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8 Replies to “Tucker opening monologue for May 6, 2021”

      • Thank You all. Tucker is the only reason I had cable. I cut cable in January. And I still have Tucker because of Markus, Zanthippa, and a few others on YouTube. Life is great.

        Re Andrew Yang: Call me ‘racist’. He’s a Democrat. And his ancestral roots are Taiwan. CCP’s tentacles are spread out everywhere, especially in politics.

        It’s very difficult to find out anything about this guy’s early life. But he had a lot of money. I don’t trust that guy.

        At this point, I don’t trust any ‘Sino’ involved in government or business ventures.

        Would anyone trust a guy named Mohamed Islam as Mayor of New York? Same analogy.

  1. I have relatives in NY City, and even after watching the whole Tucker piece, ….. I STILL don’t give a rats ass about how crappy it was, is, or will become there. Nothing could be further from my concern.

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