their masters. The Democrats really are acting like Adolf Hitler. They’ve actually got the most popular politician in the country out of power, locked up in a little box, and virtually silenced.

  3. I really can recommend the Truth over Fear Summit, it’s on today and the rest of the weekend. There are some really interesting speakers contributing. Registration is free. It was supposed to run last weekend but got hacked, so it’s running this weekend instead.
    “Covid 19 and the Great Reset”

  4. “The trials aren’t finished till 2023 in some places …”

    And some may never be completed because at least one of the manufacturers has decided to taint the control (placebo) group by offering them the shot, on the premise that it’s immoral to withhold “life-saving’ treatment from them. And of course, that it is indeed life-saving is what they’re trying to prove, which can’t be done when you destroy the test. Essentially, they’re saying “take our word for it”. Yeah, right.

    Here’s one article about it, and from leftist NPR at that:

  5. The testimony of Dr. Peter McCullough was powerful and confirms my contention a year ago that the Pence COVID Task Force was terribly flawed in it’s composition and its focus. And Trumps’ emphasis on the vaccine as savior for the tyranny was a terrible message. And I’m saying this as a Trump supporter.

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