PPC petition to stop communist censorship bill in Canada

A man in the Trudeau cabinet who would have been called a terrorist in the days when all actions that were the same, carried the same label irrespective of the ideology, has nearly managed to get a bill passed to allow the Trudeau government to control the internet for Canadians.

Please sign this petition and this petition to at least make a token effort to stop this naked move to authoritarian communism.

This article suggests Merkel is more and more open about her communist ambitions for Germany. So calling the Trudeau government communist is far from histrionic. It.s just more honest than he is prepared to be at this stage.

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  1. “Another bill soon to be tabled by Heritage minister Steven Guilbeault is supposed to outlaw hate speech, child pornography, calls to violence, and other offenses online. But these are ALREADY illegal. So why do we need another law? Because the Liberals are trying to curtail our freedom of expression.”

    Individually, these laws exist. But when made Collectively, their blanket includes Trojan Horses.

    For example,
    “It is against the law to discriminate against someone because of:

    gender reassignment
    marriage and civil partnership
    pregnancy and maternity
    religion or belief
    sexual orientation”

    Among these characteristics that no one has a choice over,are sprinkled choices that they very much do. Those that they claim they were born that way.

    “Ethology of Religion, which goes back to Charles Darwin himself who revealed in his book The expression of the emotions in man and animals (1872) that any form of behavior is just as important for the survival of the species as the adaptation of morphological structures in the course of their phylogenetic histories. In the humanities this approach was adapted by skilled scholars such as Karl Meuli (1891–1968), Aby Warburg (1866–1929), and currently by Roy Rappaport (1926–1997), Marvin Harris (1927–2001) and others. They were able to outline both human universals and the historical development (evolution) of religious behavior. According to the protagonists of this ethological approach and according to recent biology religion is deeply rooted in the biological human heritage. Inherited behavioral patterns did not only form the main patterns of ritual and iconography, but are most probably at least partly responsible for the origin of religion itself.”

    Ergo, “Religion or belief,” is something a person has to be challenged with, for them every to mature, become conscious, and happy productive and functional people in society That all fatherless children can easily get infected with stupid sticks, especially when targeted by nefarious missionaries in infant schools. Any Government that make Santa Claus the Law will make blasphemy an imprisonment or pain of death.

    Ergo, The Bill of Rights, First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”

    This categorically states that the Equality Rights Act, is illegal. (And the Socialists know it).

    The Left, infused with religious emotions, demand obedience. These sick, that the puss of Pride and Resentment protects, now possess emotional-checkers, to see that you do not have bright eyes. The era of the inscrutable face began from Marx putting his hand in the cookie jar and who could see him doing it.

    • Ethology- identifying why the cortexes of muslims, Socialists and Sexuals are smaller than in free-speech humans.

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