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14 Replies to “James Delingpole speaks with Naomi Wolf”

  1. Over an hour! There is nothing either of them can say that is worth an hour of my time.

    There are services that will produce and transcript automatically, one good enough to use. Do that, and I will come back and read it.

    Reading time would likely be 15 to 20 minutes, tops, not 1 hour 8 minutes.

    • Well, she explains that if they test the same person with a PCR who is NOT sick but tests + for Covid, they count that as six cases and now its an outbreak.

      That is what sold it to me. I listened while out doing other things.

    • If someone wants to download, then re-upload the video, you can enable Closed Captioning, which will allow you to go to the three dots to the left of and below the video so you can open up a transcript. The transcript window allows you to include or exclude timestamps for each frame and to copy and past whatever the transcript in whole or in part, with or without the timestamps. Once you have copy and pasted the transcript into a text or other file, it’s possible to use the Find command; I don’t recall if the Find command works in the transcript window.

      • malca – The find command does work in my transcript window! This is awesome information for YouTube users. I am a teacher and researcher and often have to deal with interviews and lectures. Thank you for posting such useful information!

  2. Ok, so she voted for Biden and is surprised that the dems are running roughshod over the constitution. Really? WTH did she expect?

  3. Shhh…

    I’m enjoying her. Thoughtful and prescient. Having to dumb down to the camp interviewer is annoying.

    • Excellent observations on the possible loss of freedoms and the weak ecconomic position of the UK to become a Jamaica. (She thinks a Singapore).

      “The basic premise of The Beauty Myth is that as the social power and prominence of women have increased, the pressure they feel to adhere to unrealistic social standards of physical beauty has also grown stronger because of commercial influences on the mass media. This pressure leads to unhealthy behaviors by women and a preoccupation with appearance in both sexes, and it compromises the ability of women to be effective in and accepted by society.”

      And as a Third Wave Real Feminist I’m glad that the author Ms Wolf, as an Alpha Female, doesn’t pander to the Patriarcy by piercing her skin with gaudy items, and paint colored mud over her face…

      Holy Crap. A smoker is still a smoker.

      The Beauty Myth – it’s all the pressure and corporations’ fault – indeed.

      • Phooey.
        Bogus gender psych, blaming the modern bogeyman. Fem-splaining her overly precious academic insights.

        Birds fluff themselves up and sing their best songs to attract mates.
        Alpha males/ alpha females enhance their sexiness for the same reason. It’s built into the software.

        The particular qualities considered sexy change over time and differ among tribes. Steatopygia and facial deformation (bone or ring thru nose) are a turn-on for some. An anorexic appeals to others as a doll needing protection.

        This woman spews academic sewage.

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